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Trendy haircuts for hair of medium length 2019

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Hair cuts of medium length are very popular due to their wide variety, which allows you to find the most suitable haircut and create with its help an individual and extraordinary image.

Trendy hairstyle for medium hair: trends 2019

Hair of medium length steel is especially popular with several fashionable seasons earlier. It was expected that by 2019 this trend will give way to another. Nevertheless, haircuts for medium hair are still at the height of fashion. This length is not without reason considered universal, because it goes to women and girls regardless of age and in any form of face.


When choosing a haircut, you need to pay attention to individual characteristics and wishes. Thanks to this approach to choosing a haircut, you can easily find your ideal hairstyle and look original.

Stylists invented a huge number of options for performing hair cuts for medium length hair: filleting, ragged and straight edges, shaved parts of the head, hair graduation, bangs or lack of it, and many other ways to make the hairstyle unique.

The undeniable advantage of cutting for medium length hair in the coming seasons is the ability to choose a hair style for any type of hair. Whether you own a thick curls or thin strands, you will have a wide selection of original haircuts and hairstyles for every day.

When choosing a haircut for yourself, consider first the simplest options that will allow you to create a styling at home yourself. For example, quads: classical, elongated or asymmetric.

Cutting the cascade and the bean surely keep their positions. Styling hair correctly, any of the listed options will look attractive. In addition, the hairdo will become a romantic look, if curls curl curls or vice versa straighten them with iron.

Kare 2019

Cutting the square on medium-length hair continues to be fashionable and stylish, besides, it can be performed in various variations and for every taste.

Thanks to this variety of hairstyles, quads never go out of fashion and are ideal for women of any field of activity and job position – it will always look elegant and attractive.


The habitual haircut of the square will be able to diversify and modify the bangs, oblique or straight, with straight or torn edges, dense from the crown or classical, – a small detail will radically change the appearance.

You can create an image of a special romanticism by combing your hair on an oblique parting, laying your hair on freely and winding curls or waves on your lungs with a curling iron. Thanks to a wave, the hairstyle of the square will look light and weightless, and the image is mysterious and romantic.

Elongated square

As we already mentioned, the quads are for all time. Being one of the most versatile hairstyles, she was preferred for many years, if not centuries, and in 2019 she remains one of the most beloved. The elongated square is suitable for both young girls and mature women.

Haircut-Bob and its various variations in 2019

Bob, made on medium-length hair, amazes with its relevance. Like the square, this haircut has already become a classic and remains in the trend always. A huge number of fashionable women choose a bean, regardless of age and status.


Choosing for a haircut bob, you can be confident in your stylish and elegant image. Such a haircut is suitable for women of any age, it gives freshness to appearance and updates the familiar look, the woman looks more attractive and younger.

When creating the original version of the 2019 bean for medium length hair, the hair straightening technique can be helped, also the haircut is perfectly complemented with a bang – with straight or torn edges.

A more effective result from the haircut can be obtained if the bean is dyed according to the latest fashion trends: selecting individual strands or curls in a different color. Such a fashionable coloring will add a touch to your image.

Cascading haircuts

Stylists and hairdressers with more experience behind their shoulders recommend giving preference to cascading haircuts, if you have thin or thick hair. In the first case, the haircut will give the hairstyle even more volume, and hair a more healthy appearance. In the second case, the strands will be more clear and structured. And also will leave weight of a shock of hair from which girls with luxurious hair suffer so much.

Haircut cascade does not burden everyday life with the complexities of daily styling. Curls can simply be dried with a hair dryer or left to dry naturally. If you want to create an evening hairstyle, various nozzles for the hair dryer, curling iron or curlers will come to the rescue.

Fashionable graduated haircuts 2019

Ladies who do not have naturally lush and thick hair, we recommend to consider the options of graduated haircuts: they will give the missing volume of hair, and the image of originality.

Graduated haircuts and models with medium-length hair layers are performed in different techniques and styles – this is an undoubted advantage for owners of thin or “tired” hair.

Thanks to a stylish graduated haircut for medium hair, you can get a beautiful hairstyle in a few moments, saving valuable time and effort.

Asymmetrical haircuts 2019

Make your image with medium-length hair unusual and original is quite easy, adding asymmetry to your existing haircut, whether it’s an elongated square or a bean, a graduated hairstyle or a cascade.

Asymmetric haircuts are chosen by creative and extraordinary people who need to stand out, attract attention and decorate their appearance with an original twist.

A square with shaven temples or a nape

For those who prefer not only stylish images, but also non-standard, stylists have prepared several extravagant variants of quads. The only difference from the classic model is the shaven part of the hair at the temple or the maximum cut hair on the back of the head. Modest standard quads has undergone drastic changes and now has the status of cutting-edge and eccentric haircuts.

Variation of modern quads are endless, because on shaved areas hairdressers manage to depict the most intricate drawings and ornaments. Long hair can be tossed to one side, revealing a shaved part of the head, and forming a beautiful wavy cascade or fitting perfectly smoothly.

