Short bob hairstyles and haircuts: (74 trendy ideas on photos)
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Short bob hairstyles and haircuts: (74 trendy ideas on photos)

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Bob in its classical understanding came to us from ancient Egypt. Surprisingly, the hairstyle was considered exclusively man’s, and only much later was adapted for charming female heads.


There are several variations of the short bob.

Quite recently, just a couple of decades ago, the haircut stood out as a separate category of piling. But now the line between the bob and the hairdo is practically flattened. After the hair is finished, the hair remains fairly short, and the neck is almost always partially open. An indispensable condition is the absence of a pronounced bang.

Short bob hairstyles and haircuts: (74 trendy ideas on photos)

With a bang

Fringe adds an element of informality to the classic penalty. Especially if its line has a clearly defined flat edge. That is why a bob with a “sharp” bangs is a very popular styling among girls who belong to informal youth movements. Also bang helps to mask the problem skin of the forehead.

Bob “on the leg”

This is a “gift” to all the ladies from Victoria Beckham, since it was with her easy pitch that the “on the leg” became a very popular styling.

This variety of short roll looks perfect on dense and magnificent hair, as the main advantage of a hairdo is a good volume.


The laying appeared relatively recently. The technique of this type of caring is based on the performance of cutting the layers, which gives even very thin hair an excellent volume.

Bob: when the haircut suits the face

It is worth noting that such a hairstyle will face many women. Stylists recognize that the bob is ideal for straight hair, especially when combined with a straight bang. But it will not be too bad to squirm and bob without a bang.

Bob on short hair for oval face

Obviously expressed oval faces are not really that many. If you do not have prominent cheekbones, a big or bob chin, not too wide or too narrow forehead, and everything is symmetrical and correct, then your face is oval, and you will go to any varieties of quads, you can boldly flip through magazines or Internet pages and look for something , that you will like!

Consider variations for “round” faces. To visually “pull out” such a face, it is best to choose a graduated bob, let the maximum possible volume be on the top, and as long as possible, long strands, if there is a high forehead, a long bang will not hurt, if the forehead is low or even low, the bangs will not be required .

A bob face can be compensated for by asymmetry: a slanting bangs, parting on the side, you can play with coloring your hair. If the length of the hair is such that you can cover your cheekbones completely, perfectly!

bob with an elongated strand, twisted in the direction of the face, will go to the holders of the “triangular” faces.
Imagine a face resembling a pear. Here you need a three-dimensional top and the shortest haircut.

There is a face of a diamond-shaped shape, an elongated bob will go to this type. For a narrow face with an angular chin, it is better to choose a haircut reminiscent of a ball.

We mentioned quads without bangs. How to wear such a haircut? It is enough to find suitable accessories – rims, barrettes, ribbons, bandages – and you will make yourself an exclusive hairstyle.

I want to note that the quads “Bob” goes to women with any type of face. The neck with this haircut is open, the bangs are not clearly pronounced, the length of the hair is up to the ear lobes or a little shorter.

If you can not imagine what the words “bob with elongation” mean, find the photo of the singer Rihanna, where the oblique part divides her hair into two parts on both sides of the face, without bangs, and the front strands with their sharp “angles” touch the shoulders, and at the back of the head the hair is shorter. Stars choose only the most stylish! Do not confuse with that racket Rihanna, where she with a straight fringe until the very age!

The main advantage of the bob is its versatility, which makes it possible to adapt the haircut to almost any type of hair and face.

Haircut can be performed on both straight and curly hair. Asymmetric quads are ideal for young women. Ladies of middle age prefer to perform quads with oval contours.
A short neck will help to disguise the bob with an open nape.
Curly hair from nature is simply ideal for creating a hairstyle.
To give thin hair the missing volume will help graduated bob.

How can I style my short bob?

Masters distinguish between two types of styling – everyday and evening. The proposed laying can be used in the daytime, and in the evening.

Stacking “bob back”

“Backward bob” – a bright representative of the laying of the evening type. There are two techniques for performing a hairstyle:


Prepare the hair for styling by washing it with a suitable type of hair shampoo.
Now treat the wet hair along the entire length of the laying foam.
Dry your hair with a hair dryer, combing each strand towards the back of the head. It is most convenient to do this with a round comb. Important: Dry hair always starts from the back of the neck, gradually forming a styling.


In addition, shape the stacking with your fingers and, for attaching, gently sprinkle with varnish.
Bob, which is lying backwards, opens the entire face completely.

The second version of this arrangement allows you to get a beautiful hairstyle in retro style.

