Ball blusher - how to use it right?

Ball blusher

We continue to adding in our makeup bag. This time let's talk about product as ball blusher. They were released relatively recently, but have already managed to gain popularity and positive feedback among the women.
Ball blusher.
Such blush differs from the simple pressed monochrome blush by the presence of colored gel and creamy balls. The effect of natural blush on the cheeks is achieved by presence of combination of colors. After applying to the face, the more evident is the shade of blush that matches the natural color of the skin that makes makeup more natural.
Feature of ball blush.
We know that in cosmetic stores are large selections of the usual blush that are sold in the form of a palette, consisting of different colors. Alternatively, you can mix them to get "your" tone, but is very awkward and will take some time. In addition, a small amount of blush remains on the brush, which means wasteful expenditure of cosmetics and the unnatural appearance of a bright spot on the face instead of simple and neat blush.
Blush in a jar with powder puff.
The feature of blush-balls is that excess pigment does not accumulate on the brush, so the blush is spent more wisely. This means that the supply of the blush will stay for a longer time.
Ball blush from Givenchy.
Tips for choosing.
So, we are buying the blush! Recommendations for their selection will be discussed below.
Previously we talked about the fact that is the balls in the jar of blush are colored usually of 2 or 3 shades (light and dark). If you look closely, the balls of one color is usually more than the other color. This is means that there is the main color, which should be closer to your natural blush. It is also important to pay attention to the overall palette of blush.
Ball blush from Guerlain.
Girls with white (also called «porcelain») skin color are not recommended to buy blush balls which main color is brick red and dark brown.
Shades of blush.
The most common shades of blush ball.
The owners of dark skin is not suitable the blush of cream and pale pink shades. To the girls with skin with dark, light and olive tinged skin recommended the warm blush tones. For very dark skin - rich brick red color.
Ball blush from Avon.
How to apply the blush-balls?
Blush that suits us is already selected. Now we need to apply it on the face. How to do it?
First, you need to find the right brush. Remember, that such a blush is solid than simple blush, which means that the brush should be moderately hard to collect the right pigment. You can choose the squirrel brush or the brush made of goat hair. Both these brushes are natural and put a layer of blush evenly.
Brushes for blushes.
Apply with brush the blush on the appropriate areas of the face, i.e. on the cheekbones and cheeks. Also don't forget to powder your face before applying cosmetics.
Don't forget that with the help of blush is possible to correct not only the line of cheekbones, but the facial proportions. For example - visually reduce the length or thickness of the nose. If the nose is too wide, we recommend you to apply a bronze blush over the entire length of the nose, it will create an artificial shadow. If your nose seems too long, apply a little brownish blush under the tip, as shown on the last picture.
The remaining illustrations show make-up techniques for different types of face.
1. With the wide face, apply contouring blush on the sides of the cheeks.
2. When face is thin - make horizontal lines with a brush under the cheekbones and lightly shaded it. Also, you can apply some bronzer under your chin.
3. If your face is round, apply a little blush in a semicircle on the cheekbones just under the eyes, and shade it vertically. The blush should not reach the line of the mouth.
4. If you have a square jaw, will help to soften the facial proportions by applying blush horizontally, right on the cheekbone under the lower eyelid. Also, darken the bottom corners of the face, apply it gentle, visually giving the oval form to the cheeks.
With the blush-balls, you can create the desired shade, just more intense move the tassel on the ball with color and shade, which is necessary to you. There is another secret makeup, with which, some girls made the loose blush from the balls: they prefer to crush the balls of a particular color, and then apply them instead of loose powder. It’s not necessary to do it. Because the balls-blush created for the perfect combination of colors and such use of this type of blush will negate the advantages which described above.

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