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Stylish haircut, current styling and the latest trends in the color of the hair – these are the three whales that hold any balanced image. Agree that a suitable length of hair and the shape of a haircut in combination with a successful coloring can instantly turn just a pretty girl into a real beauty.

And vice versa – an unsuccessful haircut will add years, emphasize the flaws of the face and completely spoil the fashionable bow, regardless of how expensive and high-quality your clothes are.

Of course, once selected hairstyle and the appropriate color of curls become our companions for many years. As a rule, girls remain faithful to their image to the last, because they aren’t looking for good from the good. However, it is worth remembering that hairdressing trends are also subject to fashionable changes, like any other segment of the fashion industry.

A modern fashion hairdresser is characterized by pronounced extraordinary and flashy decisions.

However, for girls who are not inclined to experiment with shaving temples and extreme hairstyles, stylists offer unusual coloring options. At the same time, you don’t even have to dye your hair neon – changing the color decision to just one tone, you can update your bored image and show everyone the perfect taste!

Fashionable hair color in 2019

Blue and black hair color gradually returns to the number of hairdressing trends

For a start, we note that choosing a suitable shade for dyeing hair in 2019 is not difficult – in each color segment, stylists offer a choice of several current shades. The main requirement of master hairdressers sounds like this – your color should be either as close as possible to natural tones, or be unusually unusual.

Feminine solutions are in fashion, emphasizing in a modern girl such features as sensuality and refinement, therefore fashionable coloring is often accompanied by styling in the form of slightly disheveled curls.

There is also an opposite trend – expressive solutions, ultrashort haircuts, bold styling and fantasy colors are also often found on the catwalks. If you briefly run through the fashion palette, you can note the following:

  • in the trend of warm shades of black – for example, the color of dark chocolate with a slight subtone of cherry or eggplant. The main thing that subton was visible to others only under bright sunlight;
  • there are several chestnut shades in the trend – you will surely enjoy the warm cinnamon or caramel tones that are often found in this segment;
  • Blondes got the widest choice of colors – pinky tone and the most natural wheat tones still rule the ball. In this case, stylists focus on the fact that yellow hair is definitely not in fashion;
  • red-haired girls in 2019 out of competition – a huge selection from red-red to soft honey tones are in trend now;
  • coloring remains either the most natural, or becomes very intricate – so, the stencil technique that allows you to create a variety of patterns on the hair has returned to fashion.

Trendy and fashionable hair colors 2019 for blondes

Lovers of blond curls in 2019 will be “on horseback” – they are waiting for a huge number of current color solutions. Despite the wide choice, this segment has its own taboos – besides the already mentioned yellow subtone, in the segment of the outsiders there was a “gray” blond.

It is unlikely that someone will be bored by these shades, because the yellow hair looks untidy, and the gray ones add a few years even to the youngest women of fashion. Well, let’s consider the list of the most relevant “blonde” trends in 2019!

The classic coloring of the era of Golden Hollywood once again conquered the fashionistas! It was this color that Marilyn Monroe preferred in her time (and, as history shows us, she did not make a bad choice). For a long time, hairdressers considered this color frankly vulgar, but in 2019 the blond color decided to regain his former popularity. This shade is an integral part of the style of Gwen Stefani, who prefers a “hot” blond without the admixture of cold shades.

Ultrablonde is quite complicated in execution – trust your hair only to a proven master who will not allow cheap yellowness and will not make your curls look like tow. Retro-painting in the maximum whitened tone will give your appearance a highlight if you are the owner of flawless leather with a porcelain color. Unfortunately, girls with olive skin or a tendency to redness will not look in it.

Strawberry Blonde Fashionable Hair Color 2019

Shades with light pink tints are still at the peak of popularity. This color suggests a natural light tone with hints of strawberry blonde hair color, rose quartz or apricot.

Strawberry blonde

The best comparison in this case is the strawberry berry, which ran the juice in a glass with exquisite golden champagne. That is the color you should get in the end. This shade can be called extremely successful – the stylists recommend it to absolutely all girls who prefer a blond blonde.

This color is refreshing, emphasizes the softness of female features and distracts attention from small flaws. Masters of hairdressing art argue that not too bleached hair should be the basis of strawberry irides – give preference to light-brown shade.

New in 2019 in this segment is a purple-golden blond. This color looks much bolder and will suit girls who are ready to experiment. Soft purple tints look especially good on cold light-brown hair.

Fashionable hair color cream blonde 2019

Cream blonde
Delicate Cream Blonde – The Color Chosen by Many Hollywood Stars

Before you is an absolute trend in the segment of light shades, which fully meets the general enthusiasm for naturalness and naturalness. By the way, this shade, like the previous one, can be called one of the most successful in the light part of the palette – it equally well suits natural blondes and girls with darker natural hair color, emphasizes light skin and emphasizes velvety olive. Want to give a highlight?

Try baby-blonde – a technique in which the hair of the face is painted in a color that is half lighter.

Platinum blonde

This shade is not easy, so change the hair color only in case of complete confidence in the professionalism of the chosen master. In addition, this color fits a limited circle of girls – the natural tone of your skin should be light, and the type should be Nordic, with strict facial features.

