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Strawberry blonde: hair color shades and ideas on 33 photos

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This strawberry blonde is very versatile – the berry shade in it is augmented with gold and pastel, apricot tone, honey, cream and gentle pearls.

This color does not even closely resemble a sugary and sugary pink. This strawberry blonde is very versatile – the berry shade in it is augmented with gold and pastel, apricot tone, honey, cream and gentle pearls. However, to get such a color is not so easy.

Trend shades of strawberry blonde

If you use a strict official language, then the color of Strawberry blonde can be described as the lightest tone of pink with a slight addition of yellow-red peach. It is divided into two main types:

  • He is warm: he is often called pink gold;
  • Cold: it looks like pastel pink with a small pearl ebb.

Achieve both a warm and cold strawberry blonde is possible only when painting very light strands.

Advice! If you do not want to spoil your hair, create light berry flashes on the strings with the help of sparing Californian melioration, technician obmra, balayazh, shatush or babylayts.

Who will go extravagant strawberry blond?

Since this color has two varieties, it can be selected for almost all types of skin, except perhaps too dark:

  • skin type winter (considered “cold”): very light, bluish, almost transparent;
  • summer: despite the name, also refers to the cold color, it is only slightly darker than the “winter”;
  • spring: light skin with a peach tint;
  • Autumn: its owners have a freckled, slightly swarthy or very dark brown skin with a slight admixture of yellow.

By the degree of brightness, the blond, including strawberry, is divided into 3 tones from No. 7 to the brightest No. 9. So, we are interested in who gets the strawberry blond?

Owners of freckles or leather with a small peach or brown tinge can safely choose warm pink gold from the lightest to the darker and muted. Cold same silvery pink will be more to the face of girls and grown-up ladies of winter or summer type. It is ideally combined with a white, china-like skin.

Advice! Light pink shades very quickly washed off, leaving behind only a slight yellowness. To prevent this from happening, the tricolored curls are laminated. You can also maintain the color with a shade of shampoo.

If you want to see firsthand what stylists are choosing colors for their famous wards, pay attention to these photos:

  • Haley Baldwin: Perhaps while you are looking through the article, this model is already sitting in the salon again and repainting its head of hair in a new color; at one time, she used a strawberry blond to shade the braid; To avoid the puppet effect, its stylists were able to “pull” this color from the darker roots;
  • Hillary Duff, of course, to face this shade of strawberry blonde (see photo); in her case, it flows smoothly closer to the tips in a lighter pastel pink;
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley used this color only at the roots, coloring the tips in a light golden blond;
  • Nicole Richie did exactly the opposite, in her short hairstyle “strawberry” flaunts only on the tips;
  • Katy Perry: another lover doing experiments with her way; the singer did not become completely stained in pink gold, but she used the technique in which the strawberry on the roots gently flowed into the honey one;
  • Rita Ora: the owner of brown eyes and swarthy, luxurious skin stopped on warm very light shades of strawberries.

Advice! Strawberry blond is unlikely to fit into the business style. Choose it should only representatives of professions, not associated with a strict dress code.

How to achieve the desired shade?

The universal method of staining in a strawberry blonde simply does not exist. After all, your hair has its own shade, which when mixed with the dye can give a completely different result than you planned. Only an experienced hairdresser can achieve an ideal color. Selection is always done taking into account the natural color of the strands. Very often, several professional dyes are used for its preparation, which are mixed in the correct proportions.

If the curls were painted earlier, a special wash is applied. Pre-discoloration at home is also undesirable. If you want to lighten too dark strands, they are discolored twice. To sustain the same composition is not worth the time, otherwise the hair will become unpleasant yellowness.

Stylists subdivide the color saturation of hair by numbers. The unit is taken by the darkest shade. The tenth number (the lightest blond) in nature occurs, perhaps, only in albinos. The color of the strawberry blond will be visible only if the hair has a natural color from № 7 to 9. In other cases, it will not be possible to achieve an easy, almost imperceptible pink-peach hue without preliminary clarification.

At obmra, shatush, balajazh or Californian melirovaniem separate strands are highlighted. The technique of baby vibrations, in which only the lower part of the hairpin and the hair along the contour of the face are handled, is something between the coloring and highlighting.

For staining with this method, you need to use a strawberry blonde dye with the effect of lightening. That color transitions were not evident, it is produced only on a couple of tones lighter than the rest of the hair mass, so this method is not suitable for too dark sticks. The structure of the hair is less damaged.

