kegel excersises for women and men

Kegel Exercises for women and men

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Kegel Exercises: how to perform before and after childbirth, pregnant women, incontinence, hemorrhoids and other indications

kegel excersises for women and men

Everyone knows that exercise is very useful. They not only help to maintain health, but also help to cure diseases. Now various kinds of medical gymnastics are considered only auxiliary means of improvement even when it is a question of easy not dangerous diseases.

Probably, this is due to the fact that they require time, and the result is not immediately noticeable. But the ancient systems of medicine, for example, Ayurveda, took the exercises one of the main roles. Including gymnastics for intimate muscles has been known since the times of antiquity. Mentions about it are found in the tantric teachings of the East.

By the twentieth century, intimate gymnastics was still widespread among oriental women and men, but Europeans and Americans met it only in 1952 thanks to the scholar Arnold Kegel, who compiled and promulgated an exercise system designed to address some gynecological problems. And they can be performed at home.

What is the Kegel exercise system?

The Kegel system is a set of exercises aimed at developing the muscles of the perineum and pelvic floor. As a rule, in the process of life, women do not need to use these muscles, so they, while remaining in a relaxed state, weaken.
pelvic floor muscles.

One of the main functions of intimate muscles is the retention of the pelvic organs. If the muscles lose their elasticity, then eventually the organs begin to fall. Because of this, blood circulation is broken in the small pelvis, stagnation of the fluid forms, various diseases of the genitourinary sphere and hormonal disorders occur.

In addition, the sensitivity of the vaginal walls is lost, and the sexual life ceases to bring pleasure. Performing exercises on the Kegel system helps to avoid the listed problems.

To the need to create a system of exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel came in the process of his professional activity. In particular, he was interested in ways to treat urinary incontinence in women. He took the methods of his predecessor, physician Joshua Davis, who advised women to strengthen the pelvic floor with the help of systematic tension of intimate muscles to avoid rupture of the perineum during childbirth, and in 1952 presented the medical community with a set of exercises.

Indications for Kegel gymnastics for men and women

Preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. As the exercises are carried out, the muscle tissue becomes more and more elastic, which makes it easy to stretch. This will help to avoid the divergence of the internal muscles during the period of childbearing and ruptures during childbirth.

Postpartum period. Kegel exercises are performed in order to restore the former muscle tone.
Omission of the pelvic organs. Since one of the reasons for this problem lies in the weakening of the muscles of the pelvic floor and internal muscles, their strengthening helps to restore the normal position of the organs. Exercise can also be done for prevention. Unfortunately, if there is a strong omission or, especially, there is already a prolapse of organs, gymnastics will not help.

  • Incontinence of urine and feces. Completely cured by the exercises, except when it is caused by irreversible trauma. Initially, the Kegel complex was created to solve this problem.
  • Hemorrhoids. Gymnastics Kegel helps only in its early stages and has very well proven itself as a preventive measure. Hemorrhoids occur against the background of circulatory disorders in the small pelvis, and systematic muscle tension helps restore blood flow and lymph flow.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Here, exercises, rather, play a preventive role. Their action extends to slow chronic diseases. For example, if a woman periodically exacerbates cystitis or inflammation of the appendages, gymnastics will help to avoid exacerbations of the disease.
  • Menstrual pain. Women notice that under the condition of systematic performance of intimate gymnastics, critical days are much easier to transfer. Not only pain disappears, but premenstrual syndrome also disappears.
  • Anorgasmia. Exercises increase the sensitivity of the walls of the vagina and reduce its volume.

In spite of the fact that Kegel’s system of exercises was originally created for the treatment and prevention of female diseases, over time it was adapted for men. Currently, these exercises are very popular among the male half of the population.

They help restore sexual activity, strengthen the erection and cope with prostatitis in the early stages.

What you need to start on Kegel exercises

In order for intimate gymnastics to be of benefit, it is important to train all groups of muscles of the small pelvis. Not only those that are located at the entrance to the vagina, but also internal, supporting the female organs. In principle, if a woman feels deep muscles well, no additional adaptations are required for their training.

But it comes with experience, and at first it will be much easier to do with the simulator. It is called the perineometer. This is a digital pneumatic simulator designed to control the muscle contraction force and create an additional load that helps them develop.

kegel excersises for women and men

In addition to the perineometer, there are other devices for the development of the pelvic floor muscles, for example, vaginal balls or jade eggs.

The modern device is an advanced analogue of the simulator developed by Kegel, and consists of an elastic sensor, the so-called vaginal expander, and directly the apparatus controlling the force of compression of intimate muscles. The expander and the machine are connected by a rubber tube.

It is necessary to use the perineometer as follows:

  • Place the expander in the vagina.
  • Pump air into it. For this, in modern devices it is enough just to press the button.
  • Squeeze the muscles of the vagina, watching that the press remained relaxed.
  • Look at the screen for the strength of compression.

Some simulators have different built-in functions. For example, you can turn on the training mode. Within twenty minutes the trainer himself will prompt, when it is necessary to strain the muscles, and when to relax. At the end of the session, he will show the dynamics of the muscles.

