Trendy makeup 2018: 120 photos and ideas for a new look

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Naturalness, gloss and gothic are fashionable makeup in 2018

In the ideas of the fashion make-up of this season, all the tendencies of the past years mingled: from restraint and naturalness to everyday life to brightness and insanity for parties. If you want to be in a trend, then it is clearly worthwhile to have a general cleaning in your cosmetic bag, especially in daylight makeup remedies – leave only a light foundation, blush and lip gloss. The abundance of shine, unusual shades, creative ways of applying lipstick, shabby eyebrows and glued eyelashes – all this awaits us this year!

Make-up of the trend

Designers, cosmetologists and stylists from all over the world made a little bit of their ideas for this season. The fashion of the last decades was not ignored, but do not worry that the fashionable make-up of 2018 completely repeats the style of the 70’s or 90’s.

Most of the borrowed ideas are easily combined with the fresh ideas of the world’s creators of the fashion industry. The novelties of the makeup of 2018 are endless, they include graffiti, a huge palette of shades of pink and metallic effect. Make sure of this and learn more about the new trends you can in the photo gallery of this year’s fashion make-up.

Health – at the peak of popularity

Shining from the inside, the skin, naturalness and accuracy were always in the trend. And what is the first indicator of accuracy? Of course, grooming. In this season, natural beauty and complete naturalness occupy the first line in the hit parade of fashion make-up.

If earlier the health and natural beauty of the skin was emphasized by matte shades, then this year they were replaced by shine and radiance. To achieve the effect of moist skin, you should choose a natural shade, regularly cleanse the skin with cream-peeling and constantly use tonics and cream with a fat texture.

The tonal cream should then be used at a minimum, exclusively to emphasize the nose and cheekbones.

For evening make-up, it is worth choosing a powder containing pearl particles, and apply it not only on the face, but also on the décolleté zone, starting with the clavicles. So you hide the shortcomings and emphasize the roundness. An important point in this type of makeup is that you should not brightly emphasize the eyes, lips or use blush. A little mascara on eyelashes and a colorless lip gloss is the maximum for such make-up.

Healthy skin will be a trend for 2018 for every day, as both daylight and artificial lighting can see all the naturalness and originality of your makeup.

About the effect of lack of makeup

Daytime make-up this year will often start a game of hide and seek with us! Now no one will know how many hours you spent in the morning at the mirror – makeup will carefully hide this mystery. There is a feeling that all this is very simple, and the question arises, is there any need for make-up?

Let’s start with the main thing: the guarantee of an excellent nude make-up is flawless skin, which is now considered something practically unattainable. Because every day we live in a furious rhythm of a big city, trying to cope with stress, lack of sleep, poor ecology and other negative factors.

All this causes almost every girl to have in her cosmetic bag a light cream or BB cream, which will always help to smooth out the tone of the face, saving from minor defects (dark circles, bruises or inflammations) concealer, hailer or blush in order to refresh the face. For the rest of the makeup, only a small amount of black carcass, a colorless eyebrow gel and lipstick of a nuanced hue are sufficient.

Pink cheeks, or a healthy glow

One of the tendencies of the past seasons – clearly outlined lines of cheekbones and sunken cheeks – fell into the background. In recent years, everyone seems to have become obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, sport and proper nutrition, so one of the current trends is a bright-colored blush. Last year, at the peak of popularity was the gym skin, the effect of wet skin, as if you had just finished an intense workout. And now the main trend is pink cheeks and a lot of blush of the most diverse shades: from tender peach to bright terracotta.

The boundaries are no longer needed

For most of the fair sex, lip make-up is still a time-consuming process: first we put the foundation, after we draw a clear line of the lip contour with a pencil, and then we apply the lipstick identical with the pencil shade.

This year, in make-up, there is an elegant negligence, stretching shades of lipstick from dark to light in the reverse order: from the mucous to the contour of the lips. You do not have to do anything now: just apply a small amount of lipstick on the center of the lips and blend with the patting movements of your fingers.

Swinger’s sixties

Huge eyes with cosmic eyelashes on the doll face – here it is the true aesthetics of the 60s of last century. The fashion of this season does not make us take out huge arrows, scrupulously attach false eyelashes and twig the eyelids with a huge amount of eyeliner, but we definitely should borrow a couple of ideas.

First, eyebrows this year should be as natural as possible. Owners of thick eyebrows should not exert many efforts: comb them with a brush and slightly ruffle, then fix this effect with a transparent gel for fixation. Otherwise, you can use a pencil or eyebrow shadow.

Gucci (Fall-Winter 2014) R-T-W collection at Milan Fashion Week (Details)

Secondly, you should enlarge your eyes. To achieve a visual effect of eye enlargement, experiment with the length and volume of eyelashes and arrows. Last season brought us a very unusual trend – “glued” eyelashes. This year they still remain favorites of stylists, a separate trend is such eyelashes combined with bright eyeliner.

For evening make-up, you can choose so loved by all smoky eyes in a duet with one beauty-lyfhak: to visually expand the section of the eye on the mucous membranes of the lower eyelid, you should apply white slightly shimmering shadows.

Gothic drama

What is gothic makeup? Cat-like eyes, clear lips of dark tones and necessarily – a simultaneous emphasis on the eyes and lips. Take note! Gothic make-up will be one of the main trends of the autumn-winter season 2018.


