Megan Fox makeup: photo tutorial

Nowadays every young girl wants to look irresistible. It’s very easy to make a makeup of your dream, which could emphasize the dignity of your face. You can make it by borrowing ideas from the celebrities.

For sure, most of you like the most famous actress of Hollywood – Megan Fox. Some girls compare themselves with this beautiful woman, but someone just trying to copy her image, in order to be like this brunette with gray eyes.

Beautiful brunette

In this article we will consider the method of applying make-up, like Hollywood stars and the beautiful Megan Fox has. The makeup like Megan Fox has would suit to women with blue, gray or green eyes. It will suit to those women who want to use their expressive eyes for attracting men’s attention.  

The properties of Megan Fox good looks

Before you will begin to do makeup like she has, let’s look at the basic characteristics of her makeup.

First of all, every makeup should be suited to the proportions and the color of the face. What properties of the face have Megan Fox?

She has lengthened form of the face, plump lips with clear outlines and upbeat curved eyebrows. At the same time, the shape of her eyes is elongated, and on the face stand out high rounded cheekbones. The skin of Megan is light, but sometimes she uses auto sunburn.

Auto sunburn

Such characteristics and proportions of the Megan Fox face allow her to use bright colors in the makeup of lips, to give off eyebrow and to emphasize the form of the eyes. For Megan Fox is suitable the natural and bright makeup, which catches the eye because it looks like a makeup for tonight's image.

Such makeup in the style of Hollywood beautiful women Megan we can advise for girls with winter and summer color’s types of the skin. It is also suitable for a girl-Autumn. Girl-Spring can try a makeup, if there is used some subdued and warm shades, instead of extremely bright one.

Step by Step makeup like Megan Fox

Beautiful retro style

Therefore, if you want to make such makeup like Megan Fox has, you should have following things in your cosmetic bag:

  • Shadows of three colors (matt bodily, smoky black or dark gray and nacreous pearl). Girls of spring-autumn skin types can choose shadows with dark brown tones and overflowing ocher;
  • Black pencil for the creation make-up or eyeliner for eyes;
  • Special ink for eyelashes that extend and divide cilium;
  • Brushes for drawing shadow.

Megan Fox eyes makeup: tips and tricks

Body color eye shadow

The first step is to put on a foundation on the eyelids: for this you should use shadows, which are similar to the color of your skin. The main rule here is to shade it very carefully.

Then you should put the eyeliner on the eyelid, but draw this line as thinly as you can. This line can be thicker in the outer part of the eye.  

Black eye pencil

The eyeliner for upper eyelid

Further you have to hold the line with flat brush with shadows on it and draw it to the outer part of the eyelid. If you want to have brighter makeup, then you should make this line longer.

Now, take again your pencil-eyeliner and draw a line on the lower lid, but draw it only to the middle.

Eyelid shadow color black

Try to smudge the eyeliner on the upper lid.

After that take a wide brush and shade cool smoky shadows. It is very important to shade them on both eyelids: on the upper and on the lower.  It would add integrity to our make-up.

Eyeliner on the lower lid with a pencil

Bottom eyelid

The next step of our make-up is easy application nacreous shadows on the inner area of the eyelid. It must be done, because we would add some shine for all look. It’s important to add a little shadow, because its big quantity would give a lot of shine and we have to avoid this effect. At this stage you can correct the eyeliner on the lower eyelid, by using a coal-black liner-pencil; here you should begin with the internal line of the lashes growth.

Shadows on eyes corner

Smudging shadows in the corner of the eyes.

The concluding step is to apply ink on lashes.

Smudging eyeliner on the upper eyelid.

The false eyelashes or volume ink in makeup like Megan Fox has

The next step - is a preparation for the ink application.

False lashes effect with mascara

Also, you can use not real but false eyelashes. Especially it will help those who have not enough long lashes. In general, we want to remind you that Megan Fox loves make-up with a slight a reminder of retro style. You will agree that the bright eyeliner and density of eyelashes - it echoes to the 50s and 60s, so it is very important to do it right.

Look at the photo very attentively – her lashes look thick and long, they almost close the area of eyeliner that gives volume to a view, it seems like her lashes “flitting”. It’s a very important moment: if your lashes are short then all effect from the make-up could disappear.

If you don’t want to use the false eyelashes, then you can use an alternative: draw your eyelashes with two inks for eyelashes. First one will apply volume ink, do it in multiple layers, and then – lengthening one, make it with one or two layers.

As we choose the makeup which is focused on the eyes, it would be best to use a light gloss or lipstick of the bodily color. And don’t forget here about right lip liner, if you decide to use lipstick and don’t want to use gloss. Draw with the pencil a line on the border of you lips and then use lipstick.

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