To get my husband back

How to get husband back

Indifferent glance with the tear stained eyes… “My husband left, but I must continue on life!” Well, this situation is for those who prefer to give up rather than overcome the difficulties. However, fighting for the love is much better decision. But how should you do that?

You would ask, “How exactly should I act?” First, calm down, pull yourself together, make tea and now, let’s make a detailed plan of actions.

Main mistakes women make when they try to return their husband

Primarily, stop calling your husband and breathing heavily into the phone. Don’t send hearts via SMS, Viber or WhatsApp, and don’t write “Kolya, come back! I am suffering without you!” next to the entrance to his house. This will only worsen the situation.

Secondly, it’s enough to feel sorry for yourself sitting depressed at home. Business independent women are much more attractive for men. Therefore, if you are not a business lady, then it's time to become one! Start writing resume immediately and go to a job interview in a new skirt.

Third mistake refers to your friends. Probably, your husband is familiar with many of your friends; there is a possibility that he still keeps in touch with some of them despite your break. Therefore, never tell your friends about your husband’s disadvantages. There is no need for them to know that. Moreover, the information can be passes forward to your husband which is absolutely undesirable as it would not help to recover your relationships.

If you decided to return your husband, you should understand that it’s quite difficult task since you’ll have to sacrifice something and change yourself. But in case the family is really important for you, you will consider your part in the relationships and you will act accordingly.

Start with yourself

The important chain in the family relationships is, naturally, love; but it’s even more important to constantly demonstrate this love to your husband by respecting his words and acts. Men highly need to feel themselves an important person and a head of the family. Did you give this feeling to your husband? Think about it as it could be the real reason of his leaving; when a man starts realizing that he’s “useless” in the family, he often leaves.

Then, common interests are another food for thought. Thus, rummage in the memories of the very beginning of your relationships. What did you talk about? Where did you spend time together? Perhaps, you should go to the theater again, or discuss some interesting books, or ride a bike together. The family doesn’t exist without some connections. If such mutual interests are missing, it will be much harder to return your husband.

This terrible word: cheating

According to statistics, cheating is one of the most common reasons of divorce. In case of cheating it’s very hard to save the family even if you are married for a long period of time and have many children.

It’s much more painful if the cheating was durable. Usually women start scandals accompanied by breaking dishes but it doesn’t make the situation easier.

There is an important rule: if your husband leaves in order to be with another woman, don’t behave hysterically. By doing that you will alienate him even more.

Psychologists claim that women should consider carefully whether to return the husband after such a betrayal. If you cannot imagine your life without him and if you are really ready to forgive him, then it is worth trying. Eventually, once you chose him and he chose you; act if you know that this man is meant for you.

How should you act?

So far your husband thinks that the mistress is ideal for him, unlike you. However, soon he will find quite a few disadvantages that he hasn’t expected to see in her. Now it’s your turn to appear, so dear and glamorous. Prepare yourself in order to have seductive look by visiting the beauty salon.

Psychological aspect is crucial in such situation. You have to understand yourself. Have you answered all the questions? Have you considered everything carefully?

Make sure that the decision to return the husband is not the result of inner panic, but conscious informed choice. This choice can’t be based on the only assumption that you are left alone and lost your livelihoods.

Ask yourself the questions. Are you ready to live the rest of life with this man? Is this a real love? Can you change anything in yourself? Are you ready to make compromises? Start acting, if the answers are positive and you really believe that this is your true love. You have to understand, even if all your attempts won’t bring an immediate effect, they won’t stay unnoticed and at some point these attempts will provide a successful continuation.

Get rid of contradictions

Let the past become the past by release all your previous conflicts. Try to understand the main reasons of your fights and avoid such situations in the future. Negative moments should be forgotten in your new relationships.

Don’t torture yourself every day by thinking about what happened as it would not resolve the situation. It’s better to stay calm and think positively. Life continues. You have loved ones, parents, children, work, and a favorite hobby. Engage in self-realization apart from the situation with your husband; for example learn a foreign language, or begin planting violets.

How to get my husband back? Few tips for you!

Let’s turn the words into actions! Below is a detailed plan to return your husband.

1. Step One: disappear. Ideally go somewhere for a week or two. Your goal is that your husband wouldn’t see you at all. Bit by bit, he will wonder what are you busy with, where you spend the time and why you hardly answer his phone calls. As a result, question will begin emerging in your husband’s head.

2. Step Two: a chance encounter. A house of your mutual friends is the ideal place for a chance encounter. You can “accidentally” meet at a birthday party or simple friend gatherings. Put an elegant dress, make a new hairstyle and use red lipstick: it will attract views of all men present. Don’t pay attention to your husband as if you don’t notice him at all. Your flirtatious glances and smiles to some of the male friends certainly will touch your husband. He will surely call you the next day as his feeling of ownership will be hurt.

3. Step Three: establish companionship. It’s early to arrange private meetings, for sure, but you can benefit from the mobile communication and maintain relationships remotely. Ask about health from time to time, or how his cat is doing, or how his favorite football team played last week. At the same time, remember that you are an attractive and active woman, and what’s the most important – you are free. So go on a date and spend more time with friends! Begin each day with jogging and end your week by the visit to a museum with your friends.

4. Step Four: active measures. After following the above steps for five-six months it’s time to come it strong.

One of these measures is family dinner. Bake your ex-husband’s favorite cake and invite him to dinner. Put his favorite musical group as a background, light the candles and spread old photos in the apartment. This way you’ll arrange casual soiree. Then, one day ask him to pick you up from work, referring to the fact that you are exhausted, and it is too late, or your heel have been broken and you can’t get home without his help. Next week, faucet in the kitchen can be suddenly broken, and after that you will need to nail down a new shelf. Always remember to stay attractive and sexy as it is what your husband wants to see.

My friend returned her husband back to the family by following these steps. At the beginning they met once a month, then they found reasons to meet every week, then every day... Finally, they again live together.

So start acting immediately! You will gain family happiness only if you believe in yourself. Good luck!


I'm jenny from Uk, my husband was cheating on me for 6 years. I don't know what to do. I spoke to psychologist, was seeking all kind of help, but nothing worked. I'm really tired now and just want to have a happy family. Can anyone to help me? P.S. - my husband now wants a divorce, said that I'm annoying...
My husband left me for some stupid bimbo. I'm srying every day and night, I really feel awful. Do you have any suggestions how to get him back?
Guys, do you really believe, that it's possible to get your husband back? If your man left you, it means only one thing - he doesn't love you anymore! And nothing is gonna help! trust me!

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