Instructions for doing Kegel exercises at home

Intimate gymnastics is suitable for everyone, regardless of the level of preparation. At the same time, it is possible to distinguish two levels. The first is for those who are just starting to do the exercises. The second – for those who already have experience.

Basics for Beginners

The starting position is lying on the back.

Strain of the loburnococcal muscles. It is necessary to slowly contract the muscles around the vagina, and stay in this position for 6-8 seconds. Relax. Repeat 30 times.

A similar exercise, but the muscles must be kept in tension for at least 30 seconds. Relax. Repeat 10 times.

Compress and relax the muscles as quickly as possible. Over time, the speed can go up to two times per second. Do as long as there are forces, trying to make at least 30-50 contractions.

Using a Kegel simulator or special vaginal balls, try to squeeze them inside. The purpose of the exercise is to use not only the muscles that are at the entrance to the vagina, but also the muscles of its upper sections.

The alternating muscle tension in the anus and vagina. In practice, this is not so easy to do, but the exercise is useful. In a short time helps to learn how to control muscles.

Kegel exercises for women and men

It is very important that all movements of the intimate muscles (except for the ejection exercise) are performed in the upward direction

  • Ejecting movements.

It can be performed only at the expense of intimate muscles. The anus remains relaxed. Hold in this position for 3-5 seconds. Run no more than 10 times.

  • Retraction.

One of the most popular exercises, which is also called “lift”. Completes the complex for beginners and is the most difficult. The goal of the exercise is to feel all the parts of the intimate muscles. Conditionally these muscles can be divided into three “floors”. The first is a muscular ring at the entrance to the vagina.

The second is deeper muscles, located at the pubic level (this is not about the press, but about the internal muscles), that is, the internal muscles of the vagina. And, finally, the third level is the deepest areas that are at the level of the uterus. All listed “floors” need to be compressed in turn.

Start from the first and move upwards, spreading the tension to deeper levels of muscles. Then gradually go down. Repeat at least 20 times. As the experience is gained, the upper parts of the muscles can be strained apart, leaving the muscles at the entrance to the vagina relaxed.

Exercise should be done daily. It is advisable to do 2-5 sets per day.


Advanced level

It does not imply the appearance of any fundamentally new exercises. The task is complicated by the fact that the basic training is performed in different poses. When the body takes this or that position, pressure is created on certain muscles. Suppose, if you throw your right foot on the left and start compressing the intimate muscles, then the main work is done by the left wall of the vagina.

And, accordingly, on the contrary, if the left leg is put on the right, then the right wall will work.

The following items are recommended for the exercises:

  • standing;
  • on the knees and elbows;
  • in the lotus position:
  • lying on his side (first on one, then on the second).

Over time, you can begin to perform exercises while walking, including on the stairs.

For the development of intimate muscles it is useful to perform Kegel exercises in various positions.

kegel excersises for women and men

Change of positions will help to learn how to feel the vagina not only entirely, but also every stenochku: left, right, front and back. As a result, you can reach a level where the walls of the vagina can easily be strained in turn, while being absolutely in any position.

Kegel exercises for Men

Men are recommended to perform the same set of exercises, with a few exceptions. Thus, the alternating tension of the vaginal sections and its walls is irrelevant for them. A common mistake of men: doing exercises at the expense of the anus. It is not right. And to identify the “right” muscle should be interrupted at the time of urination. The muscle involved in this process must be subsequently compressed during exercise.

Currently, there are various systems of intimate gymnastics: vumbilding, imbilding, Vagiton system. All of them are based solely on Kegel exercises and are very similar to each other. Advertising of some system as an exceptional one is nothing more than a marketing move.

There are recommendations that help to perform Kegel exercises correctly, depending on what the woman has the disease, and whether she gave birth or not.

Kegel exercises for girls who didn’t give birth yet

Some women think that intimate gymnastics is intended only for those who already have problems with intimate muscles, or they can arise due to age or forthcoming births. This is a misconception. Nerazhavshie girls who have no health problems, too, can perform Kegel exercises.

This will help them prepare for conception and childbirth, as well as minimize the risk of developing diseases of the genitourinary system. They can perform the whole complex of Kegel exercises, including the most complex ones.

Kegel exercises During pregnancy

Gymnastics Kegel is very useful for pregnant women, but before doing it just in case you need to consult a doctor.

During pregnancy, it is important to choose the right pose for doing exercises. In the first trimester, while the fruit is small, and the abdomen remains flat, you can perform exercises while standing, sitting or lying down. In the following trimesters, the posture of lying can create unnecessary pressure on the organs, so gymnastics is performed only in an upright position.

How to make vagina small again after childbirth?

It is important that intimate gymnastics is not traumatic and does not cause discomfort. Therefore, do not start the exercises immediately after childbirth. Muscles should be restored. In addition, you need to wait until the bleeding stops. The optimal time to start the classes is after 2-3 weeks after the birth of the baby. Begin gymnastics should be with minimal load.

