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Almost every representative of the fair sex believes that she fits a fringe. And everyone has a point of view on this. But if we take it more seriously, it turns out that most of the girls have been walking with the same hairstyle for a long time and can not imagine themselves in a different way. Today we want to find out what kind of bangs (fringe) are generally suitable for long hair, and which ones – for shorter haircuts.

Slanting fringe

The bangs can be straight, oblique and torn. All of them look beautiful in their own way, making the image of the girl more interesting and unusual. For example, beauties who want to create a confident and sexy image will perfectly match a slanting bang.

Slanting fringe

But remember that the length and shape should ideally fit the features of your face. The slanting fringe will help to soften the cheekbones, visually rejuvenate the face and make it more feminine.

Who is most suited to a fringe?

The haircut with a fringe has its advantages:

  • Variability. Pinch the tip with an invisible hairpin, and you will get a short, straight bang. Also you can wind it up to get a volume;
  • Easy styling. Typically, the laying of such a bang does not need much time and skill – just dry your hair using a comb. If they are curly, you can straighten the locks with iron;
  • Versatility. Fringe is suitable, both for lush curls, and for smooth hair;
  • There are different types of bangs – long, short, dense, thinned, torn, smooth, layered;
  • The ability to combine open forehead and bangs.

Trendy fringe

The fringe, thanks to a large number of options, helps to hide shortcomings and become even more spectacular and beautiful. But, unfortunately, there are some difficulties with this version of the bang.

Slanting fringe

What do you need to do to keep your hairstyle in order:

  • Careful care and daily styling;
  • Mandatory regular visits to your hairdresser.

Trendy fringe on Kim Kardashian

But these disadvantages are not so many. If this option bothers you, then you can easily grow your fringe. The natural transition of a bang into locks after a few months will make it completely invisible.

Trendy fringe

The slanting fringe is perfect for girls whose face is square, rectangular, and also round in shape. Owners of the oval face shape is suitable for any version of the bang. The slanting hairstyle, breaking symmetry, lengthens the face of the round form and makes the more delicate features of the square face more tender.

Trendy fringe

The bang on the side there are many different variations. You can choose any of them: thick or thinned, smooth or layered, short or long. This type allows you to connect in one open forehead and the presence of bangs. We draw your attention to the fact that a long oblique fringe visually does less part of the face, this should not be forgotten.

Trendy fringe

Although she looks pretty pretty and coquettish, but does not fit all the girls. Approximately every week or two, it is necessary to shorten the length so that it looks neat. Therefore, people who do not have free time to visit the hairdresser, the ray do without it.

Trendy fringe

Shape of your fringe and face type

Trendy fringe
Short and slanting fringe for triangular face

As the model of a hairstyle, and a bang it is necessary to choose competently. For the choice to be correct, it is best to focus on the structure of the face. The peculiarity of the oblique bangs is that, unlike the straight one, it perfectly combines absolutely with all forms of the face and with different lengths of curls. Nevertheless, there are universal advice on the proper selection.

Trendy fringe
This bangs is perfect for round face

A slanting bang with torn edges is used, if necessary, to visually extend the face.

Elongated will be a good option for those with a square or round face, it will make the oval more elongated and smooth the lines.

Trendy fringe

A short variation will visually increase the small facial features. We recommend this hairstyle to the owners of oval faces.

Example of a curly fringe for round face

To curly locks the oblique fringe does not approach, but on straight strands it looks wonderful.

Advice! Never forget about age, because what a young girl can afford (this can be any model of a bang), will not suit a woman of mature age. These ladies are better suited elegant middle length.

Long locks with oblique bangs

Hairdress with locks in retro style

A bang on the side is a great way to refresh your image. She is most suitable for owners of long hair, because this option on long straight strands looks most advantageous.

Trendy fringe

On long curls, the oblique bangs look unrepeatable and harmonious. This element gives any hair a special charm. A girl with such a styling can safely appear in the office, collecting her curls in a tail or a bun, and also in any informal setting with her hair loose. The bangs on the side are perfect for an elegant evening hairstyle. Since it is easy to make the weaving of the styling, so, thanks to it, you can create many different hairstyles. Most suited to shearing cascades.

Advice! Cascade haircut with a long oblique bangs will come to the rescue long-haired girls, owners of wide cheekbones.

Cascade with bangs

Cascade hairstyles – this is one of the most fashionable quite common hairstyles. It gives the hair extra volume, and the face makes it more expressive, and the length of the hair is not lost.

Trendy fringe

Especially good this haircut looks on slightly curly or very straight strands. To the haircut of the cascade is very suitable slanting bangs, especially if the hair is long. This hairstyle makes the face visually longer and longer, accentuates the eyes and eyebrows and visually reduces the nose of large sizes. With its help creates smoothness and volume of haircuts, as well as the possibility for various styling options.

