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Short wedding dresses: 113 trendy ideas 2018-2019

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How to wear short wedding dress

A beautiful figure and slender legs are an excellent occasion to show them around at your own wedding. Fashion is constantly changing, changing trends, shortening the bride’s wedding dress.

Brides in short dresses are an excellent way to get away from the order of bored traditions and customs. Preferring a short model, the bride will be original and stylish.

For whom is the short outfit of the bride intended?

Undoubtedly, the shortened attire looks unrivaledly beautiful and fashionable, but does every bride wear a short wedding dress 2017?

Perhaps, someone will seem surprising, but definitely, yes. This model is considered one of the universal and perfectly sits on girls with different figures.

Most suited to this outfit thin skinny brides. A short model effectively fits a thin waist, emphasizing the attractiveness of the hips. The best kind of apparel will look like a long-legged tall bride.

Also look great shorter models on the low girls. After short lace wedding dress visually lengthen the silhouette.

Girls with luxurious forms prefer to abandon the mini-style, choosing the length to the knee or below. In this case, a shortened outfit for a wedding will play in colors.

Pros of shortened wedding style

  • eccentricity and style;
  • relevance;
  • saving money, because short styles, in most cases, have a lower cost;
  • the opportunity to hold a wedding banquet on the seashore, wearing a short wedding dress, a photo of which can be viewed on the resource;
  • maximum convenience. In short attire it is comfortable to be throughout the celebration.

Dance, as well as take an active part in a variety of competitions can only be in a comfortable outfit.

Best dress

Among the shortened models, there is a greater demand for tight-fitting styles up to the middle of the thigh, as well as a skirt flap. This dress looks like a cocktail dress and is distinguished by a special chic, gives the girl maximum femininity.

The dress looks original not only in combination with the veil, but without it. It is perfectly combined with shoes in the style of classics.

Short dress perfectly in harmony with piquant shoes, emphasizes the originality of accessories.


If someone thinks that the shortened style of the wedding dress is not lush, is deeply mistaken. In this season, designers offer all sorts of models, among which every bride can choose the right option. So, they successfully combined splendor and shortened model.

These styles look quite romantic. They are mostly tight-fitting and equipped with a lush skirt, often decorated with flounces.

Popular are the contrasting styles that emphasize the wasp waist, which is tightened with the help of a corset. In this case, very popular now skirts in the form of a peony bud.

Not less popular are the multi-layered versions, which create a sufficient skirt. In this case, it is preferable to choose models decorated with lace, as well as draperies.

Combining the impossible

Brides who can not decide which one to choose for their own wedding, short or long, we recommend to stop the choice on a short wedding dress with a train. In this original compromise, the best moments of several styles are connected.

A similar style is characterized by a short length in front and a festive original train in the back of the dress. It is desirable to choose a cable from air, practically transparent materials.

Such a decision is a true hit of the current season.

A short front wedding dress is presented in a variety of models. These styles are originally decorated with different ruffles, as well as tucks on the material.

Such decisions create an unprecedented romantic character of the image.

A look into the past

This season, the main trend in the field of wedding fashion are the bride’s dresses in retro style. Fashion has repeatedly turned to the past for inspiration.

This year, such trends have not been avoided by wedding dresses, which have lush long or short sleeves, decorated neckline. Also similar styles are equipped with unusually beautiful decorations, corresponding to the Hollywood standards of beauty.

Retro apparels are offered in such a variety of styles that any bride will have the opportunity to choose what she likes.

Preferring retro style, do not forget that it is important to create a suitable image for the dress.


On the head should be a suitable hairstyle. It is also preferable not to forget about modern, original accessories that harmonize with the image of the bride.

Wedding dress with sleeves

Types of sleeveless wedding dresses

Modern wedding fashion regularly pampers girls with fresh and unusual ideas of a festive image of the bride. Dresses with long sleeves differ not only in materials, but also in styles, with which we want to introduce you.

Short-sleeved dresses:

A wedding dress with a “flashlight” sleeve is perfect for brittle brides with a small chest that tend to create a romantic wedding image. A simple cut in tandem with elegant trim emphasizes the individuality and tenderness of the bride. Dress with a flashlight sleeve is not worth choosing a bride with full and problem hands.

The shape of the balloon sleeves is another excellent option for slender brides who are not afraid to add volume to their image. The length of the sleeve, as a rule, is limited by the elbow bending. A soft thin fabric, neatly falling down on the bride’s hands, will emphasize the elegance and subtlety of the girl.

A dress with a sleeve in three quarters. This length is universal, as it fits both slender and full brides. If you are planning a wedding in the warm season, we advise you to buy a wedding dress with lace sleeves. Soft material will prevent skin irritation during the holiday, and will not cause a drop of discomfort throughout the evening.

Each style has its own sleeve:

Lush wedding dresses with sleeves always look great, especially if you choose outfits with tight, lace or long sleeves, and we also recommend paying attention to the sleeve-illusion;

Short dresses – the choice of young and brave brides. Famous designers offer short wedding dresses with long lace sleeves, with a length of three quarters and lovely “flashlights”;

Asymmetric models of wedding dresses with sleeves are a squeak of the current wedding season. Sleeves can be made both from romantic lace, and from the restrained atlas. The length of the sleeve can also vary: from options to a brush to a neat little short sleeve that barely covers the shoulder.

Short wedding dress plus-size

Most of the brides prefer long dresses that emphasize the uncommonness and solemnity of the event. However, in recent years, short dresses become more and more popular among plus-sized brides, especially among the owners of beautiful slender legs, which they want to demonstrate.

Naturally, a short dress does not imply a mini, it’s enough to leave the length down to the knee or even below.

Short dresses with a cascade bottom – in front of the knee, gradually lengthening and forming beautiful folds. This is a great option for the summer.

This maternity wedding dress in Motherhood’s 2007 spring collection sold out within days of its online preview, says company president Rebecca Matthias.

Flutter Maternity Wedding Dress by Tiffany Rose


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