Mark Zuckerberg became a father

Zuckerberg with baby

It's really an amazing news for all Facebook users. Billionaire and creator of the world's biggest social network Mark Zuckerberg became a father for the first time. Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan, whom he knows from the school time, became parents for a little baby girl. The Happy couple called her Max. We must confess, that many of Zuckerberg's Facebook page followers have found this name a bit inappropriate for a girl. However young couple made their choice.

"Priscilla and I are so happy for our daughter Max!" - wrote Mark on his page right under the picture, where he and his wife are holding their newborn baby. Besides, that happy father wrote a letter to his little girl, which she supposed to read in some years.

Also, this week Mark and Priscilla announced, that they are going to sell 99% of their share in Facebook and spend all money on charity. At this moment, Zuckerberg's stock value is 45 billion dollars. The couple will not sell their share very fast, this process will take many years. Mark is ready to sell 1 billion dollar share every year. According to that, it will take young family not less than 44 years, to sell all. Despite this seems to be a long time, they are very happy because billion every year for charity is going to change and save many lives.


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