This process is quite complicated. Since strong clarification is not required, it is necessary to act as quickly as possible. To get a smooth transition is not used the usual foil, and thermal paper or thin film.

Advice! The thinner the strands are separated during staining, the softer the transitions will be, and the hair will acquire additional splendor and volume.

Choose a dye

If you still decided to conduct an experiment and want to independently tidy the strands in a strawberry blond, in order not to regret later on what was done, use only high-quality compositions of well-known manufacturers. After all, getting rid of the unwanted reddish-yellow podton, which cheap dyes give, and even more so that the tone of unevenly colored strands will be leveled out will be problematic on their own.


If you still decided to conduct an experiment and want to independently tidy the strands in a strawberry blond, in order not to regret later on what was done, use only high-quality compositions of well-known manufacturers

Advice! Completely remove the shade obtained with henna, even with the help of high-quality washing is unrealistic. I’ll have to wait until my hair grows.

Inspect the packaging carefully. On the back or side of it, the manufacturer places a special color saturation table. Despite the fact that above we indicated that there are 10 tones, since the first three are externally indistinguishable, they are used mainly in professional workshops for dilution of paint. In retail, dyes under No. 1-3 are almost not received. Ten – perfect white – is considered unnatural and is also not used in everyday life.

Choose the base (that is, your natural shade) in the table. If you can not decide exactly, go to the mirror and bring the package to your face. Let’s say you are a dark blonde and your number is 6. Now look at the picture in front of the chosen position and determine if you like the color that will be obtained in the end. If so, you can safely buy the strawberry blond paint.

Advice! If you are afraid of making mistakes, shade the strands better at first with a tonic, a shade of shampoo or at least a semi-permanent paint. If the color does not suit you, you can easily wash it off.

“Berry” strands at home

So, you decided to take a chance and try to get this shade yourself:

  • any coloring should be done only on unwashed hair 2-3 days;
  • We put on an old T-shirt or robe, and put on the hands of thin rubber gloves;
  • we dilute the dye in glass or porcelain dishes exactly according to the instructions (the metal does not fit, since it will oxidize in it);
  • to wet the hair is not required, otherwise the paint will drain from them; but sprinkle the spray from the atomizer just necessary – in this case, they will color better, and the color will be brighter;
  • divide the hair into 4 zones with the point of intersection on the vertex; that is, we need to draw two lines, one from ear to ear, and the other from the center of the forehead to the neck;
  • work begins with one of the back lower, the remaining 3 shares for a time being pinned;
  • starting from the neck, carefully divide the hair into a parting, and stain every strand from the root to the tip;
  • after 1/4 of the hair is dyed, we collect them with our hands and gently “mix”, evenly distributing the paint;
  • pinch the painted area and start working in turn with the two front parts; a small amount of hair at the temples and bangs we leave – as these hairs are the thinnest and quickly absorb the paint, we paint them last;
  • we wrap the head with polyethylene, and then with a towel;
  • we maintain the paint on the hair the right time;
  • wash it off;
  • rinse with the addition of balm;
  • since immediately after dyeing the hair becomes brittle, it is well dried in the air without using a hair dryer.

Interesting! Strawberry blond has become trendy thanks to the stylist Blake Lively. Since she basically did not want to paint over her snow-white strands, going to one of the events, she decided to add a little flavor to her image and shaded them with a light “berry” shade.

Strawberry blond with tonic

Naturally, on dark hair, no shade means with the mark “blond” will not be visible. But if you are the owner of light braces, then you can easily shade them with trendy berry color.

Note only that the tonic will last for a long time: after 3-4 washing it will completely disappear. But, since such compounds are absolutely harmless, moreover, they contain even caring components, they can be used with every washing of the head:

  • in contrast to conventional dyes, it is applied only to clean hair;
  • the dyeing process is similar to applying a conventional dye;
  • The exposure time is determined by the manufacturer, usually 10-15 minutes are sufficient for the visible result; if you want to get a more intense color, increase the time to 30-40 minutes;
  • handle hair with gloves;
  • so that the skin does not stain, it is better to apply any cream near the hair growth line;
  • divide the hair into strands and apply to each of them the composition from the tips;
  • gently distribute the dye to the comb;
  • so that the strands do not dry faster than the time required, and the dye is well absorbed, wrap the head with polyethylene, and wrap it with a towel;
  • to give the strands of shine and complete removal of the dye after rinsing, rinse the strands with an acidified solution.

Important! Previously dyed hair must be treated with a wash, otherwise after mixing the two dyes the reaction will be unpredictable.

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