The impudent grunge

This season, the style of grunge expects some innovative changes. The effect of smoky eyes remains untouched, but the borders do not disappear from the makeup. There are no clearly marked lines – the shadows grow as filigree as possible.

If you do not acknowledge the smoky effect, then for you there is news: this year there is the maximum opposite of this negligence – a new trend for girls with bright eyes “graffiti” is that now you do not need to wait for the evening to shine.

However, to do this make-up during the day follows with other shades: green, brown, pink, raspberry and blue. They will give your makeup expressive eyes and style expression.

More brilliance!

The main accent in makeup for the upcoming party will be a bright disco ball in your eyes! Glitter in this season should be in every girl’s cosmetic bag. Stylists offer a huge variety of tools to become the main star of the evening: mascara and shadows, eyeliner and special pigment – each of these means is pretty persistent, so do not be afraid of the disappearance of all the magic at midnight.

Gold is everywhere!

The golden splendor continues to bustle all over the beauty-industry. Without a palette of shadows of this color you obviously can not do this season. You should have in your cosmetic arsenal at least a golden-beige shade of cream texture, with them you will be able to create an unusually airy and feminine make-up that can be supplemented with the light of your black carcass, highlighter on cheekbones and a nude glitter for lips. And to turn this image into an evening version, just make the eye makeup twice brighter, and the nudist shine to replace the lipstick of a red or wine shade.

A model walks the runway during Christian Dior show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014 at Musee Rodin on September 27, 2013 in Paris, France.

Pink is always in a trend!

All shades of pink are again relevant – and everywhere: on the nails, eyelids, cheekbones and lips. Another plus of this color is that it is young and gives the face freshness, which means it fits all. Take an example from visagistes on Altuzarra and generously apply a matte peach-pink shade, complement them with rouge in tone – and the fashionable image is ready! Or borrow the image from the Pucci display – and make up the eyelashes with bright pink mascara, why not? Another interesting option in order to achieve a glow effect from inside the healthy skin and natural blush will be the makeup artist’s trick from the Isabel Marant show: she applied a pink tinted lip balm, fingering it on the cheeks and lips of the models.

Attention to the lips!

The last fashion season was remembered to us by the universal love for the gradient lips. This year everything is a bit calmer. To make up the lips was a trend, it is enough to have a bright shade in the cosmetic bag and a shiny lip gloss, because these two products will rule the ball this year.

Lips with gloss

Matt’s lips in this season fade into the background, giving the palm of leadership to the glossy coatings. The main secret of the trend image is a slight negligence. Podium make-up artists from a series of shows, from Giambattista Valli to Jill Stuart, used first matte lipstick, and applied glossy or lip gloss on top, leaving the lip edges slightly uneven. This application technique ensures brightness and color fastness. With this make-up of lips, it is best to leave the face naturally clean.

Delicious make-up trend – berry lips

Do you want to buy a new lipstick for this season and do not know what to choose? You definitely will not make out with a choice, buying a lipstick of a dark berry shade. Dozens of fashion shows in 2018 showed that this trend is in the lead. All shades of dark plum, burgundy and violet are actual. Dilate the spectacular accent can be a dark liner or bright shadows, or, having painted only the lips, leave the rest of the face clean – this move is now at the peak of popularity.

Coral trend

It’s no secret that recently the popularity of lipsticks of unusual and sometimes strange shades has been growing rapidly. So do not waste time and safely go to the store for a lipstick coral shade. This product will become your wand-a help, both for daytime and for evening make-up. Thanks to the combination of pink and carrot tones, the coral color will suit absolutely any image, so it can be easily attributed to the mast-hev means of this season.

Flap your eyelashes …

Fashion for long eyelashes for a long time was in the first place with fashionistas. What only did the girls do to make their eyelashes longer: they build up, grow with laser therapy, and at home use a huge amount of oils. And all this was done with one goal – to emphasize a languid and expressive look. But the fashion of the past years gradually fades into the background. Makeup artists decided to change the rules of the game. Now the eyelashes should be like a doll – “in different directions.” So the view becomes childishly naive, emphasizing some kind of innocence. For such “puppet” eyelashes you need mascara that creates a large volume. To enhance the effect, you can use false eyelashes or bring your eyes to the inner eyelid.

Right arrows

At all times, the arrows remained relevant, only the colors, style and shape changed: thin or wide, long or short, curved or straight. And in this undoubtedly important part of the make-up, the stylists have made their own ideas, which will be realized already this season.

For example, to unnecessarily long and raised at the end of the arrow, you can add one more – so you get a double eyeliner of the upper eyelid. This option will increase the focus on the eyes and help achieve the image of a “sex secular lioness.” The lining of the upper eyelid can be thick, pronounced and executed in any color palette: from black to bright pink. You can take on the armament such an image: a bright arrow from the bridge of the nose, which opens onto the temples, in combination with the lips of a golden color.

Eyebrows decide everything

This year, we are gradually forgetting about clearly traced and fancifully wide eyebrows. They are replaced by naturalness and naturalness. “Choose” for your makeup such eyebrows, as you are awarded by nature.

Even at the shows of the famous fashion houses, makeup artists did not tint and do not obscure the eyebrows of the models, as much as they did-they applied a transparent gel to fix and shape the eyebrows.

Make-up is one of the most important details of the image. He will help and hide the shortcomings, and highlight the virtues, but most importantly – do not overdo it. Remember, the best decoration for your face is a smile and a good mood.

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