Perfect face makeup: right colors and shapes

Perfect makeup

Each and every woman in the world cares about her appearance and constantly strives for perfection. Knowing how to properly take care of your face is a required skill to all ladies.

Let’s put makeup on!

First, you should understand that there is no need to waste a lot of time on various cosmetic treatments, as natural beauty, as a rule, is of a greater value. Your task is to find this beauty in yourself and highlight the peculiarities of your face; this would make you even more unique and individual. Then, learn how to disguise facial imperfections in order to have an excellent look. Foundation is a great solution for such purposes; just remember to apply the thinnest layer possible.

Covering up facial imperfections

How to use tonal creme

Dark circles under the eyes can be concealed well by using foundation. Interestingly, at the beginning, this cosmetic product was created with the purpose to provide a fresh look. Ideally, the foundation should be of slightly yellowish color; in addition, it should be a tone darker than your skin. Any woman should have several foundations of different shades but as close as possible to each other.

Sensitive eye area can be covered with foundation. Put the basic tone under the lower eyelid, and then use a foundation with slightly more dense texture to disguise dark circles; it should be applied very close to the lashes.

Let’s make up the lashes!


Angelina's make up

By putting mascara only on the upper lashes, you automatically remove the emphasis on the area under the eyes. You can further use soft stick eyeliner at the boundary of their growth. To get the maximum natural bending effect, it is better to curl the eyelashes immediately after taking the bath. The lashes gain greater flexibility and softness and become amenable to further transformations when they are exposed to warm steam. Thus, the risk of breaking or damaging the eyelashes will be reduced to a minimum if you start curling them right after bathing.

Graceful eyebrows

Currently, the natural contour of the eyebrows is preferable by fashion standards. But, unfortunately, most women don’t have the ideal shape of eyebrows and, consequently, they have to adjust the eyebrows somehow. The easiest way to do that is to apply the eye shadows; this technique is always used by professional make-up artists. Its only disadvantage is the limited duration of the effect provided by eye shadows.

So, at the beginning, you can use a wax-based cosmetic pencil on your eyebrows and then continue by covering them with the chosen tone of eye shadows, which has to coincide with the color of the eyebrows. Base wax “holds” the eyeshadows, which provides their much longer duration effect. This method is also widely practiced by makeup artists.

Nuances of your make-up

Once the face is covered with foundation, the makeup artists rub their palms or hold a bowl of hot water in their hands for a while. After the palms are warm enough makeup artists gently press on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose wings covered with the foundation. The heat of the hands makes the texture of the foundation softer and, as a consequence, it becomes even; by using this technique, the skin on the face looks more natural and beautiful.

It is also possible to create natural look if you use different methods of make-up. Thus, starting make-up with covering the face by the foundation is the commonly known stereotype that you don’t have to necessarily follow. Deviation from this rule can provide the effect of naturalness, as well; so, you can do make-up differently, starting with the lips, for example.

Skin powder for face

Make-up which follows the exact rules often looks vulgar and banal. Drawing perfect lines by eyeliner or pencil may intensify this effect. Though, the result can turn out much better if you just change something in the usual sequence of make-up. Don’t stick to the same order of actions; try to use foundation only after drawing the basic contours of the eyes, eyebrows and lips. In this case, the foundation will make your face pretty natural by softening rough and strict lines. You will definitely benefit from this technique in case you don’t like extremely saturated and contrasting make-up.

Shiny skin

Make-up for perfect eyes

Professionals also recommend combining different types of mascara. If you want your lashes to look luxuriant and create entailing glance, you can first start with the mascara which produces the volume effect, and then use the one that is made with a special cream to make eyelashes thicker. Waiting till each coat of mascara completely dries is a required condition. In the end, you can make up your lashes by the mascara with lengthening effect. Such mascaras, as a rule, contain a special formula that allows the shape of eyelashes to retain for a whole day or even more.

Successful make-up should comply with the important rule: there mustn’t be any skin visible between the lashes and the lines created by eyeliner on the eyelids. It’s quite a difficult task to make a perfect contour even if you use a perfectly sharpened pencil. In this context, it is better to choose powdery shadows as the basis for the eyelids. There is an innovational cosmetic product which texture is quite dense, and, thus, resistant to abrasion – eye shadow pencil. It’s better to have it in your makeup kit especially if you use eyeliner every day or very often. Learn to draw the lines as close as possible to the lash line; it will make your eyes more expressive, and the lashes will seem more voluminous and thick.

What about lips?

Current make-up trends dictate to use lipstick only on special occasions. Lip gloss is a more suitable option for everyday make-up. In case you don’t have any lip gloss, you can use the balm combined with rouge or shadows. Yes, you can definitely use this technique as any cosmetic product is made almost on the same basis. So, no harm will be brought to the skin of your lips. Moreover, balm or chapstick will serve a protective layer. When you put these cosmetic products on your lips, you should rub them as gently as possible with the fingertips.

Perfect lips

Then, take a pink or coral color of blush or eye shadows and make the first layer as evenly as possible. The balm together with blush or shadows can hold on the lips much longer than the most advanced lipstick, which is the obvious advantage.

Another advice for creating a successful make-up is to do it in a sitting position, and not standing. It is explained by the fact that the make-up lines are smoother when your elbows lean comfortably on a special dressing table. You should provide convenient support for the hands. If you follow this recommendation your make-up will always be accurate.

How to deal with read face areas

After spending the night at the club, your face may look tired on the next day. You can rectify the situation by using a little trick. Thus, apply more blue color in your make-up as it will disguise the red areas on the face, and your red eyes won’t be too noticeable. The eyeliner or shadows can be of this color. In addition, select the clothes in the same tone. Dark blue shadows can be perfectly combined with gray color. You need to avoid the shades and combinations that are close to red. Thus, pink eye shadows or purple eyeliner will emphasize the redness of the eyes, which is extremely undesirable.

The above tips are widely used by many good looking ladies. These tips are given by professional make-up artists, so they are quite reasonable. Your beauty will definitely attract everybody’s attention f you follow these recommendations.

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