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Smokey eye for green eyes (trendy makeup tips 2019)

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What are the only techniques in make-up do not use girls to look attractive and stylish. Someone prefers to use bright shades and glitter for the lips, someone like a softer, barely notable makeup. But many will agree that the most attractive and sexy look does make-up smokey eyes.

Smokey eyes is a makeup in make-up that makes a girl’s look languid and seductive due to the careful shading of the shadows from the rich color range.

Charliz Theron has green eyes
Rihanna has very beautiful green eyes

People with green eyes on Earth are very rare: there are only 2%. No wonder women with such a touch of the iris are considered special, almost a witch. It is for this reason that in the Middle Ages many green-eyed beauties were burned at the stake.

Today it looks more like scary fairy tales, and girls with an emerald hue try to highlight their amazing uniqueness as vividly as possible. Many people use for this makeup smokey eyes for green eyes. Step-by-step photos of all stages of applying cosmetics will help make it right, which means it’s beautiful.

Smokey eye tutorial

Choosing a color palette for a green-eyed girl

Smokey eye in translation from English designates “smokey eye”: dark shadows are shaded, forming a soft transition to a light shade. To make the border of the transition harmonious, unsharp, make-up artists recommend using 3 colors of shadows.

Women with green eyes, as a rule, are light-skinned, which means that the classic black, dark brown tones will not suit them. Shadows should be lighter than paler skin. Stylists advise to pay attention to the color palette:

  • Purple;
  • Brown;
  • Golden;
  • Olive.

The rule of selection of cosmetics is very simple: the lighter the skin and hair of the green-eyed beauty, the brighter should be the color of decorative cosmetics for smokey eyes.

It is equally important to know that smokey eye are of two main types:

  • Easy makeup for a daytime;
  • Bright palette for evening event.

Appliances applying decorative cosmetics will be completely different depending on the type of makeup. But in any case, we should not forget that smokey eyes is an unconditional focus on the eyes, which means that lips should be painted more restrained, for example, with a gloss or lipstick of a neutral color.

For smokey eyes, eye color is considered important.

The owners of blond hair, light skin and eyes of a light shade, make-up smokey eyes, made in black will look quite hard, your appearance will be a little tired or even sick, here it is better to turn to a delicate palette of shadows.

Those who have darker eyes, hair and skin need to choose darker colors for makeup, light shades of shadows cannot make the eyes look languid, which means that the smokey eyes has failed.

It should be borne in mind that the lighter the color of the skin and eyes, respectively, the lighter the shade of the smokey eye should be. For example, smokey eyes for green eyes requires chocolate, dark green or golden shades of shadow.

Sometimes it happens that it is not an easy task to choose the three basic shades to make smokey eyes for the green-eyed. It may be worth trying several variations of the shadows and discovering the compatibility of completely different shades. All three colors should not be aged in the same range, for example: green, light green and dark green.

Smokey eye for green eyes will look great in combination of dark green, golden or brown shades of the palette.

How to apply a smokey eye for green eyes

Experienced make-up artists differently adjust the shadow of each client, depending on the source external data. Technique smokey eyes is no exception and can be performed as follows:

Follow with kayal the outer corner in the direction of the brow. This option narrows the eye, so it is suitable for large and round eyes.

In the Middle Ages green eyes were symbol of a danger

Drawing shadows in broad lines to the line of eyebrows. Just a godsend for those who have omitted the lower corner of the eye.

Step-by-step make-up for green eyes smokey eyes is performed as follows:

  1. It is necessary to achieve a perfectly even color. To begin with, the face is cleansed, toned, nourished with day cream.
  2. Then, having waited for full absorption, put foundation and powder on all sites of skin, including on an eyelid.
  3. Choose the most suitable eyebrow pencil. It can be brown, chocolate, coffee. It is better to take a shade as close as possible to the natural.
  4. Pencil emphasize the line of growth of eyelashes. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication depends on the type of appearance and cut eyes. In the classic version of the pencil take black, but for green eyes also suitable and olive, marsh, dark brown, gray.
  5. Pencil shade brush.
  6. On the eyelid to the middle of the area under the eyebrow adjust the shadow of a light shade. The same color is applied to the lower eyelid.
  7. At the eyebrows and near the nose bridge tint in white.
  8. Dark shadows are applied at the outer edge of the eye and blend well, making a smooth and gradual transition. Dark shadows can be applied to a different eye area, it all depends on the desired effect.
  9. The final chord – mascara is applied, increasing their volume.

