Is Amber Heard pregnant?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

The charming couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are waiting for baby - this is what popular medias say. According to them, Amber Heard, who used to be a real "good timer", now stopped joining parties, and doesn't touch alcohol drinks. Also, she now prefers free-draped clothes and often touches her belly. As we discovered, her star husband also changed his habits - Johnny stopped smoking in the presence of Amber. His friends claim, that before he used to smoke few packs cigarettes a day.

However, official couple's representatives don't comment this rumor. They say, that Johnny and Heard just decided to get rid of terrible habits and focus on healthy life. But people, close to Depp and Heard seem to think otherwise. They say, that Amber is going through a rough time. Approximately she is in her first trimester of pregnancy. It means, that alcohol, nicotine, and party life are not suitable for a woman, who is waiting for baby.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

On one of the social events, we could see Depp wife's slightly rounded belly. She wore long silk dress, that was tight on her waist. All the evening Johnny was next to his lady and embraced her gently.

Big love

Despite the huge age difference (Amber Heard is 29 years old, and Depp - is 52), this baby will be first for the young actress. Her husband already has two children from his first marriage with Vanessa Paradi - sixteen years old Lili Rose, who already became an Instagram star, and thirteen years old Jack. Paradi and Depp were never officially married and lived in France until now.

We recall that Johnny Depp met young Amber while filming "The Rum Diary" movie, where he played the journalist, who is visiting South America, and Heard's role was - a rich man's spoiled girlfriend. Their relationship developed fast and spontaneous. Depp has left Paradi and kids very soon and moved to the USA, and already February 3 the year 2015 he married Amber Heard. This is the aged actor's first official spousal.

American biggest publishers are convinced, that Heard is going to take a break in her career to be able to take care of the baby. Also, some people say, that Amber's pregnancy was planned. She wanted to get pregnant before the New Year, and if the couple will confirm this happy fact, wishes them goog luck!


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