Moon manicure

Moon manicure

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The moon manicure begins to be fashionable in the thirties and forties of the last century. This interesting variation of the French manicure suggested resurrecting Christian Dior at the fashion show in 2007.

1934 is the year of the foundation of the water-insoluble varnish of the Revlon brand. Then the women did not apply a varnish on the whole surface of the nail, as it was considered a bad tone, as a result of this nail coloring, moon and french manicure appeared.

The design has since changed significantly in the color scheme, but from these changes has become more original and much more piquant. Today we offer our readers to get acquainted with one of the largest collections of photos of beautiful manicures and creative nail design.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

What is the moon manicure?

Moon manicure is, in a way, French manicure (on the contrary). Peculiar reflection involves the selection of not the edge of the nail, but its foundation.

It is believed that the origin of the name is due to the similarity of the selected zone with the crescent moon, and according to another version – the allocated part of the nail is called the moon one, therefore the name has taken root. But they use it only in Russia. Abroad, such a manicure is known as a Hollywood French manicure.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Moon manicure is a trend of 2018-2019. Its originality allowed to take design place among the most fashionable trends of the season. Variation of the complex moon manicure is its combination with a french. Both arcs are drawn in the same direction. This season has introduced into fashion short length of nails, the free edge does not exceed five millimeters. The form is preferable to choose oval, almond-shaped or square, that is approximate to natural.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Advantages of gel-varnish before conventional coating

The benefits of gel-lacquer are great, that’s why he fell in love with most of the girls. The first thing to note is his stamina, which allows you to forget about refreshing the manicure of the week for two. The second is strength, which gives the coating no cracking and does not break off during mechanical damage. Third – absolute harmlessness, shellac compacts and strengthens the nail plate.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

It is thanks to these qualities that many craftsmen use gel-lacquer in performing moon manicure. However, not to every technique of painting nails it will do. At home, it is still easier to use ordinary varnish, and there is no need to buy a UV lamp separately.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Performance of the moon manicure with gel-lacquer (shellac)

Manicure in the technique of “reverse French manicure” gel-varnish implies the use of a certain list of tools:

  • Base and top coating;
  • UV-lamp for drying nails;
  • Two gel-varnishes in different colors;
  • Chopsticks for manicure from orange tree;
  • Remover – liquid for removal of an adhesive layer from a nail plate;
  • Stencils of round or semicircular shape;
  • A brush for a beveled gel;
  • Nail file for nail modeling;
  • Degreaser (can be replaced with a remover).

Step-by-step instruction how to make the moon manicure shellac

First, give the desired shape to the nails with a nail file and remove the cuticle. If necessary, the cuticle is removed by special means, such as a gel or professional scissors. Remuever remove the fat layer from the nail. After this step, the nails can not be touched, since it is possible to disrupt the further adhesion of the gel-varnish to the surface of the nail plate. The unevenness of the nail is polished with a bass.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure


When the nails are prepared, you can go directly to the application. First, apply a thin base layer. It is a thick transparent nail polish. It is dried in the same way as the gel-varnish in the UV lamp is exactly as long as it should according to the instructions. For example, CND, which produces gel-varnishes and bases for manicure, recommends drying its base for 30 seconds. It is most convenient to use Shellac when painting, as before careful preparation of the nail is not required, which saves considerable time.

First step

After drying the base with a thin layer, apply the main color, which will be the color of the lunula, on the entire nail plate, dried. To obtain a more saturated and dense shade, the gel is applied once more.


Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Second phase

It is necessary to wait for complete drying of the gel, then you can attach the stencil. This is done in the lower part of the nail cuticle.

The third step

Then the free edge of the nail plate is covered with the desired shade. If the lunula turns darker than the main color, then this situation is corrected by a beveled brush that is soaked in a remover. Colored gel dries, as a rule, longer than the base. Drying takes 1-1.5 minutes. If the master has enough experience, then it will not be difficult for him to draw the lunula “by hand”.

Fourth step

When all layers of the gel have dried, you can safely remove the stencil. Further, the result is fixed with a topcoat, which gives the shine and firmness of the manicure. It also dries quickly, like the base for about 30-40 seconds.