After cesarean section

Postoperative period (this applies not only to cesarean section, but also any other operations on the abdominal cavity) is a contraindication to any physical exertion. In addition, the tension of intimate muscles after surgery can lead to divergence of the sutures.

Kegel exercises for women and men

Therefore, to start the gymnastics Kegel can only with the permission of the doctor. As a rule, the rehabilitation period lasts about two months. Then you can start to do the simplest exercises for intimate muscles, and over time, the emphasis will need to be made at the deepest of their departments, because during the operation, the smooth muscle of the uterus was affected in the first place.

With the omission of the uterus

Gymnastics helps in the initial stages. The delicacy of its implementation should be discussed with your doctor. He will assess the individual characteristics of the structure of female organs and determine whether there is a threat of their pinch. Gymnastics Kegel in case of omission of the uterus should begin with anus tension, and only after a few sessions go to the muscles of the vagina. Exercises are carried out only in the lying position. Use other positions will be possible only when the doctor fixes positive changes.

When omitting the female organs of the Kegel exercise, it is recommended to supplement the retracted diaphragms

Urinary incontinence

Initially, Kegel exercises were designed specifically to combat this problem, and it is incontinence that is most easily amenable to intimate gymnastics. Therefore, if it occurs, immediately begin intensive training. The first results will appear very quickly.

With hemorrhoids

The disease can proceed in different ways, and not all cases of Kegel exercises will be effective. In some cases, on the contrary, they can cause harm, for example, when the hemorrhoids fall out. Therefore, intimate gymnastics is performed in the remission phase of the disease. At first, it is worth concentrating on intimate muscles, eliminating the tension of the anus.

After removal of the uterus

Such a serious operation, as removing the uterus, is fraught with various consequences, characteristic not only for the postoperative period. In particular, regular bloody discharge, persistent violation of urination and defecation, pain may appear. In order to minimize the consequences of the operation, gynecologists recommend performing Kegel exercises. But they should be started no earlier than 2 months after the operation. You need to start with light exercises, trying not to experience a lot of stress.

During menstruation

Critical days are not a contraindication to the performance of Kegel exercises, but if the monthly painful, then the muscle tension will only intensify unpleasant sensations, and at the same time, bleeding. So during this period it is better to refrain from both intimate gymnastics, and in general from physical exertion.

For muscle tonus and narrowing of the vagina

Women who regularly perform exercises for intimate muscles, note that the vagina is narrowing after a couple of months of classes. Exercises in this case must be carried out intensively and in various poses. Do not forget about training the deep sections of the vagina, otherwise its diameter will decrease only at the entrance level, while inside there will still be excess space.

To achieve an orgasm

As the intimate muscles strengthen, their sensitivity increases, and the improvement in blood circulation, which is due to training, leads to “resuscitation” of nerve endings. Therefore, Kegel exercises can quite solve the problem with orgasms. In addition, the vagina becomes narrower, which increases the contact between partners.

If the long-awaited orgasm does not come anyway, you can try to do the exercises right during sex, choosing those that are most pleasurable at this moment. Sometimes it is enough just to squeeze the vagina and fix it in this state for the duration of the sexual intercourse.

The reasons for the lack of orgasm are not always related to physiology. Psychological problems and wrong attitude towards sex, too, quite often interfere with full sensations during intimacy. In this case, Kegel exercises will not help to solve the problem. Here, most likely, you need the help of a psychologist.


A number of serious diseases of the genitourinary system requires compliance with a special regime that excludes any burden on the organs. Kegel exercises also fall under the ban.

  • Infectious and viral diseases of genital organs and pelvic organs in the period of exacerbation.
  • Malignant and benign tumors.
  • The last stage of prolapse of pelvic organs.
  • Vascular disorders in the pelvic organs.
  • Uterine bleeding.

In any case, in order to avoid deterioration in the presence of any diseases associated with the genito-urinary area, before performing the exercises you need to consult a doctor. The same should be done during pregnancy. It is not a contraindication to Kegel’s gymnastics. Conversely, regular exercise can subsequently significantly facilitate childbirth. But at the same time, if the pregnancy is not quite smooth, and there is a threat of miscarriage, gymnastics can do harm.

In the network, you can find positive feedback about the system of exercises Kegel, left not only by women, but also by men.

Performing exercises on the Kegel system helps to cope with various types of gynecological and urological diseases. Gymnastics for intimate muscles improves blood circulation, removes fluid stagnation and helps cells to be renewed, which causes rejuvenation, not only for the organs involved in the exercises, but for the whole organism, because the sexual glands stimulate, which leads to normalization of the hormonal background.

And this, in turn, is one of the main conditions for preserving youth. But at the same time, it is impossible to demand the impossible from the Kegel system. If a person has serious tumor, infectious or viral diseases, then, alas, gymnastics will be powerless. Do not consider Kegel exercises as a panacea for all diseases and neglect traditional methods of treatment. And then, and the other in the absence of contraindications to the exercises can be effectively combined.

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