So, the combination is chosen, the image of seductive eyes in thoughts is drawn – it remains to learn how to make a charming smokey eyes for green eyes. Such a make-up can be made in two versions – for a light day and for a gala evening.


Light haze

For a daytime smokey eye make-up, we will need shades of thick chocolate with milk, light caramel and creamy white tones.

Follow these steps:

  1. The first strokes mask the imperfections of the skin with foundation or powder.
  2. Apply a base coat on the eyelids – a beige shade of a suitable shade.
  3. Draw a line of cilia with a brown pencil.
  4. We impose caramel shadows on the middle of the moving folds of the century, and chocolate on the corner from the side of the temple.
  5. Paint the corner above the nose with white shadows, make the transition to caramel.
  6. Do not forget to draw eyebrows with a solid pencil, as close as possible to the natural color.
  7. Apply bulk mascara on eyelashes. Some makeup artists recommend dyeing eyelashes first with lengthening mascara, and only then increase their volume. Makeup smokey eye for the daytime ready.

If you have a busy day, and you are not sure that the shadows will withstand such a test, you can use the technique of layering shades on a pencil base.

Makeup step by step:

  1. After applying the tonal base with a pencil, cover the eyelid with strokes of the skin color. We make sure that all skin areas are stained.
  2. Use a brush to shade the line.
  3. Next, we impose dark shadows on the corner from the outside, using the applicator to erase the borders of colors.
  4. On the third of the movable fold from the bridge of the nose impose a shadow of a light tone, mix with a pencil layer.
  5. Finish up with a mascara. Makeup, which with honor stand the hottest and richest day, ready.

Evening makeup smokey eye for green eyes has a number of differences from the day. First of all, it concerns the choice s of a eye-shadow palette.

For special occasions, shades can be brighter, with mother of pearl or large shiny patches. And, of course, the manner of application is also somewhat different: colors are applied more intensively.

  1. Put the base on the eyelids.
  2. At the line of the eyelashes, we study the upper eyelid with light shades
  3. Deepen this line with a rich brown tint.
  4. Layer dark shadows so that the border between the color levels becomes invisible.
  5. Work on the upper corner with dark shadows and feather the border line.
  6. Using a black and gray pencil draw a contour along the line along which the cilia grow.
  7. Duplicate this stroke with shadows to match.
  8. Lighten the corners of the eyes at the bridge of the nose, and mask the area under the lower eyelashes with concealer.
  9. Draw with the dark shadows a line under the lower eyelashes from the outer corner to the middle of the eye, shading well.
  10. Apply mascara in several layers. Smokey makeup is ready!

Purple eye-shadows for green eyes

Tips and tricks

Performing make-up smokey eyes step by step presented in the instructions, you can achieve excellent results. In addition to the general rules, there are small secrets that will help reveal the enchanting attractiveness of green eyes even more. Basic tips on the imposition of decorative cosmetics:

  • To open the view, to increase the size of the green eyes can be easily, if you paint more diligently part of the eyelashes at the outer corner. Sometimes they even use the method of gluing additional eyelash tufts on the edge of the growth line.
  • In some cases it is allowed to color the line of the eyelashes from the side of the iris with a soft pencil. This technique narrows the eyes and is suitable only for girls with large and round eyes.
  • If you have large, round eye sockets, then with the help of eyeliner you can draw the line of the outer corner to the eyebrow.
  • For a visual increase in the eye, you should carefully make up the eyelashes at the outer corner. For the evening option, you can even use false bunches of cilia.
  • It is better for owners of narrow eyes to refuse to paint an inner corner with a pencil, since this method will turn their soul mirror into two slits.
  • If you have an eye shape with a lowered corner, then the shadows should be applied in broad strokes up to the eyebrow line.

And one of the most powerful weapons of women are their eyes, the color of which must be emphasized. Owners of the “malachite look” to do this will help the smokey eye technique for green eyes – you just need to choose the right shades.

Smokey eye for green eyes: more photos and images

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