The normal length of vagina – 9 or 12 cm?

What is normal vagina length
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What is the length of the vagina in girls and women? Maximum length of the vagina

What is normal vagina length

The old problem of the size and other characteristics of the primary genitalia, it would seem, always concerned only men. But in fact, women are also secretly concerned about the ambiguous question of the parameters.

Is the length of the vagina important?

Although few people dare to start a conversation about the innermost, many girls are worried: is their length (depth) of the vagina normal and does this index affect the reception or lack of pleasure from sexual intercourse, especially after the birth of the child by natural means?

Scientific research in this area is extremely small, since female sexuality consists of a huge number of all possible variables, and it can not be said with absolute certainty that the relationship between the length of the vagina and the intensity of sexual satisfaction generally exists.

Christopher Tarney, MD and director of the department of female gynecology and urology at the UCLA Medical Center, believes that there is no sense in comparing the size of the sexual organs with sexuality. Nevertheless, in the last ten years, more and more scientists are paying special attention to the field of sexology in view of the impressive number of unresolved specific problems.

Vagina inside: variations in size

What is the normal length of the vagina? This question can not be given an unambiguous answer, since the female vagina is a very elastic organ.

On the one hand, it is small enough to hold a hygienic tampon in place during the menstrual cycle. But at the same time the vagina can stretch out so much that it is not a small newborn baby passing through. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the tissue: the walls of the vagina are much like the walls of the stomach. They are reduced and collected in folds, when the body does not need a large volume, and stretch if necessary.

What is normal vagina length

How long is the length of the vagina in centimeters? For each woman, this parameter will be different, because the body of any person is originally individual. In addition, even for the same woman, the vagina periodically changes its size. It all depends on what you need to pass inside or out.

Vagina’s sizes: a bit of statistics

Nevertheless, many are interested in the average length of the vagina (well, should there be an average statistic?). For such information it is necessary to turn to the study of Masters and Johnson, conducted in the distant 1960s.

Two scientists described in detail the physical characteristics of hundreds of women who had never been pregnant, and found that in the absence of stimulation, the length of the vagina in girls is at least 6.9 cm, a maximum of 8.2 cm.

When stimulated, the organ lengthens to 10, 8 cm and 12 cm respectively.

The last parameter is the actual maximum length of the vagina within the norm. Regardless of the numerical characteristics, it should be borne in mind that the area presumably responsible for female orgasm is located in the first (outer) third of the vagina. The average length of the vagina


According to Dr. Christopher Tarney, the main problem for patients remains a feeling of discomfort during intercourse. It causes insufficient length of the female vagina or excessive tension of the walls. In some cases, discomfort occurs due to prolapse – the prolapse of the uterus, bladder or other organ into the vagina. This often happens after the birth of a child.

However, Tarney believes that prolapse is the only real problem.

The length of the vagina, in his opinion, in no way affects sexual satisfaction, including because there are very significant variations in the norm.

Muscle tone of a vagina

What really matters is the size of the vaginal vestibule, or vaginal opening. Most often, gynecologist patients complain about problems that have arisen after natural childbirth.

What is normal vagina length

According to Tarni, the visitors mainly describe the changes in sexual function and notice that the vagina feels as if it has become too wide. As a result of this “expansion”, women experience less sexual intensity of sexual pleasure. In fact, recent births in many ways change the sexual experience, so the feeling of “wide vagina” almost never has anything to do with the diameter of the vaginal opening.

Scientific verification

The vestibule of the vagina only slightly widens after birth. In 1996, physicians in the United States began to make special measurements under the name “System of quantitative expression of prolapse of pelvic organs”, which were clearly indicative of medical success in the fight against prolapse after childbirth.

For the first time, the length of the vagina in women was measured fully, before and after. Doctors used the system to study the genitals of several hundred patients and found that after a natural birth a slight widening of the vaginal opening was observed.

Most likely, the responsibility for this phenomenon lies not so much on the immediate process of delivery as on the muscle weakness or the consequences of trauma in this area.

Women who knowingly compress and decompress the muscles of the pelvic floor, can increase or decrease the size of the vaginal opening. According to Dr. Tarni, increasing the tone of the pelvic floor muscles helps to fight the sensation of “wide vagina.”

For these purposes, it is very useful to perform Kegel exercises – among other things, specific gymnastics for intimate muscles contributes to a general improvement in the quality of sex.

What is normal vagina length

According to a study published in the Australian version of the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2008, women who regularly performed Kegel exercises admitted that they experience more intense sexual satisfaction than those who in this sense were inactive. The only problem with such gymnastics is that most women do not understand how to do it correctly.

Kegel exercises: work without errors

Dr. Tarni states that any of his patients can show how to cut and relax the biceps. But when most girls report that they regularly perform Kegel exercises, the doctor makes sure: one-half makes intimate gymnastics wrong, and the other simply can not maintain normal coordination between the brain and muscles.

To fix the location of the muscles involved in the world-famous exercises, you should either put your finger in the vagina and squeeze its walls, or deliberately stop the flow during urination. After finding the muscles, you should practice their reduction in periods of five to ten seconds, alternating the compression with minutes of total relaxation.

If you are concerned about the length of the vagina and you are not able to withstand such a prolonged period of muscle tension, start with shorter periods and gradually increase the load. Repeat the exercise should be 10-20 times in a row, three times a day.

During gymnastics, you need to monitor your breathing and try not to use the muscles of your legs, stomach or pelvis in any way.

Some women get injured by nervous tissues during labor and do not feel the muscles of the pelvic floor. Others just do not do the gymnastics correctly. It is interesting that in the United States of America there are special specialists – therapists who professionally help patients to properly perform Kegel exercises.

What really matters about vagina’s size

How long is the vagina ideal? There is no precise indicator. Moreover, such phenomena as sexual desire, sexual attraction, agitation, orgasm, pain and satisfaction are not related to the parameters of the genital organs. If you notice that your sexual activity has decreased, most likely the cause is old age, an increase in the body mass index or a lack of deep emotional connection with a partner.

Perhaps the situation will help to fix special gels, greasings, longer preludes for sexual intercourse or spiritual convergence of the couple.Similar Posts:

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