Haircuts and hairstyles for round face

Round face and haircuts

We, women, constantly look for the flaws in ourselves. Guess, what do the round-faced girls complain about? Yes, it is the form of their face that causes such thoughts as “I look like a moon” or “My face resembles a pancake”.

Well, the statistics should calm these girls down; more than half of men in the world prefer moon-faced ladies. In fact, such face type is advantageous as gives you youth and charming prettiness.

But if you are still dissatisfied with your face, you should definitely learn how to love it. The ability to like yourself is the main key of the attractiveness. After you master this primary skill, all the surrounding people will surely admire you.

Just look at the success of Drew Barrymore. She is the perfect example of how moon-faced women can impress thousands of people; her each new hairstyle is always the source of admiration. Without a doubt, she knows how to benefit from the face type she has.

The characteristics of round face type

First, if you are not sure about your head shape, use the following tip. Take a ruler and measure the line between your forehead and chin, and compare the result with the distance between the cheekbones. If the numbers are identical, your face is definitely round.

Then, high cheekbones and full cheeks are the common features of round-faced people. As the width and height of such type are equal, the main function of the coiffure should be visual narrowing of the head. Ideally, the coiffure should resemble an inverted cone; thus, the volume is minimal in the cheeks area, whereas the maximum is at the back of the head. This maximum can be achieved by vertical backcombing. In addition, you can make the face more oval by hiding the cheeks with the help of straight locks on the sides.

So, the most important task of the moon-faced ladies is to find an appropriate headdress. Remember the rule of the “vertical lines”: use more of them if you want to achieve the effect of head lengthening. For this purpose, you can use the locks straightener. Another rule is to cover the ears with the chevelure. Short bangs until the middle of the forehead can be suitable. But, in case you don’t like short bangs, make a diagonal parting.

The narrowing effect can be also attained by short stylings that get thinner downwards and get wider upwards from the ears line. Locks on the back of the head should be quite voluminous. Don’t cut the plies too short; it may make you head seem even more round. The headdress of an average length are the most common choice. If you choose to make bob, it’s better to leave the forehead area open.

What can be good for round face type

Let’s list the solutions for the round face:

  • hairstyle asymmetrical with the ends of hair of different lengths (from the shoulders and below);
  • straight strands of hair that cover the cheekbones thus making the head look oval;
  • voluminous curls; the medium or long chevelure length is preferable;
  • medium straight haircuts;
  • straight bangs until the middle of the forehead, which goes well with straight hair to the shoulders line and lower concealing the ears and cheekbones;
  • bob opening the forehead with a side parting;
  • moderately short locks in the form of an inverted cone;
  • asymmetrical plies of different lengths;
  • stylings with the volume at the back of the head;
  • diagonal bangs.

The headdresses you should avoid:

  • large curls;
  • voluminous stylings in the round shape;
  • bulky bobs were the ply ends are styled towards the face;
  • excessively short coiffures;
  • straight forelock of medium and extended length;
  • all headdresses that have the same shape as your head;
  • flat top style that leave the ears open;
  • any hairdoes that uncover your round head such as slicked plies or a topknot.

The main DON’Ts for the round-faced women

By no means don’t do permanent waving and don’t use hair curlers as they create the effect of the head enlargement. In case you have fuzzy locks, it is better to strengthen them by the hair iron, special shampoos, style-up gels and sprays. Then, you shouldn’t upsweep your chevelure! Forget about the convenient topknots; they will only add excessive plumpness to your face. However, if a round face is the object of your pride, you don’t have to follow this advice.

Extra effects of hairstyle

An appropriate headdress provides the necessary adjustments for this type. But even more than that, it can visibly alter your whole image. Thus, in case your height exceeds 170 cm, try to avoid short variations as they make you look higher and thinner. High hairdo is advantageous for the women with a short neck since the face and the neck seem narrower. And if your neck is long, it is possible to curl the plies.

It is important to understand that there is no point in being dissatisfied with your round face. Contrarily, such face type gives you a lot of space for the creativity and the experiments with your chevelure.

Such famous and successful actresses as Milla Jovovich, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Drew Barrymore have round face, but still thousands of people admire their charming femininity. Look at their photos and try to understand what makes them unforgettable. It’s possible to borrow the ideas of their hairdoes; surely, there will be some suitable options for you.

Round face and thin hair

Well, if you have thin chevelure, you should be happy; in this case it is easy to combine the headdress with round head shape. And the excessive hair amount is quite a serious problem as it makes the face seem even chubbier. However, you should pay attention to the styling on top as usually thin hair doesn’t have enough volume. This makes your chevelure look flat. Thanks to the volume mousse and spray of strong fixation, this situation can be easily fixed. If you want a lasting volume at the hair roots, just use the mousse right after washing your head and dry it.

Bangs for round face

The ladies with round cheeks can benefit from the coiffures with bangs. The bangs can be both short and long. And even more than that, you can easily make them asymmetrical; it would certainly suit your charming face.

By no means don’t make long straight bangs that cover your eyebrows. In this case the face would be half-hidden; such disadvantages as plump cheeks or a thin chin would be revealed whereas the advantages wouldn’t be visible at all.

Suitable hairstyles for round face

Well, the best decision for the moon-faced women is to find the headdress that would make their unique traits visible at the same time adjusting the face shape. In this connection, the asymmetrical voluminous layered haircuts are the most appropriate. They provide the effect of emphasizing the cheekbones line while the round shape of the face becomes almost unnoticeable.

