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Purple hair (velvet hair dye): new ideas and trends 2018

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Purple hair: the new amazing trend 2018

Create a vivid and unusual image will help purple hair. A photo of a variety of hairstyles with such a color palette can be found on our website. At first an unusual color was tried by some stars. And now many girls are being solved after the experiment.

Purple strands are the trend of the new season. To paint successfully, you need to choose the right shade and carry out the painting procedure, observing the rules of technology.

Violet hair dye for dark and blond hair: what is better?

You can choose the right purple shade for each type of appearance. Much depends on the natural color of the hair, on the structure of the strands and their length.
Purple hair color is suitable for women who have a cold shade of hair and skin.

Deep, rich colors of purple will suit women with black and brown hair.

When staining light or curled ringlets, you can try to give them a lavender shade. For warm shades, the coloring of individual strands, for example, coloring, is suitable.

If the skin color is golden, then you need to remember that the lilac ebb will make the complexion more yellow.

Advice! If the hair has a warm tint, then you do not need to completely paint the entire hair. In this case, you can only color the purple with your tips or use coloring.

Features of purple hair color

There are various purple shades of hair, in the photo you can see that the color palette varies from dusty pink to blue-black. Especially popular is the ash-lavender shade. It looks impressive both on long strands, and on short haircuts.

At the peak of the popularity of haircut quilts, which can be decorated with the staining of individual strands.

The purple palette with black tint looks great on long strands. These curls do not look extravagant. On the contrary, with their help you can create a romantic image. Beautiful curls can be made with a curling iron or with curlers.

Blond hair can be decorated with pink or purple tips, and brunettes are more suitable for blue-black or dark-purple strands.

Advice! Short strands of a dark lilac shade look great with jeans, with a black turtleneck and boots on a thick heel.

Purple hair: Varieties of unusual coloring

Full coloring is effective for light strands, and for black it is necessary to previously clarify. For a full color update, a special paint or tonic is selected. In this case, the shades are saturated.

Purple ombre on hair

This update is from the tips to the middle. Strands are painted in different tones, which pass into each other.

Partial hair coloring using purple

For example, only the ends are painted. This option is good for dark hair. In this case, you do not need to carry out full lightening, but only tips. Purple strands look great with a bang.

Highlighting – use of different colors

This technique is suitable for dark hair.

Use of purple with other colors

It fits perfectly with the red color palette. It can be combined with green and yellow shades.

Advice! Coloring the tips allows you to emphasize the hairstyle and highlight the individual parts of the face. In this case, you can extend the contour or make it shorter.

How to choose the right shade of purple for hair?

A saturated purple palette is preferred by very young girls or anime fans. But in most cases, when choosing such an original coloring, it is worth taking into account the initial data.

The significance is the color of the skin and the natural color of the hair. So, let’s go on the most common options:

  • Girls with blond hair and the same skin is better not to choose catchy shades that will make the face even pale. Will come in handy gray-pink and purple tones.
  • Women with chestnut locks can experiment with multi-colored strands. A good combination is blue, red and purple.
  • For light-brown hair, lilac curls will suit, and for darker hair black-purple tones will suit.

Advice! The paint should be of high quality. Well, if it contains useful substances.

Purple hair: Tips for stylists

Cascading long strands are the ideal surface for using a purple hue. Let’s find out about the intricacies of using purple staining:

  • Orange, gray and white palette of clothes perfectly combined with purple strands. The blue dress gives the image a special luxury.
  • It is important to think about suitable makeup. Use a light lipstick and bluish shadows of cold tones.
  • Purple hair coloring is suitable for short haircuts, and for long waves, braids and a variety of waterfalls.

Advice! To paint for a long time is not washed off the hair, you need to apply gentle shampoos. Bright color can be kept longer with the lamination procedure.

Variety of shades

The color of the eggplant emphasizes the beauty of the brown and green eyes in combination with the skin of cold shades. It is used for very dark hair: chestnut and black. It allows you to add fluffiness to your head.

Dark purple hair attracts attention. The hue of purple ink looks good on long and discolored strands. This coloration requires constant care, as it quickly fades. In addition to the image, pink lipstick and lavender lashes are used.

