Manicure 'Liquid stones'

Omar Hayam compared women with exotic birds. They chirp, may be constantly prove their uniqueness, to adorn themselves with a variety of shiny and fluffy baubles, no end to change outfits. And of course, not least in creating striking a unique image for each of us plays a manicure.

Manicure liquid stones on the nails.
Not just buffing and application of nail Polish, and a work of art, luxury, unique design wants to see each woman in the decoration of nails. Year by year the skill of nail design improved and updated. Watch how to perform a manicure with liquid gems and execute intricate patterns with the liquid.

Liquid stones in the form of flowers.
Of course, in a beauty salon to make it much easier, after all, for to the manicure not shown your incompetence, you need to get not only a certain set of tools, albeit very minimal, but also endurance, perseverance, patience.
Need that says, "Fill the hand", as in any other case. But having mastered their own equipment for the treatment of nails with patterns of stones and foil, you will get the opportunity to create unique works of art that are unlikely to be able to repeat in a regular salon.

Probably, you already heard about this new product, as the design of the casting, may be you lucky to saw this wonder in the Internet, or your friend boasted.

Manicures in the form of flowers.
This stunning design is performed mainly on the nails, which was increased by using special conversion foil and a special gel.

Manicures in the oriental style.
First the nails are covered with a gel wholly or in the part, which then will be applied to the pattern, and placed under ultraviolet light for eight minutes. Then, on the surface need to be glue the foil.

Red patterns.
The polymerization process is repeated several times. What gel to use during the procedure depends on the residence time of the surface in the ultraviolet lamp. At the end of the foil jerk is removed from the nail, leaving a unique, very beautiful patterns.

Turquoise manicure.

How did the effect created?
If you - a connoisseur and a connoisseur of jewels, don't miss the unique opportunity to admire the play of light faces sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds on the surface of their nails. This opportunity provides not jewelry master, and not at exorbitant prices.

Painted nails.
You don't have to glue on the nails and bulky heavy rhinestones, which would be look grotesque at yours graceful fingers.

Blue liquid stones.
Today, thanks to the artistic master of manicure, the aesthete and author of many unique designs, Catherine Miroshnichenko, became commercially available liquid stone - a revolutionary new decor of nails.

Iridescent nails.
Briefly – liquid stones are a polymer that features a convex shape and the light creates a naturalistic imitation play of light, which you can see on the faces of the precious stone.

Picture spider-web.
Polymerization occurs after 15 seconds after application of the composition to the nail, the finishing touch of this manicure will be the processing of finished stone by the special sculpture gel to give it the effect of a magnifying glass.

Sharp nails.
Unlike rhinestones, liquid stones do not hang on nails excessive weight, not look heavy. Fingers are free in their movements, while remaining exquisitely dainty and very elegant.
This design will definitely attract the attention of others and will tell them, that its owner – the lady with impeccable taste.

Manicure in the shape of drop water.
Technological design with liquid stones.
If you want to learn exclusive techniques independently and acquire unique skills, it is quite possible to do at home.

Golden nails.
Blue flowers and ornaments.
Here is a brief course on nail-art of nails with stones, which includes elements casting. For creating will be needed these materials and tools:
Angular, natural brush and brush-"hair".
Tear-off golden foil.
Colorful gels for nails.
Stained gel of the color that you like.
Sculpted gel: it should be a thick consistency.
UV nail lamp.
Protective gel.

Figure of the flowers.
Purple manicure.
The application of the gel.

Draw a french with the white gel and fix it in the UV lamp (about 2 minutes), then apply at nails a protective gel without the variance. Repeat two-minute polymerization.

Imitation sapphires.
Drawing ornaments.

By the Brush "hair" with the help of the black gel, draw a pattern, which meets future casting. Lines should be large enough, to the foil might be attached.
Put the nails in to the UV lamp and polymerize them two minutes. Further, the matte side to nail, attach the foil and sharply separates it from the surface of the nail (along the line left by the art gel, remains golden trail). Repeat the procedure for all ornaments, without exception.
Thus, casting mastery has obtained.

The technique of drawing liquid stones.
Drawing a liquid stones.
Go directly to the liquid stones. With the color gels denote the area of "fixing" the stone (to create the illusion of play of light at its edges it is better to use two colors). Polarize 2 minutes and cover the nails stained gel. Using 2-3 colors in this composition gives an unusually lively, iridescent result. To fasten the polymer, place the nails, again, for a couple of minutes in the UV lamp.

Figure liquid stones.
Add volume.

By the sculpted gel, need to cover the rock on the final stage to give it volume and convexity. Work with a thin brush, do not forget after the polymerization to process the nails by the protective gel without dispersion and to fix the effect in the UV lamp. The result will please you!
Manicure liquid stone: video
This video shows training master class from a professional nail design.

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