Trendy fringe

Important! Creating a haircut cascade with a long bang on the side on wavy ringlets, we recommend to do the procedure of highlighting. This will give the hair a smooth color transition, additional brightness and shine.

For those who wish to change hairstyle just slightly, we recommend choosing a direct version of the bang. But first it is necessary to decide whether this variation will suit your face shape, whether or not you will look beautiful with it.

Straight bangs

Straight fringe

First let’s decide who can wear straight fringe:

Straight fringe

  • It looks best on girls with oval and round face.
  • Those who have a square or triangular face will do it right if they choose a slanting or torn bangs. An exit from the given situation: to remove too direct a kind, having made edges ragged.
  • Owners of thick hair can wear straight bangs. This version of her even more emphasizes the volume and density of beautiful curls. But oblique or tattered will look better on thin and rare locks.

Straight fringe


Recommendations for laying: Dry hair is quickly and easily laid. To lay a bang, you can use a curling iron – the tips of the strands are twisted inside. It is very light and fast laying, in comparison with other types of packing. It takes very little time.

Elongated oblique bangs

Oblique fringe Oblique fringe

Quite often representatives girls who love to experiment with their locks when choosing extravagant hairstyles, stop at choosing a slanting long bang. On long strands, it looks very interesting – it turns out a single whole hairstyle, which has the following advantages:


Oblique fringe Oblique fringe Oblique fringe

  • perfectly lengthens the round face, excessive sharpness and massiveness makes much softer;
  • gives the opportunity to create a variety of styling, harmoniously fits into any version of the hairstyle. Easily curled – this will give the image some kind of romanticism, it can be plaited into a pigtail or even hidden;
  • helps to hide skin imperfections;
  • attracts the attention of others, making the image feminine and mysterious.

Advice! If you have not enough thick hair, then create a multi-layered elongated bang. This will give your image a light playfulness, and curls will look more voluminous.

Slanting short fringe

Short fringe Short fringe

If you are not afraid of experiments, and you are ready to take decisive steps in changing your style, then the option of a short oblique bang will suit you perfectly. This hairstyle has many advantages:

  • it will help visually expand a very narrow face, cover a broad forehead and visually increase unnecessarily small facial features;
  • this variant of the bang will make the look less strict, and the face is younger;
  • a short bang on long strands creates contrast and severity of lines.

This variation is suitable for girls with an oval and elongated face, it will correct a massive chin or a very high forehead, visually reduce the length of the face. Also a playful fringe of short length will bring some kind of coquetry to the classical style and will give your image of enthusiasm, lightness and youthfulness.


Advice! If you need to hide a short bang, then use the following method: zave all the hair and fix them with a special tool to the rest of the strands.

Ragged bangs

This is a universal model that looks great on different hair. Girls who have chosen a torn bang, should choose the option that suits them. It can be of different lengths, short or long, as well as milled or asymmetric.

This option is suitable for almost any girl, regardless of the features of her face. Ragged bangs have many advantages: it distracts attention from excessively large facial features, making the face oval softer, emphasizes the color and depth of the eyes, makes the look of its owner younger.

Short fringe

A long ragged hairdo gives the girl a light and airy image, besides, it’s easy enough to take care of her. And its short variation will make your appearance sexy, adding to your eyes and face some kind of mystery.

The hairstyle with a bang fringe acquires airiness and the necessary volume of curls, and the severity of the facial features will give the classic asymmetric. Your image will become light and elegant.

Ragged bangs Ragged bangs on Kim Kardashian

Ragged hair has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the complexity of care. It must always be carefully laid, in addition, it is very difficult to cut this model on its own. Correction of overgrown hair should also be done by a master.

Experts do not recommend a torn model to those who have curly locks.

Ragged bangs

Advice! Ragged bangs look very nice on dark hair and gives some kind of insolence to all appearance. On ringlets of light shades such model looks cheerfully and provocatively.

Slanting fringe on one side

Oblique fringe on one side is a fairly popular option for laying bangs. It has a fashionable and attractive appearance, although it requires a certain skill.

Such a styling can be done by everyone without exception, but it is especially beautiful when it comes to straight and long strands. Sharp features in combination with such a hairdo are smoothed out, becoming softer. Such a model will give its owner a charm and tenderness.

If you have any facial features you want to hide or correct, you can make a bang on one side. A very elongated oval face is an exception – you can extend fringe even more. Follow these steps to make a perfect styling:

After washing hair with a shampoo, dry it with a hair dryer;

Using a hot air dryer and comb, create a bang of the desired shape;

If desired, you use hair wax or a foam for fixation.

Advice! With this method, experts do not recommend laying a jet of hot air from the hair closer than 30-40 centimeters, otherwise your curls will lose their former shape within a few hours and start to crumble, because of this they will look disheveled.

