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How to wear velvet dress: trendy tips 2018 (100 photos)

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Do you want to be in a trend? Be sure to purchase for your collection at least one elegant, flowing and magical or more simple everyday velvet dress (photo). After all, this material today is at the peak of popularity.

Types of velvet

The magic of this luxurious material for many centuries captivates the hearts of women and excites the imagination of men. That is why the manufacturers never lost sight of and continued to perfect this regal fabric, trying to bring to the ideal, changing its composition, texture and length of the pile.

If you seriously decided to prepare for the current season, perhaps, it is not necessary to limit yourself to just one thing from velvet. After all, this fabric can be so multifaceted:

  • sisel: differs from the usual twig;
  • crumpled velvet: the wet fabric is curled in a special way and processed by a special composition, after drying, small “wrinkled” creases form;
  • Devore: it is made only on a silk-based basis, to obtain pile patterns in the places where the pattern is located, remove it; as a result, the texture is not uniform, sometimes transparent or translucent;
  • chased: very shiny, the pattern on it is imprinted with the help of heated metal blanks;
  • semi-velvet: natural silk in it is replaced by cotton;
  • chiffon (velor): very thin, flowing, beautifully decorsible material;
  • eraser-velvet (velvet): the main difference is the longitudinal hem;
  • chiffon-velvet: it has an inclined pile;
  • Bagheera: very dense material, slightly coarse;
  • Lyons velvet: heavy, used mainly for hats or collars;
  • Utrecht: pleated fabric;
  • “Engagement ring”: the finest fabric that can be passed even through a female ring;
  • velvet-mother-of-pearl: both the base and the pile are made of silk, of different colors, as a result, a flickering effect is created.

Advice! If for some reason you are still afraid to choose a velvet outfit, consider the option with a trim made from such a fabric. Shimmering fabric will add expressiveness to your image.

Trendy and fashionable models of velvet dress (fashion 2018)

Designers presented to our court a lot of products from this flowing material. These are cozy summer jacket-bombers, exquisite costumes, elegant skirts and trousers, raincoats, capes, overalls and even shoes and bags.

Velvet dress

But velvet dresses took a special place on the podium. And they are not intended just for publication. Stylists divided them into several groups:

  • everyday;
  • office;
  • evening.

In “velvet” fashion, perhaps, almost all types of cut, including items with a short skirt or things more resembling bedding shirts or combinations, have passed. Since the trend of the season is a combination of textures and fabrics, did not escape her and velvet. Designers with might and main combine it with a boucle, shimmering matte wool, silk and chiffon, lace, braid, embroidery, appliques, etc.

In the trend there are also usual dress-cases, small black velvet dresses and evening dresses on the floor. Asymmetry is still in favor, so feel free to choose for evening or afternoon walks and dresses with a neckline on one shoulder, any shape with a geometric neckline or beveled bottom.

Advice! Try not to disperse the attention of the “spectators”: always emphasize the unusual asymmetry of only one part of the body. Otherwise, the chaos and abundance of details will completely kill the charm of your outfit.

Evening velvet dresses

Of course, first of all, we will select evening dresses. After all, this tissue opens completely only with artificial lighting. And none of the photos are fully capable of demonstrating the beauty of this shimmering fabric:

  • since this material is self-sufficient in itself, ideally it looks exactly in the case of a simple cut; but do not forget about fashionable details;
  • asymmetry, applications, original decoration and fashionable color shades;
  • it can be whole-cut, detachable at the waist, tight or loose, open with one or two straps, a neckline on the back, a collar-stand, sleeves to the wrist or 3/4, with fluffy or straight sleeves;
  • for graduation or wedding you can order an outfit with a corset top and a bell-shaped skirt;
  • whatever models you choose, keep in mind that velvet opens in all its glory in drapery, its surplus is undesirable, of course, but in a real velvet dress at least small creases or “flared” A-silhouette details should be;
  • a long velvet dress in combination with shoes on his heel visually slips and makes a woman taller; especially seductive attire, having a cut at the sides, denuding the leg and the upper part of the thigh;
  • for the release of light you can easily afford and a short model of velvet, to the novelties of velvet dresses (photo) is the combination of velvet with a lush short skirt; this dress, celebrated yet by Marilyn Monroe, thanks to a shimmering noble fabric only takes on a new breath.

Advice! Embroidery and velvet are very relevant today. And it can be located not only on the hem, top or sleeves, but also the entire perimeter of the dress.

Color palette for velvet dress

The most important criterion of the trend is not only the length of the dress and its style, but also the color. Since this season, velvet has played with new trend colors.

The usual classic black, blue and wine were complemented by shimmering pastel shades, sky-blue, pink and precious stones: emerald green, scarlet and violet:

  • blue color is multifaceted, this season it is represented by Riverside, the color of the sea depths, intense blue with a slight haze blur;
  • velvet Aurora Red is a combination of scarlet and bard shades, warm and sensual, slightly muffled, but incredibly sexy;
  • Warm Taupe: noble and very extraordinary deep brownish-gray;
  • Dusty Cedar: Another unusual shade of gray, created by nature itself, it is called the color of the shark skin; intensely gray in it has a faint, almost invisible shade of violet;
  • Airy Blue: airy and cold blue; light and fresh, slightly dusted;
  • Dusty Cedar: pink-brown, it is called the color of dry cedar;
  • Lush Meado: refers to the green shades, but, in addition to the main green color, contains muffled emerald tones;
  • Spicy Mustard: very pleasant to the eye yellowish-mustard, called “spicy mustard”, the color is very fresh and spicy.

