Face serum

Face serum

Face serum is made to moisturize the skin, protect it during the day and smoothen mimic wrinkles. Anti-age, young skin elixirs and vitamin C serum - you are able to choose the product, that fullfill your needs.

As the matter of fact, professional cosmetic procedures are much more effective than those we do at home. But what is the reason? Why is the professional cosmetics preferable to cosmetics that can be purchased freely in the shops and supermarkets?

Well, the answer is quite simple: professional cosmetics contain greater number of useful and active ingredients than a regular cream does. And a face serum is one of the rare representatives of professional cosmetics that became accessible for domestic use, as well.

The availability of a such elixir made many women immediately buy and try it. However, the miracles don’t happen and these women eventually don’t find the secret of eternal youth. So, before purchasing this “miracle” remedy, you should carefully consider who and how can use it.

We assume that you know how a face liquid moisturizer looks like even if you have never used it. It is usually filled in a high bottle with a dispenser as it has liquid consistency. Skin elixir’s light texture allows it to penetrate into the epidermis deeper comparing to a regular cream, thus nourishing and protecting the face and neck over a long period of time. In addition, thanks to elixir’s structure, it leaves pleasant sensations after the use. Such impressive penetrating power of serum is explained by the composition: it mainly includes acids and vitamins whereas cream includes them ten times less.

Types of face serum

Basically, the main types of facial moisturizers depend on several factors: season, skin type and age. Thus, water-based elixirs are intended for use in the summer period; they actively moisturize the upper layers of epidermis and protecting it from dryness. Similarly, oil-based products are more appropriate for winter period when your face requires a special care, vitamins and microelements.

Serum for oily skin

Another type of serum was developed particularly for problem skin; it contains low level of oils. In general, water-based moisturizing ingredients included in this elixir don’t clog face pores making them breathe throughout the day. Also such elixirs usually contain various herb extracts that help to solve a problem of excessive greasiness during the day.

Anti-age serum

Women from 45 years are recommended to use this face care product with anti-aging effect. The highest concentration of vitamins and minerals enhances metabolic process of epidermal cells which provides a lifting effect and reduces wrinkles.

Vitamin C serum

To regenerate epidermis after your skin was exposed to open sun, cold wind or exceptional winter cold, can help elixir with C vitamin. Pay attention, and choose products only that contains Ascorbil Palmitate, but avoid products with Ascorbic Phosphate which is plain vitamin C. Such tipe of vitamin is good to take as pills, but inside a creme or serum it brings significant damage to the epidermis, destroying cells and exposing them to negative factors even faster than usually. Ascorbil Palmitate is oil modification of vitamin C, which has opposite effect than plain acid. It regenerates cells and is able to fix even extraordinary damage.

Contraindications for the serum use

It is important to understand that face elixir is not suitable for everyone as it exhibits a high penetrating power and it nourishes absolutely all types of cells and bacteria inside the skin.

Problem skin

If you have problems like pimples anf acne, you should visit a dermatologist before buying a such product for your face. Thus, it is not advisable to use it if you have seborrhea, acne and other various inflammatory face problems. In case a dermatologist permitted to use it, it is necessary to pre-clean the face with the anti-infectives.

Another contraindication for serum use is demodicosis, the special condition when subcutaneous mites destroy epidermis by consuming dead epidermal cells and sebum output.

Young skin

As the moisturizer is intended mostly for wrinkles care and intensive moistening, it shouldn’t be applied on young face. Moreover, it can cause the reverse effect of early skin aging. Besides, nourishing elixir may prevent normal breathe of facial pores as usually the young skin is exposed to excessive greasiness.

Though, cosmetics manufacturers took into consideration the peculiarities of young skin and developed the product which is suitable for young people, as well. It is less enriched than its original and serves perfectly as the base for a light cream. Such product has several advantages: it protects the epidermis throughout the day, hydrates it and performs antibacterial function. The manufacturers even elaborated the elixir that dries the pimples.

Serum and sunbathing

Never apply this skin product before sunbathing. There would be a high load on your face when it s covered with the moisturizer, as it has a whitening effect. Such inconsistency may bring deterioration. In case, if you still used it before going out, cover your face with powerfull creme with UV-protection and wait several minutes before you appear under open sun.

How to use serum

In is recommended to apply the skin product mainly on the problem areas in case your face is in general satisfactory. Facial massage with the subsequent application of nourishing cream would be the perfect complement to the elixir. If you have a withering skin, it is better to use two types of serum, day and night. Day serum usually has a lifting effect, and the night one actively nourishes the upper epidermal layers thanks to the vitamins and minerals. Dry withering skin without serious condition will benefit greatly from this product use.

The women of 25-35 years are better to use a moisturizing elixir according to the following procedure. First, apply a thin layer of this product to a clean face. Then, continue with a regular day cream; it’s not necessary to wait for a complete absorption of the serum.

Young skin can be treated by this moisturizer both in daytime and at night; it can be supplemented by a matifying cream which contains natural ingredients.

What about serum with hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid, which usually serves as the ingredient for many face and body products, has the lifting and moisturizing effects. However, hyaluronic acid molecules are too large to penetrate straight into the deep layers of the epidermis that make our skin healthy and good-looking. So, don’t pay attention to the numerous ads talking about amazing effects: the manufacturers exaggerate the benefits. Yes, hyaluronic acid works but only in case of special electrophoresis procedures which require specialized equipment. These procedures help the acid penetrate into skin, thus making it more elastic. Home procedures won’t guarantee you the same result, so think twice before buying such serum.

Serum reviews and feedback

Alexandra, 32 years old, San-Francisco; the review of Darphin Hydraskin Intensive moisturizing serum:

I really liked this serum; the brand name didn’t affect me though it’s one of my favorites. The product has a stunning delicate fragrance and it moisturizes my skin perfectly. Yet, its consistency is a bit liquid. During the week I felt that my skin absorbs the serum so intensively. By the end of the week my skin got much better: the dryness and peeling were gone, and the skin became velvety. I will surely use the serum from Darphin from now on.

Jenny, 27 years old, Boston; comment on Abeille Royale by Guerlain:

My skin is quite good-looking; the only problem is a wrinkle on the forehead that I couldn’t get rid of. So I decided to buy an expensive serum of branded cosmetics company Guerlain. Its design attracted me at once: a stylish bottle with a dispenser made in the form of a honeycomb. Active extracts of different varieties of honey and royal jelly are the active ingredients of this serum. It smells good and moisturizes the skin perfectly. I have been using this serum for two months, and my only forehead wrinkle has disappeared! I recommend it to everyone.

Catie, 28 years old; feedback on Chanel Hydramax + Active serum:

This elixir has quite dense structure like a gel. After I applied it on the face, it was absorbed quite quickly, and then I got the feeling of tightness. I checked the ingredients and was surprised when I found out that the serum contains a large alcohol concentration. Well, the serum didn’t provide any comfortable sensations. Probably, it is not intended for my age group and is more suitable for young girls with problematic skin.


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