Platinum blonde hair color

If you have freckles, or your skin is filled with the soft glow of an olive tree – do not even try to use this color, it will look cheap and out of place. It is also advisable to regularly use a purple tonic to maintain a cool shade and prevent the appearance of yellowness.

Trendy red hair colors 2019

Dye your hair in one of the current red tones – absolutely the right decision if you want to instantly revive your image. The only exception is flashy colors with an artificial undertone. Especially negatively, they will affect the appearance of women who have stepped over the line of middle age. Vulgar tone will emphasize age pigmentation, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. Choose tones that are found in nature, and you will not regret it.

By the way, it was the red-haired models that became favorites at the shows from Antonio Marras and Anna Sui! Another obvious plus of red shades is their “ability” to emphasize structural haircuts and intricate styling, because any hairstyle with this color looks more complicated and textured.

Stylists recommend also to pay attention to the quality of the hair before changing color in favor of red – the pigment of this shade does not hold on to porous hair. And now let’s find out which shades will become the favorites of stylists in 2019!

Trendy Hair Color 2019 – Dark Copper

Dark copper hair color

One of the darkest tones in the red ruler. It looks more like a chestnut with a red undertone than a full color. This shade can be safely recommended to those who want to give their appearance “devilry,” but does not dare to extravagance and bold experiments.

Dark copper hair color will suit girls with large and catchy features, as well as sophisticated girls with classic features. If you have a naturally soft round face or not very expressive appearance – this tone is definitely not yours.

Trendy ginger hair color 2019

Before you is a rich, but soft shade of red, which gives the exterior a touch of drive and emphasizes the natural energy of its owner. When dyeing the master must observe an important setting, trying to “hide” the red shade in the depth of the main hair color – natural blonde.

As a result, with normal lighting, your hair will look very natural. However, one has only to go out in the sun or get under the bright artificial light, and then shake the hair – and it will seem to you that everything around is filled with bright sunbeams!

Fashionable bronze hair color 2019

Bronze with honey shade – the most intense shade of red, which is valid in 2019. Despite his naturalness, you need a truly skilled stylist. The main rule of this year is the uniformity of coloring without the slightest color transition. Only in depth should look through the lightest shade of honey, giving the color warmth and softness. As much as possible this color of hair looks with pale skin and gray or green eyes.


If you wish, you can complement this color with bright tips – as if they were burnt out in the bright sun of the tropics.

Fashionable hair colors for brunettes 2019

It is no secret that the colors from the dark palette should be chosen with a certain degree of caution. Incorrectly chosen shade can make you older and focus the attention of others on wrinkles, tired look and dark circles under the eyes.

However, dark colors have obvious advantages – for example, they make the face visually “thinner”, and the cheekbones – more elegant. Among the absolute favorites for the brown-haired women and brunettes should mention four tones.

Fashionable hair color 2019 – black tulip

Hair color black tulip

One of the most spectacular tones for dark-haired girls. The soft color of a chestnut in it is emphasized by the cold tides of lavender or lilac.

The result is the deepest tone, in which there is no room for red highlights. This color is aristocratic, discreet, verified and elegant, so novice hairdresser will definitely not cope with it. Another rule says that a black tulip, like other dark tones, would be ideal only on hair filled with moisture and vitamins. Otherwise, it will quickly become dull, and your appearance will lose gloss.

Trendy Hair Color Dark Cinnamon 2019

This hair color is filled with warmth and very beautiful shimmers with hints of milk chocolate, gold and copper. Unlike the first of these colors for brown-haired women, where the best combination will be achieved with pale skin, dark cinnamon amazingly emphasizes the olive tone of the face, natural tan and the eyes of the tea or dark green color. Another advantage of shade is that it will make you bright even in the case of a complete lack of makeup.

Trendy Hair Color Cherry Chocolate 2019

In 2019, this tone carefully, but confidently sneaks into the fashionable ranks. This is a chocolate with a reddish tint that hides in the very depths of the coloring, opening to the eyes of those around you only when you go out into the bright light. A huge plus is that the color is quite universal – it can be recommended to ladies of all ages and types of appearance.

Fashionable hair color glance 2019

The unusual coloring is the correct combination of notes of dark chocolate and ashy strands. The hue is recommended for dark-skinned beauties – it is he who sets the image of enthusiasm, without making it heavier in a dark hair.

One more successful characteristic of glance is an exceptionally light dyeing of both light brown and brown hair. If you want to further refresh the image, just add a few chestnut-reddish strands in the look.

Actual Coloring in 2019

Speaking about the current hair dyeing in 2019, it is impossible not to talk about modern coloring techniques. These techniques allow the masters to combine a variety of colors when dyeing in order to achieve the effect of thick, healthy and incredibly bulky hair.

Masters in the field of coloring offer the girls several popular techniques, among which there are those that will suit both brown-haired women and fair-haired ladies.

Fashionable hair color balayage 2019

Innovation in coloristics, which not so long ago was invented by French masters of hairdressing. The fashion for balayage appeared a couple of years ago, so it can be called a trend that will last for a long time. In fact, this approach to staining can be called a type of highlighting.