If the design requires it, then before applying the top coat, the nail can be decorated with rhinestones, stickers, painting, stamping and other decorative elements.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Moon manicure with foil

Manicure appeared with the help of foil rather recently, but has already become popular. This kind of differs by the average complexity of implementation with all the necessary tools:

  • Basic covering;
  • cotton buds;
  • Foil for nail art (can be replaced with fine food);
  • The lacquer of the desired color;
  • Fixer;
  • Wooden sticks for manicure.

How to make a moon manicure with foil

Step 1

First you need to treat the cuticle – remove it or just push it away. With nails for better adhesion to the material, a greasy shine is removed, but this step is not considered mandatory. The foil is cut to the size of a lunula or divided into rectangular strips of a small size.

Step 2

On the nail plate put a thin layer of the base, dried, but not to the end. To the base of the nail, press and flatten the foil so that it lies flat. When the foil is glued to the substrate, excess parts are cut off. The foil is placed so that cracks and bumps do not form, otherwise the result will be far from desired.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Step 3

The surface of the nail, which is not occupied with foil, is painted with varnish, it is possible to touch foil, but without fail leave a clear joint line. The quality of the material for such a manicure is very important, since if it is at a height, then, as a rule, problems do not arise. The applied layer of varnish is dried and a fixer is applied. To admire the beauty received will be 3-4 days.

Unpainted lacquer lunula looks great in combination with the bright surface of the nail. This painting is carried out in only three stages: preparation, application of a transparent base and color base. The stencil should be mounted directly on the base, the moon color is not covered. The free end of the nail is highlighted with accenting color.

Manicure, made at home under all the rules, looks no worse than salon. To perform a moon manicure with foil, it is necessary in advance to acquire a special foil, since the food will not look good with all types of varnish. Also, it is necessary to choose the color solution of the manicure in advance, at the peak of popularity there is now a gold or silver foil with black, dark red or purple varnish.

Moon design for short nails

Beautiful and stylish look polulunny manicure. It is very original and provides compatibility of various textures and shades of varnish. Another advantage is the visual extension of the fingers and narrowing of the nail plate, that is, giving grace to the hands. Semi-moon manicure is curved narrow strips, an inverted crescent at the base of the nail. In size they completely repeat the natural wells. When choosing the avant-garde option, the crescents make it sharply curved and wide. With a simple version, the line of the well is straight. It looks beautiful and special skill for this design is not required.

Careful preparation of nails is a mandatory step. Need processing, moving or removing the cuticle. Then follows the shaping and polishing of the nails. After applying the base layer, it’s fashionable to start decorating. In advance it is necessary to prepare stencils (they can be cut out from a usual plaster) taking into account the sizes of a nail. Beautiful and elegant looks manicure in pastel colors, so it’s fashionable to choose such combinations. The combination of light and dark is suitable for special occasions, and shining metallic with bright shades is an excellent solution for especially solemn events: cherry with gold or purple with silver, it is refined and noble.

The nails are covered with two layers of a varnish-substrate, carefully dried. Then, the stencils are glued to the wells and a second lacquer is applied to the free portion of the nail. It is good, when its texture is denser and through it the previous layers do not shine through. After applying another layer, you can dry the varnish, remove the stencils. Gloss is induced by top coating. Such a manicure, if all the rules are observed, will last for several days. At the slightest signs of erasure at the ends it is necessary to remove it, since negligence is unacceptable.

We will need:

  • Base coating for varnish;
  • Dense enamel varnish of the primary color (we have a pastel pink);
  • Thick, rich varnish for decoration (we have classic white) or acrylic paint of the right shade;
  • Fine brush or hair brush;
  • A piece of foil or any palette with which it is convenient to type a varnish;
  • Wooden stick;
  • Dots;
  • Transparent top (preferably – with quick drying function).

So, let’s start our moon manicure with flowers.

Pay attention, to visually not heavier hands, but to give them a special charm, we have a floral pattern only on a pair of marigolds. Traditionally it is the middle and ring fingers.

The pattern can be applied as usual nail polish, and acrylic paint. The second is brighter, denser, better dries.

Step 1

We prepare nails for manicure. We give them the desired configuration, remove the cuticle, degrease the surface. It is desirable that the degreasing liquid has the same effect as the disinfectant.

On dry nails, we apply a thin layer of basic transparent lacquer. Smear it better from the droplet, placed in the middle of the nail.

Thoroughly dry the base. Usually it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Step 2

We paint all the claws with a varnish of the main color in one layer and carefully dry it. Do not try to put a thicker coating, all the same you need the saturation of the shade, the first application of varnish usually does not. Much better will look two thin, carefully dried layer.