Wash your hair and apply the entire surface of the styling foam.
Dry the strands of hair with a hair dryer and a round comb, pulling them back, i.e. on behalf of. Start laying strands from the back of the head.
After all the hair is laid, you need to give the vertex an extra volume, having performed a radical haircut.
Then, shape the shape of the palette that you need and fix the stitch with varnish.

Oblique bob

The result of diligence – excellent asymmetric styling – can be used in the daytime and evening versions.

How to:

  • Wash your hair.
  • Apply along the entire length of the laying foam and form a part in the place you need the top of the head.
  • Dry hair with a hair dryer.

This laying assumes a completely smooth surface of the hair. For straightening, you need to use ironing. At the same time, it is possible to slightly twist the ends of the hair, giving them a direction upward.

Do not forget to cover the surface of hair with thermal protection means, so as not to suffer damage to the structure of the hair.

Using a thin comb, correct the parting that was created earlier. The narrow part of the hair needs to be removed behind the ear and fixed. You can do this with a gel or pin, an invisible, suitable in tone to the hair.
If the evening version of laying is performed, then you can use a beautiful but not too large pin to fix the strand. Effectiveness of hair will add ribbons, beautiful rims or bright bandages.
To keep the styling, fix the hair with lacquer.

“Express Styling”

Sometimes in the morning time to bring the hair in order catastrophically not enough, but go out of the house with not laid hair can not afford to every woman. Express-laying – the perfect solution and salvation appearance for madly hurrying ladies. The styling time is only fifteen minutes, and the result is a charming hairstyle.

How to:

  • Wash your head using a special shampoo to create a volume.
  • Dry your hair with a towel, saving them from excessive moisture.
  • Take the foam for styling and apply its root area. Spread across the head.
  • Now start drying your hair with a hairdryer, whipping and lifting the strands. Thus, you attach the hair necessary in this case to the radical volume.
  • When the drying with a hair dryer is complete, simply lay the strands with your hands, keeping the resulting effect of slight negligence. Secure the packing with varnish.

“Three-dimensional” bob

This option of laying on a short bob is suitable in case the hair does not initially have the desired density. An excellent three-dimensional bob looks on artificially clarified hair, since in most cases it is in this case that they lack the visual volume.

The technique of laying down a particular complexity does not represent itself, but it will require certain skills.

You will need:

  • laying foam;
  • a hairdryer;
  • comb of round shape.

How to:

  • Wash your hair.
  • Put your head down and in this position, wrap them with a towel.
  • Now we must wait 5 … 10 minutes for the towel to take away excess moisture.
    Remove the towel and treat the hair with foam, and then comb (this will help distribute the product along the entire length of the hair).
  • Begin to separate from the total volume of hair on a thin strand and dry with a hair dryer. It is necessary to start drying from the roots in order to give the hair the missing volume.
  • When all the hair is dried, lower your head down, and then raise it sharply. Make the necessary adjustments to the hairstyle, form a part in the right place and sprinkle everything with varnish.

Bob with curls

Curly bob – a classic hairstyle for a party. Stacking takes a fairly short period of time, but it looks just great. You can curl up curls in two ways:

  • with the help of curlers;
  • taking a plait.

How to:

  • Pre-wash your hair and lightly dry with a towel.
  • Then apply styling mousse on them.
  • The next step is winding hair on curlers of the size you need.
  • To speed up the process, dry your hair with a hair dryer.
  • Wait until the hair cools, and then remove the curlers. Only in this case the curl will remain tight and last for several hours in perfect condition.
  • Arrange the resulting curls to your liking and sprinkle the entire lacquer.

The option of stacking with electric tweaks looks like this:

  • Wash your hair, treat it with a thermal protective agent and dry it naturally.
  • Start curling curls, choosing the curl that best fits the occasion.
  • Arrange the hair and fix it with a varnish.

Classic styling

Carrying out the laying of a bob in a classical style will require certain skills. Probably, that from the first time nothing will turn out, therefore the reason for frustration is not present. In addition, one must understand that hair, accustomed to freedom, needs time to “get used” to a new strict format.

How to:

  • Hair should be washed and dried with a towel.
  • Then they need to be treated with foam or mousse, intended for fixation.
  • To ensure that the products are evenly distributed throughout the volume of hair, it should be combed comb with large teeth.
  • Traditionally, a round hairbrush is used to impart a radical volume.
  • Now begins to dry hair at the roots, creating a volume. As far as the volume turns out, depends on the diameter of the comb.
  • Then switch the heating of the hair dryer to the “warm air” mode and dry the main length. The comb allows you to twist the tips of the hair inward to form a rounded shape, characteristic of the classic quads.
  • Fix the hair with a spray.

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