How to cut a slanting bang at home

To create such a hairstyle, you will need the following tools:

  • Scissors
  • Thinning knife or razor blade for choice
  • Thin comb
  • Several clamps.

Follow these steps:

  1. For cutting, use sharp scissors (best hairdressers).
  2. Divide the bangs with a triangular part, so that the lateral edges of the parting are located on the line of the eyebrow termination.
  3. Lightly moisturize the hair. This can be done with a spray gun. But do not forget that after drying, the strands become shorter, so do not overdo it and do not make the bang too short.
  4. Decide in which direction you will comb your hair, also decide how long it will be. If it lies on the right side, then in this case the selected strands should be moved to the left side and cut in a straight line. The tip of the long part of the bang is the tip of the cut. Then the hair is transferred to the left and correction is made.
  5. Using the horizontal parting, divide the bang into two parts and pin the upper strands with the clamp. If you use simple scissors for filing, they should be kept slightly at an angle. If the shaver, it is necessary to make sliding movements along the bangs.
  6. Repeat the same with the top layer. Though hair and quickly grow, but nevertheless it is not necessary to cut very much.

Tip: If you do this variant for the first time, then it is better to try to make it long first. Suddenly you will like it more, and you can adjust it at any time.

If you are 100 percent not sure that you will get it right, then it’s better to seek help from a specialist. This is especially true when you do this for the first time. But if you already have it, it will only be necessary to make it shorter. And this will not be difficult.

Hairstyles with a fringe

If you are the owner of such a hairstyle, then you can safely experiment with any hairstyle, because in this case you will approach each of them. All of them will be quite intricate and modern and not a bit vulgar. As we have already said, this variant of a bang can be easily transformed into any style, if everything is done correctly, it will hide your shortcomings and will emphasize your best sides.

Several simple types of laying:

  • Smooth bangs, laid with ironing. It looks quite strict and well suited to the working atmosphere;
  • Hair-dried hair has a good volume, in addition, you can create a romantic image, if from strands to make accurate waves;
  • Oblique fringe, combined with the classic ponytail, – great as to meet friends, and to return to work in the office;
  • If you want diversity, we recommend using a variety of accessories. It can be a ribbon or a rim, which, separating the bangs from the other ringlets, will accentuate it.

To create a festive image of a perm can be done easily using curlers or a curling iron, stranded in this way locks are playfully cover part of the face.

Advice! To make the styling turn out to be of high quality, use a simple comb and hairspray to fix the result. Apply a large amount of means for styling should not be, otherwise the bangs will look stuck together and untidy.

Fashionable slanting bangs

This kind of hairstyle not only remains as relevant as before, but, as the stylists assure, it is gaining even greater popularity. In recent years, the oblique fringe refers to the most trendy hairstyles. She always looks fashionable and effective. Girls who have this version of the hairstyle, can afford a variety of different ways. The most popular of them are:

  • fixing bangs like a small coca – it looks interesting with a tall tail;
  • perm;
  • weaving braid;
  • highlighting or staining hair strands in color contrasting to the basic color of the hair or according to their color;
  • bangs combed back or hides under the hair with the help of invisibility.

Styling Features

The oblique bangs can be laid in the following ways:

  • Comb your hair diagonally from the parting;
  • Put in a roller in the style of the 60’s;
  • Weave into a braid or plait;
  • Use an iron or curling iron to create a light wave;
  • Slaughter, combed on one side;
  • Using styling tools, give the bangs clear shapes.

The oblique fringe, in comparison with a straight line, fits much easier, especially it concerns graded. If the locks are even, then the usual comb and hair dryer will suffice.

For curly locks, you must use a special scallop, which has very rare teeth. Such a comb is pulled off the bang, pressing tightly the hair dryer. In this case, better choose a dryer with a narrow nozzle. You can also use ironing. For evening gatherings, the ends can be laid in the form of a wave or simply wound.

If you have a graduated bang, then in order to finish the tips you will need to use mousse or foam. When you are already tired of the same image, you can weave a bang in a pigtail and hide it by the ear, fixing it with a barrette or some other accessory. And if you are not afraid to look too extravagant, you can color the bangs in bright contrast color.

Advice! To care for strands was literate, purchase in the store a special professional means with which your hair will look healthy and natural, and the ends of the locks will not over dry.

Regardless of which version of the bang you choose, do not forget about the main thing – it needs a daily competent care. And then your hair will delight the eyes of others and subtly emphasize the beautiful features of your face, making them a special accent. She will be able to supplement your image, give him only your own personal traits. And that if you choose the right variation, do not make mistakes, we recommend that you contact an experienced specialist who will help you choose the model that suits your hair and will give it the desired shape.

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