Lilac and purple-lilac shades are recommended for light brown-haired women and blondes. You can use the option of staining – multicolor. To such locks will suit purple shades and lipstick of cold tonality.

Light purple hair is a good solution for a gray hairstyle. Especially suitable is a light lilac tone.

To create an extraordinary image, the color of fuchsia is used, which, if properly applied, will shade the skin.

Brown-purple hair color looks good on dark strands. This does not require strong clarification.

Advice! Stylists recommend considering the natural color of hair. On the dark hair, the shades of purple will look rich, and on light strands they can look too bright and even uneven.

What kind of natural hair is it worth combining purple with?

  • Ash-purple hair color and other tones of such a palette can be successfully applied for any length of hair. Effectively look similar colors on long curls. The perfect solution is the use of several shades of purple in the hairstyle.
  • For dark and long hair, it is worth trying the ombre, which looks great due to the transition from the dark radical zone to the lighter tips. With this coloring, the growing roots are perfectly masked, and a good volume is given to the hair.
  • Not bad coloring looks on wavy strands. And the depth of low tide curls will emphasize highlighting. Multi-level painting in several tones emphasizes the texture of the hairstyle. Different types of coloring look good in cascading hairstyles.

Advice! After the dyeing procedure, you need to use a special fixer for the paint, since the dye composition of this shade is quickly washed off.

Purple hair and makeup

To the original image, you need to choose the right make-up. Do not interfere with warm tones, which on a purple background will add freshness to the face. So, let’s try the following options:

  • For eyelids you can choose beige, blue and golden colors.
  • Blush fit peach and soft beige tones.
  • Lipstick should be pink, terracotta or even lilac with a reddish tint.
    For eyelashes it is better to use colored mascara, but you can choose any form of eyeliner.
  • In addition to make-up, you need to think about decorations, clothes and accessories. Lilac and purple hair can be combined with gray, beige, green and gold palettes. It is worth remembering that in combination with green the purple color looks bright and bright.

Advice! Selecting makeup in the color palette of hair, consider that the lilac tones for lipstick strongly emphasize the color of the teeth. Therefore, they must be white.

Dying hair at home: few tips to achieve better result

  1. It is important to buy a sparing dye, after use of which the hair will remain healthy and shiny.
  2. First, the coloring composition is divided into one strand and is aged for the required amount of time. So you can check how the shade will look on your hair.
  3. If the coloring suits, then the coloring can be continued. You need to move from the bottom up. On bright locks the paint looks brighter.
  4. The head needs to be washed with cool water, since hot can reduce the intensity of light. Then the head needs to be washed again, to completely remove the remnants of the paint. It is worth using shampoo.
  5. To achieve the desired shade, the coloring composition should be diluted in a balm to optimum saturation. Stylists do not recommend making a cardinal painting of the house. With their own hands it is difficult to evenly stain the locks all over the head. It is difficult to achieve the desired intensity and optimum brightness.

Advice! If the resulting color does not suit, then wash the paint will help a special shampoo or burdock oil, which must be mixed with the yolk.

Taking care of purple hair

The hair dryer is best used with cool air, since hot destroys the structure of the hair. The best option for drying is natural.

After staining for a while, do not go to the pool, because chlorine also adversely affects the strands. Dyed strands become weakened.

Regular trimming of tips helps with cross-section of strands. In the salon can offer a haircut with hot scissors, which reduces the destructive effect.

To care for hair, you should use special tools. After washing, balm is applied. It is better if the hair cosmetics will be from the same series.

After staining with curls, additional food is required. A couple of times a week is recommended to make masks with a moisturizing effect.

There are a lot of tools for restoring the structure of the curls. Excellent home health formulations.

Quality care will help to maintain the beauty of the ringlets for a long time.

Advice! If you want to just shade only individual strands, then, as an option, you can make a highlight, and then color your hair in purple.

A competent approach to staining and choosing a beautiful shade will create the desired hair color. Using an unusual color palette, you can get a feminine and stylish image.

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