Advice! Actual in the “velvet” fashion is the combination of two contrasting colors or a bright bottom and a subdued, calm top. The effect is simply overwhelming.

Black velvet dress

Black velvet dress – fashion-universe. A case or a restrained dress on top of a white blouse – for the office. A fitted dress with open shoulders with a decor – for a special occasion. It is suitable for any woman, regardless of color.

Blue velvet dress

A blue velvet dress is the choice of many celebrities. Especially it goes to brunettes and brown-haired women. We recommend to choose black and silver accessories for it.


Red and burgundy velvet dress


Velvet dress in red or burgundy color of a dress – an option for blondes. Golden accessories will be his decoration.

Green velvet dress

Another popular color is green (a key shade is emerald). Such a dress will emphasize the beauty of red-haired girls, but brunettes and brown-haired women should also pay attention to it.

Casual velvet dresses

Clothes made of velvet are very practical. They are extraordinarily comfortable, comfortable and easy to erase. Apparently, this is why the designers decided to finally transfer products from this fabric to the category of everyday.

For a casual wardrobe, you can purchase models of straight cut, trimmed flounces or knitwear, dresses made of cloth or dresses with picket snow-white or embroidered collars and frill or even velvet dresses with lace.

Very popular dresses are made of velvet on thin straps. Stylists advise wearing them on top of blouses with voluminous or translucent sleeves, thin sweaters, jumpers or T-shirts.

Velvet dress for office style

For young girls, stylists prepared short models with the most diverse cut of skirts and sleeves. You can also use velvet in informal outfits and casual style. Not without velvet and trendy underwear style. For everyday wear it is recommended deliberately simple products, more like warm combinations or shirts.

Advice! The velvet solemnity can be silenced by combining it with matte smoothly dyed fabric.

Velvet dress for office

“Velvet” revolution has made its way even to respectable institutions. Despite the fact that the models for the office look reserved, no boredom or monotony is out of the question.

Naturally, office models should be closed. But after all, no one is asking you to become a nun?

Black, dark gray shark, smoky blue or mustard colors can be diversified with neat ruffles, ruffles and small prints. The image is complemented by a practical and neat handbag, a truncated jacket and elegant shoes.

Advice! A big mistake will be the selection of shoes of similar texture. It is better to combine velvet with matte leather shoes. They can have the same, but more muted hue or be contrast. For evening out, you can choose shoes made of golden or silver leather.

Velvet dress of large size

Completeness is not a reason to lose heart. After all, feminine forms, no matter how many years the stylists have tried to assure us of the opposite, most men are only welcome. Stylists offer the following velvet dresses for full:

  • Classic dress-cases with a lock on the back;
  • since this season we are offered to boldly combine fabrics, use the following method: choose a dress with a bottom of velvet and a smoother top; at the volume bottom, do the opposite, highlighting with this shimmering cloth the chest and shoulders;
  • if you still want to hide the fullness of your hands, choose a dress with closed shoulders and elongated sleeves;
  • To divert the view from the abdominal area is possible with the help of a dress with a deep neckline; to visually stretch the neck and face, use models with a Y-shaped neckline;
  • folds along the entire length of the figure on a velvet dress with a smell visually build, so you can search for yourself on the sale of this particular model.

Advice! To a velvet dress, things from contrasting colors – jackets, bolero or stoles – should be selected very carefully. It is better to limit the shades to the tone and things of a smooth texture.

Accessories for velvet dress

If more recently fashion legislators have claimed that velvet is a self-sufficient cloth, and it is not necessary to overload it with decoration and accessories, today they got carried away and began to decorate outfits from this fabric. And it turns out they have quite good.

Allow yourself a little liberties and move away from the usual “velvet” canons. In the quality, for example, of the evening, choose a velvet dress in the floor, embroidered with gold threads or decorated with stones, rhinestones or complement its magnificence with an original necklace and the same bracelets.

Decorate the velvet canvas with feathers, fur or embroidery in the center, top or hem. Stress the waist line with a contrasting belt. Acquire original contrasting or in the tone of the shoes and handbag. And go for it. Remember that in the trend today only self-confident and free from all unnecessary complexes and canons of women.

Advice! In combination with a velvet dress, cheap jewelry will look ridiculous. Pick up to it not too massive quality products or classic jewelry.

How to care of velvet dress?

In this fabric synthetic fibers are added today, so it does not crumple at all. However, delicate velvet still requires special care:

  • a big mistake will be washing in the car, even in a delicate mode, the velvet dress is only washed by hand in warm water at 30 ° C;
  • do not over press the fabric;
  • Dry such products preferably in a straightened form on a flat surface, wet the pile is better than before hand spread in the desired direction;
  • The usual iron can crush villi, it is better to smooth out a small hand steamer;
  • if it does not exist, you can not get prints from the seams on the reverse side, when using ironing, you can use a terry towel or steam the object out with an iron at a low temperature, a canopy;
  • so that the pile looks neat as long as possible, the products of velvet should be stored in a straightened form; if you took the dress with you on vacation, upon arrival immediately remove it from the suitcase and send it to the hanger;
  • To remove small fibers adhering to the fabric or wool, special brushes or rollers are used.

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