Static electricity in the hair
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The best remedy for the static electricity in your hair

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Every woman in her life faced with the fact that her hair protruded in all directions, did not lend itself to styling, and she looked as though she had been electrocuted through her body.

Static electricity in the hair

This unpleasant phenomenon is called static hair. To combat statics, it is necessary to identify and eliminate factors that affect its appearance, as well as to choose an effective remedy against electrization of hair.

The causes of static in the hair

Dry air

The statics on the hair are most often felt during the cold season, when the batteries start to work and the heating devices turn on. The reason – insufficient moisture of the air, and, as a consequence – hair overdrying.

One of the reasons for electrifying the hair is too dry air in the room and temperature drops (from frost to heat, for example)

Temperature changes

You can see how the hair is electrified in a warm apartment after returning from a cold street, or vice versa. Hair is very sensitive to the temperature regime and does not like sudden changes. The sudden precipitation of ions on the hairs causes them to rise upward.


Under the headdresses, the hair densely adjoins each other, creating friction at the same time. This helps to electrify the hair. The presence of synthetic materials in hats also stimulates the appearance of statics.


Improper hair care, in particular, the use of unsuitable cosmetics, also provokes the emergence of statics on the hair

Improper care

Most of the problems with hair, including static, arise from the wrong choice of means to care for them. The main mistake is that women when buying hair cosmetics do not take into account their individual characteristics, the type and structure of the curls, the season and the climate.

When using improper means, the quality of the hair deteriorates, and excellent conditions for the appearance of statics are created. The use of a comb made of artificial material also provokes the appearance of static on the hair.

Dry hair

If you have weak, dry and damaged hair, then they are more exposed to the state of electrification

If a woman began to notice that her hair became more often electrified, it is worthwhile to think about their condition. After all, weak and damaged locks are subject to statics much more than healthy.

Staining, waving, too frequent washing of the head, weather conditions adversely affect the quality of the head of hear. Under the influence of negative factors, hair lose its protective barrier, which prevented the appearance of static.

Important to remember! A poor hair condition can signal a malfunction in the body. It is necessary to listen to yourself and understand if anything else is bothering, except for the condition of the hair.

Means and remedies that can help with a static hair problem

Static electricity in the hair

Static in the hair delivers a significant discomfort to a woman, spoils her appearance, makes her look ridiculous. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to use a means against electrization of hair. You can refer to cosmetology or use folk methods to combat static on the hair.

Cosmetic means include:

  • Napkins

It is very convenient to have with you always such a means, which at any time will help to get rid of the electrization of hair and save your hair. At the same time, it will not take up much space in the ladies’ handbag.

  • Hair wipes

Napkins against statics on the hair fall under the above criteria. A small piece of fabric is impregnated with special means, thanks to which the hair is moistened, refreshed and disposed of electrified.

  • Shampoos

If the problem of electrified hair is not a one time event, but persecutes a woman constantly, it makes sense to purchase a shampoo that has an anti-static effect.

  • Anti-Static Shampoo

Such shampoos will also help restore water balance, which plays an important role in combating static.

  • Sprays

The most popular means against the electrization of hair, which is offered by various cosmetic companies, is a spray.

This product is presented in huge quantities, for every taste and purse. You can choose a spray with instant effect, which should be used at the time of the appearance of statics on the hair, and one can be applied before laying or going out.

  • Combs

In order to prevent hair from becoming electrified, you must carefully consider the choice of the comb. It is wrong to choose a comb from plastic – it will contribute to the appearance of statics.

Static electricity in the hair

The best option is a natural wood comb. Also suitable are silicone and carbon combs.

  • Hairdryer with ionization

In everyday life, a woman often has to use a hairdryer, although this is harmful to the hair. However, this device can be useful. When electrifying hair is recommended to use a hair dryer with ionization.

This tool against statics is widely used in the beauty industry. The principle of its action lies in the fact that negatively charged ions act on the hair, relieving them of excessive dryness, tangling and electrification.

  • Lamination of hair can help withelectrization

Lamination of hair is one of the most famous services that beauty salons offer. In this procedure, special mixtures are applied to the hair, which consist of several components. Hair after these manipulations become more healthy, shiny, smooth and obedient.

Lamination allows to solve a problem with electrization of hair.

Important to remember! Laminating hair is best done in proven beauty salons.

If the procedure is carried out by a private master at home, you need to make sure that the services of this master are certified.

Cosmetological methods of getting rid of statics on the hair require certain costs and time to find the right remedy. An easier way to solve this problem is to use popular methods. These include:

Useful additives

Static electricity in the hair

To the main means for hair care can be added home components, which are almost always at hand. They are also very effective in controlling the electrization of hair.

Gelatin and egg yolk

Adding gelatin and egg yolk to the shampoo will give this product an antistatic effect.

In the shampoo you can add yolk and gelatin, as a rinse aid use strong black tea, a decoction of chamomile and beer.

Caution! Beer perfectly solves many hair problems, makes them smooth, shiny and calm, but leaves a characteristic smell on the hair that can not be “splashed” with perfume! Use this tool on your day off.

As an antistatic, essential oils have been proven to be added to the comb.

Olive and castor oil can be used to restore the hair. They must be rubbed into the roots of the hair before washing the head.

Castor helps to restore dry and weak hair

Home masks

Static electricity in the hair

The most common remedy that is used to electrify hair in the home is a mask.

One of the most frequent components that is used in such masks is the egg yolk. You can add mango and yogurt to it. Mix all the ingredients, apply to the hair and leave for 30 minutes. Also, together with the yolk, you can use olive oil and honey.

Another natural antistatic is a pumpkin. It can be mixed with cream.

When using home masks, for best effect, you should carefully wrap your head, using cellophane and a towel.

Change of clothes and shoes

Few people know that clothes and shoes can provoke the appearance of statics on the hair. The reason is the predominance of the artificial material.

The best remedy in this case is clothing made from natural fabrics. Shoes are best to choose on leather soles.

If you adhere to these simple rules, you can greatly facilitate the fight against the electrization of hair.

Good to know! If the statics on the hair appeared suddenly, and you did not have the right tool at hand, you can use ordinary water. It is necessary to smooth the hair with a wet hand.

You can also use any cream.

Tips for hairdressers

Static electricity in the hair

Stylists recommend in order to avoid electrification of hair adhere to such rules:

  • to choose means for care in accordance with their type and structure of hair;
  • moisten the air in a dry place;
  • avoid sudden temperature changes;
  • wear clothes and headdresses made from natural fabrics;
  • when you visit the sauna must cover your hair;
  • wash your head no more than 3-4 times a week;

Hairdressers are advised to wash their hair no more often 3-4 times in 7 days

  • Dry hair naturally or use a hair dryer with an ionizer;
  • Do not get involved in painting and curling;
  • choose combs of natural materials;
  • once a week to do special treatment masks;
  • additionally moisturize hair in the winter and hot season;
  • in case of strong hair loss, take special vitamin complexes;
  • visit only the proven masters.

Statics on the hair – a physical phenomenon that occurs under the influence of external factors. Most of these factors can be prevented, or at least minimized, harm from them.

In order to keep your hair in order, you need to monitor the hair condition and adhere to the above recommendations and rules.

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