Bulimia: symptoms and treatment

Symptoms and treatment of bulimia

Bulimia or binge eating disorder is a problem for many people on our planet. Symptoms of bulimia are - increased appetite, uncontrolled eating, and psychological problems, like disgust and frustration. Many of us have heard the word “bulimia”, and sometimes we use it when discussing someone. But do we really understand what this desiase implies? So, this article will help you to gain knowledge of the symptoms and treatment of bulimia.

When you enter to the contemporary supermarkets, the abundance of various products impresses you. Often you don’t know what to choose as one product can be represented by several variants. You are free to buy different sorts of pickles, smoked food, sausages and other delicacies; nowadays all these products are affordable unlike in the times of shortage. Of course, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to buy this food. However, due to such situation the world medical statistics demonstrate unsatisfactory forecasts: the number of obese people grows with incredible speed. Overweighting is quite dangerous for health as it causes plenty of deseases.

The history of bulimia

In ancient times, the propensity to overeating was common in high society. Thus, historical records provide information that such nobles as the Roman emperor Nero, King George V, and French King Louis IX had bulimia. King George V could easily eat a medium wild boar at a time, and King Louis IX was able to gobble a half of a deer on a bet; other nobles imitated this behavior, as well.

Interestingly, but women kept up with men in overeating and organized the enormous feasts. Unlike modern times, the ideal woman figure was far from slim; obese shapes were a sign of high status in society. Have you read "Gargantua and Pantagruel"? These comic novels make fun just of such “giant” nobles.

Well, we live in completely different times, but, unfortunately, such problem as bulimia hasn’t disappeared. Almost every third man in the world is experiencing bulimia.

Causes and symptoms of bulimia

Mainly, bulimia’s “clients” are teenagers and young people up to thirty years old. The fear of gaining the excessive weight makes them empty the stomach by vomiting. It is followed by a hunger attack, eating, and then, again vomiting. Severe forms of bulimia are accompanied by sudden and irrepressible hunger. In addition, there is no feeling of satiation during meals. Contemporary research claims that the major cause of the disease is a nervous breakdown. But don’t associate binge eating disorder with other psychological problems, such as inferiority complex leading to the social passivity.

As it was already mentioned, the main source of such behavior is the fear to get fat. This fear leads to numerous spontaneous meals and the vomiting, which get out of control. It is quite difficult to understand how much food the people with bulimia actually eat as they constantly get rid of it. Consequently, the organism doesn’t realize how much food it really has to consume. That is why the patients with bulimia don’t get the necessary nutrients from food and lose weight at railway speed. It is especially dangerous when bulimia leads to another serious disease, anorexia. At this stage, human body starts to reject any food, and the man is slowly dying from hunger and multiple organ failures.

Bulimia: the right treatment of eating disorder

According to nutritionists, when our organism lacks some essential elements, we start to feel hunger. As usually we don’t realize which particular element missing, we just open the fridge and take something we like. However, if the hunger attacks become frequent, and you wake up in order to eat also at night, there is a sign of danger. In this case, you should visit a nutritionist that will assign the necessary checks and will adjust your menu so you will be able to get the important nutrients.

But is it possible to understand what exactly we need? Well, there are tips. For example, when people are drawn to the sandwiches with smoked sausage, burgers and other unhealthy fatty meat dishes, they probably lack iron. In case these people are aware of such fact, they can easily substitute junk food by some cereals or legumes, which would make up for iron deficiency. Spontaneous meals are likely to lead to a stomach ulcer because of an excessive production of gastric juice, so the balanced menu is a necessary condition for the treatment of bulimia.

Eating sweets most likely indicates the hormonal changes, which is more frequent among females. Interestingly, the desire for marmalade shows the lack of such trace element as selenium. Such preferences in food inevitable cause excessive weight. If you want to stay in shape, it is better to replace the sweets by more healthy dried fruit such as apples, apricots, melons and raisins; they will help you to overcome the period of hormonal changes as they contain the essential minerals you need.

If you want to eat salty products such as crackers, herring and chips, your body is in need of potassium. It can be easily obtained from the olives, or simply a glass of salt water. The lack of zinc is indicated by the desire for chocolate, which is, in fact, can be substituted by nuts or seeds.

The approach to replace junk food by healthy products will definitely help the bulimia patients to deal with their problem. Moreover, it is perfect for everybody as you can eat without being afraid of excessive weight.


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