Step 3

When the first layer of the varnish completely hardens, the second one is applied to all the nails except those that are to be decorated with flowers. Also carefully dry it, so that at the most crucial moment something is not smeared.

But we’ll paint flowers with dots right on the second layer. That’s why we still leave free nails, designed for decoration.

Step 4

Drip a bit of varnish for the decor or acrylic paint on the foil / palette.

Quickly stain the nail with a second layer of the main background lacquer. We take dotz and with the help of 4-5 large points, located close to each other, we represent a schematic flower.

At once we take a wooden stick and to the middle of the petals from the center we draw thin straight lines to give the pattern an additional volume.

Complement the composition with a thin light “tail” of points. This makes floral ornament more dynamic.

Step 5

Now on all the claws with the help of a thin brush draw a neat semicircle at the base of the nail. First, we draw an arc, and then fill it with a color. It is very important that the “holes” are the same.

Step 6

After drying the finished pattern, cover it with a thin layer of transparent top.
A gentle moon manicure with flowers is ready! We remind you that you can use any, even contrasting hues.

Moon manicure Moon manicure Moon manicure

Where to wear

moon manicure is perfect for celebrations and for daily work. To change it is necessary only combinations of colors. Perform professionally such a design on their own will be very difficult because of the length of time. Therefore it is much easier to use the services of masters in the beauty salon. Of course, you can buy special stencils and contrast lacquers. If there is self-confidence, then why not try it? Creating a flat line at the base of the plate will simplify the stencil, and successfully selected colors – this is almost ready work.

For the office, the tones are calm, chocolate and peach, lilac and white. If an informal event is planned, then bright colors should be chosen at their own discretion. Especially spectacular looks black with silver or gold. moon manicure for the summer is the brightness and juiciness of shades. Even it is permissible to paint with different colors the arcs on each nail, leaving pastel colors for the main plate. There are a lot of options, but the choice determines individual wishes.

Since the moon manicure jewelry is used at a minimum, it is easier to perform at home. Building for such a manicure is optional, but on too short nails, it will not look good. The original design fits all styles, so the lady who chooses it does not have to choose clothes and make-up for her manicure. For those who are not used to dealing with shades and colors for a long time, it’s easy to get varnishes of several tones and stencils to perform original manicures.

Moon manicure Moon manicure

This season brought a variety of variations of the moon manicure. The choice determines the case in which the bath design and customer preferences are created. For an evening out, for example, mono pick up a manicure with sparkles. For the wedding celebration, a luxurious moon design with rhinestones fits perfectly. The nail can be decorated with monochrome or multicolored sparkles, and the base is covered with bright varnish.

Both on short and long nails, the moon manicure looks equally impressive: a variety of combinations of tones emphasize the individuality of the owner of the design. The combination of silvery and blue tones, transparent and red, and also black and gold are very harmonious. Of course, only one rule should be observed: the lines are applied very carefully and all of them are necessarily even.

Moon manicure at home for decisive beginners

If you still have the confidence and the skills are enough, then you can perform such a manicure at home. You will need sticky stickers, brushes, base coat, fixer and color-contrasting varnishes. In the beginning – a bath for hands and giving to marigolds an oval form and the desired length. Next, degrease each nail. The liquid is used without acetone. Then comes the turn of applying the base coat. After completely drying it is painted in the chosen color for the hole color nail entirely. Then the hole is sealed with a sticker and the rest is painted in a contrast tone. After complete drying, you can remove the sticker, and fix the results with a layer of finishing coat.

If the stickers were not there, you can do without them, but the accuracy will be very large: the slightest mistake – and the nail will have to be altered. Therefore, it is better to choose the thinnest brush for work. Patience and accuracy – the main qualities, without which it is impossible to perform the moon manicure. It is also important to know that for a crescent you need to choose a varnish of light colors, but this is not an obligatory rule, but a recommendation of professionals.

Moon manicure Moon manicure

The number of stages of work depends on the condition of the nails. First correction of the cuticle is necessary. It is followed by the coloration of the nail. First you need to level its surface. For this, a colorless varnish is used. It is applied a color, immutable rule – the dullness of this varnish, so that the manicure looked good. When the varnish is completely dry. You can put on the base of the nail stencil in the form of an arc, crescent or corner (for a naughty version) and paint over the contrasting lacquer free part.

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