Fashion Trends of Haircuts with a Bang for Medium Hair 2019

Once again, the bangs are at the peak of fashion, combined with different haircuts, even those in which the bangs could not have been imagined before. One of the trend’s novelties of the season is a gradient bean with a slanting bang. The benefits of bangs are hard to overestimate: it is able to adjust the proportions of the face, make it younger, cover the wrinkles, and also focuses on the look. To date, bangs can have a variety of forms. Many variations of the bangs look stylish and fashionable: straight, oblique, torn, asymmetric, rounded. The main key to a chic image – it should be matched to the type of person and harmoniously combined with the haircut.

Round face: how to choose a haircut for medium hair

As we have already said, the squares of the square and the bean deserve special popularity this season. A hairdo of medium length hair can create many variations of these haircuts. When choosing a model, you need to take into account the structure of your hair, as well as the color. Of particular importance is the type of person. Particular attention should be paid to the girls with a round face. For example, the classic version and the “bean on the leg” is not very suitable, since the haircut is different in spherical shape, which will round up the shapes even more.

So, the most successful hairstyles for chubby are:

  • Asymmetric bean, where the anterior strands are elongated, and at the nape – shortened.
  • Cascade haircut, which has torn, filiform edges. The tips should not be rounded inwards, as the cheekbones are emphasized.
  • French vyschip – an excellent version of the hairstyle, distracting from the roundness of the face, thanks to ragged edges.

Oval face: fashionable haircuts 2019 for medium hair

This type of person is considered a reference. It is easy to choose a haircut, since girls with an oval type fit almost all possible hairstyles and haircuts. However, it must be remembered that the ideal shape of a person may have shortcomings:

  • Broad forehead
  • The bangs can perfectly disguise an excessively wide forehead, especially if there are high “bald patches”.
  • Narrow face
  • To a narrow oval face shape bangs are not recommended.
  • Size of ears and their shape

Even an ideal type of face can be spoiled with excessively large or protruding ears. With such a shortage, short haircuts and asymmetrical hairstyles should be avoided, which open the sides for everyone to see.

  • Age

That the image became ideal, it is necessary to consider this parameter. Too creative or extravagant haircut is unlikely to correctly present the mature beauty of a woman.

Nevertheless, women after 40 in any case should not give up fashionable haircuts. Perfectly emphasize the mature beauty of an elongated bean. It is worth “playing” with different kinds of bangs when cutting a Bob-kar. It will transform the face, emphasize virtues and smooth out the shortcomings. The most successful option is a cascading haircut.

She has a lot of advantages:

  • Makes an image younger, emphasizes the woman’s grooming and the presence of style.
  • Haircut adds femininity and elegance, “skryadyvaya” extra years.
  • With this haircut it’s quite easy to change the styling and color of your hair.
  • This model of hairstyle allows you to change the images with a minimum of effort. Gradient bean perfectly adorns, if curls curl upright. And straightening strands, you can add an image of strict elegance.
  • The cascade is ideal for coloring.

Often after 40 years in a hairdress the gray hair can gleam. Gradient bean – a successful way in the “color struggle” with gray hair.

Fashionable haircuts 2019 after 50 years for medium length hair

The most suitable haircut for women who are 50 years old, is considered a penalty. Kare – not out of fashion classic, which goes to all ages. Attractively look with such hair and very young beauties, and mature women.

In addition to the absence of age restrictions, this hairstyle has many other advantages:

  • The hair falls neatly, without requiring a long and difficult styling.
  • Kare is always at the peak of fashion.
  • Framing the face of the hairstyle of the square is able to hide age defects.
  • Cutting the square allows you to change the images, depending on the technique.
  • The only restriction is a very short haircut that opens the neck.
  • Kare – haircut “against age”.
  • With its help you can hide wrinkles: bangs cover the forehead, and elongated strands cascade to the shoulders – neck.

The winning option for women after 50 is a haircut bob in various forms. However, it is better to choose an elongated model or graduated with a bang. Such haircuts will hide the age-related nuances of the neck and face, emphasize the look and will look great on fine hair.


If you do not become the owner of smart thick hair from nature, but you have thin and delicate flowing strands, then the following haircuts will suit you, which will transform your hair:

  • square with even edges;
  • French haircut;
  • multilevel cascade;
  • multilayer bean.

These haircuts have one common advantage – they give extra volume to the hair. With the help of such models, the density of fine hair increases significantly, the texture becomes layered and lush. If the hair is curled, then they look particularly elegant in an asymmetric bean with elongated curls in the face.

Fashionable in 2019 haircuts for medium length hair – this is the most winning options of all your favorite beans, quads and cascading haircuts. For lovers of extreme images, stylists also worked extravagant variants of quads – with a shaven head or a temple. With such a rich selection of haircuts, every young girl and mature woman will be able to find a suitable image, regardless of age and type of appearance.

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