Balayage aims to create additional volume in the head of blond hair and fair-haired girls with the help of accent color combinations.

Highlighting, as you remember, had a vertical direction – the masters made the individual strands brighter. New technology has a significant difference – the contrast must be made between the upper and lower parts of the curls. Best of all balayage looks on blond hair length from the shoulder blades and below. Also, do not forget about the main rule of 2019 – a soft transition of colors.

You should look like you lived in hot countries for a long time, and your hair burned out under the scorching sun of the tropics, and you didn’t have been in the hands of a hairdresser. The undoubted advantage of such staining is its durability. The hair will look fresh even when your roots grow.

Fashionable hair color cream soda 2019

A new word in hairdressing, which has already been appreciated by the diva of Hollywood. It is in this technique that Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jennifer Lawrence dye their hair. At first glance, it may seem that they have just light curls, but in fact, the beauties’ hairstyles were given at least half a day of work by an excellent master.

This technique provides the right combination of golden, beige and blond tones of a suitable shade. The technique is very successful – the cream-soda perfectly fits on both dark and naturally blond hair. The result is a soft, iridescent, rich and warm color that plays with every movement of the head.

Trendy hair color for brunettes -“tiger’s eye” 2019

This spectacular coloring, designed to emphasize the beauty of dark hair, for several years kept among the popular hairdressing techniques. The name of the technique rather accurately reflects its essence – dyed hair resembles with its play of colors a semi-precious stone “tiger eye”.

This development was a real breakthrough from the recognized master of Hollywood, Cory Tutlu, and in just a couple of months the “tiger eye” became a favorite dyeing technique for Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba.

Hair color tiger eye

The tones of liquid honey, caramel, amber and milk chocolate look great on dark hair in almost any tone: from black chocolate to dark blond. An indispensable condition – unobtrusive transitions without sharp boundaries and intense shades. However, this is only for the better: you can “wear” colored hair without losing its appearance up to six months.

Shatush hair color 2019

Shatush gives the curls the effect of burnout in the sun, it is also called French highlighting. This coloring is suitable for both light and dark hair. Coloring is quite complicated, because the master must carefully shade the tone to create the effect of naturally burnt hair. The roots are not affected during dyeing, and the ends are traditionally lightened and, if desired, are colored in the desired shade.

How does shatush hair color looks

Coloring shatush allows you to achieve a smooth and the most natural transition between shades. In this coloration, there should not be sharp jumps and transitions from one tone to another, this is the trend of 2019.

The main advantage of shatush coloring is the absence of the need for constant correction. Regrown roots are hidden due to the unique features of the technology, but this technology requires the work of an experienced master.

Stencil dyeing – “must have” hair color 2019

In 2019, fashionable hair shades and dyeing techniques pursue one main goal – to give the image maximum naturalness. However, any of the existing rules has exceptions!

That is why many stylists with pleasure paint their wards’ heads in extreme colors, emphasizing their originality and inclination to outrageousness. If you like to attract attention to yourself, we recommend you to contact one of the six solutions:

  • Stencil painting returned to fashion. On short graphic carts, the drawings in the form of leopard spots, broken lines, zigzags, bright fantasy colors or butterflies of the most incredible tones of pink, blue or purple look very unusual. If you decide on a bright accent in your hair, remember that you will have to watch it very carefully – the picture can become inexpressive if you don’t pay attention to styling and perfect straightening of the hair by the iron;
  • Pixel art on the hair – a technique that resembles screen coloring, but with one difference. Contrast pattern is applied to the hair in the form of larger pixels. Special chic is not just a bright color, but a combination of neon rainbow colors;
  • Contrast bangs – a trend that is suitable for owners of a short bean, a stylish car or even long curls. The main condition is thick bangs to the eyebrow line with a flat or oblique cut. The trick is to dye this part of the hairstyle in an interesting color. For example, for a shade of glaze, the best choice would be purple or light brown-ash bangs, pink bangs are recommended for a sandy blonde, and for ashy tones of hair – splashes of purple or blue;
  • Contrast strands – the fashion for futurism has led to the appearance of a trend for unusual “cosmic” styling and flashy solutions in hair coloring. Dark hair should be accented with violet, purple and wine strands, while light hair should be blue, green and peach. The basis for such a color solution should be a bob with sharp transitions of length or pixie;
  • Blond gradient coloring – last year, light curls were popular; their tips gradually turned into pink, purple or blue. In 2019, this technique can also be used, but it is better to use an ombra dye not on bleached hair, but on strawberry hair. The soft color of the berries in the champagne can go on the ends in lavender or raspberry tone. The second approach is a combination of vertical curls of strawberry, blue and purple;
  • Fiery red is the last bright trend of 2019. Ideal for smooth and even hair with a straight cut line. Despite all the effectiveness of such coloring, you will have to tinker with it – the flaming tone is washed out very quickly, so stock up on shampoos and hair balms with a red tone and be ready to visit the master at least once every three weeks.

Hair color trends 2019: more pictures

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