Asymmetric haircuts for long chevelure

As it was already mentioned, in case of a round face asymmetric variations should be given preference. The important condition of a successful look is the locks of varied length below the chin line. Another solution is angled cuts which also makes the face look more elongated.


Keira has the round type of the face, accompanied by a small nose, large almond-shaped eyes and beautiful teeth. Her frequent choice of headdress is short plies, which is definitely her strong point. Short style with casual bangs rejuvenates and adds naturalness to the image.


Victoria Beckham knows how to benefit from her unusual face type. She is a professional in selecting the right asymmetrical variants; they conceal her sharp cheekbones and chin and create a stylish image.

Moderate curls

Our chevelure has the curly nature; of course, the degree varies among women. Most of us are aware of this fact and it’s enough to apply the mousse on the washed head, pinch and dry it to receive the effect of curls. You can also use a curling iron if your plies are too straight; in this case the waves will have a lasting effect. However, remember that excessive volume is not suitable for the round face, so don’t make the curls too massive.

Hairdo with medium curls

Hayden Penetteri, the bride of the boxer Klitschko, is also moon-faced. She creates a romantic image by opening her high forehead. Mild facial features together with natural makeup make Hayden look really gorgeous.

Curls on medium hair

If you choose this style, you will bring the Hollywood charm to your life. The layered coiffure, large curly locks, and a side parting are the main elements of this variant. Its obvious advantage is suitability for all skin colors, from white porcelain to dark. In addition, there is no need to use intense makeup.

The curls should be lower than the chin line; if the locks are waved close to the ears and temples, the whole image won’t look attractive.

Short haircuts for round face

Bob is the best choice for the women with round face. It looks especially good when the hairstrands are longer n front than at the back. Such coiffure suits moon-faced ladies as the effect of volume is reduced at the sides.

Boyish haircut

Victoria Beckham demonstrates an interesting example of a boyish coiffure which is short at the back. Top hair is longer and it is styled in voluminous waves with the help of styling wax. If you have thin hair, it will be better to use styling mousse.

Casual short hairstyles

Casual styling is ideal for the women with slightly sharp racial features.

Tousled hairstyle

In order to make your chevelure look tousled, first dry it, and then apply styling wax on the hair with shaky movements. Put a little more wax on the back of your chevelure and pull it with your hands. After that raise the locks with a round hairbrush using cold hairdryer.

Bob for round face

Bob can be combined ideally with round face, just keep in mind that such coiffure makes you look a bit older. There are several variants of bob for you to consider if you like experiments. Thus, straight hair and retro hairstyle are two possible alternatives. It’s better to style the chevelure asymmetrically by making front hair longer than back one. There is no need in bangs; a side parting will be more appropriate in this case.

Long bob

Long bob will make you look younger, which is already a great advantage. Straight or slightly side bangs together with straightened hair will elongate your round face.

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob is another great option for round-faced women. In this case bangs can be both straight and thick till the middle of the forehead or rare. The hair strands may look slightly disordered; it will add a charming attraction to your image.

Long hair for round face

Long plies makes face look thinner, thus balancing facial proportions. Asymmetrical long coiffure, where long strands alternate with short ones, is an additional option.

Long haircuts for round face

Famous actresses Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz chose long haircuts with slight curls. Bronde color technique combined with side parting add special glam and volume to their hair.

Cascade haircuts for round face

Cascade haircut ladder may be styled in several ways. For instance, you can choose voluminous hair styling or straight hair which is slightly curled down framing the face. Then, you can make waves; they elongate the face and cause you look stylish and chic.

One of the most popular haircuts today is shag haircut. This tousled haircut for long hair is a perfect solution if you want your face to look thinner. The optimal length is below the shoulders or below the chin; don’t forget to check that with your hair designer. Some strands should fall on the shoulders, while bangs are better to style at the side. In addition, make multiple layers at the back to achieve the lengthening effect.

Hairstyles of celebrities

Catherine Zeta Jones’s hairstyle

Charming brunette Catherine Zeta Jones chooses long hair basically. The pictures present two variants of Catherine’s haircuts, a classic one with a middle parting and modernized one with thick long bangs. Well, the first variant s preferable as the actress has beautiful proportionate face, and open eyebrows look advantageous. In contrast, the long thick bangs conceal her forehead and eyes making them look less. As a result, her rather large mouth and nose stand out on the face which is quite undesirable.

Both slicked hair and large curls suit Catherine. In case you comb your hair back, the make-up should be bright: the most important is to highlight the eyes and cheekbones.

Renee Zellweger’s hairstyle

Do you remember the main character of "Bridget Jones's Diary" with her long curls? Well, Renee decided to radically change her hairstyle and cut the hair short. However, we must admit that bob hairstyle together with asymmetrical strands suits the actress perfectly complementing the unique image.

Christina Ricci’s hairstyle

Christina Ricci has a small round face with delicate features, and it’s a quite difficult task to find an appropriate hairstyle in such case. Long straight bangs are better to avoid as they hide the large eyes of the actress. However, her forehead shouldn’t remain open as it is too high. Straight bob as well as topknot are also bad options for such face type. The best recommended solution for Christina is thin bangs until the middle of the forehead and delicate curls.

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