Evening hairstyle

Evening hairstyle

For an evening look, it is important to think through every detail, which, in combination with other subtleties, creates a stylish image. Solemn day should not be spoiled by poorly-chosen hairstyle that doesn't fit together with dress or do not fit with the dress code of the event.

Ideas for the evening hairstyles

So, for example, now many parties are held in a certain style, it is important to observe its appearance. For many women the main thing that the hairstyle was consistent with the trends of fashion, and it looked unique, and more - fit with the makeup, face shape and outfit of the overall style.

Bunches and braids in the evening hairstyles

Styling hair with braids is still relevant. In combination with fresh flowers this hairstyle will look especially elegant and gracefully. Nowdays are becoming popular such hairstyles, which are composed using different elements.

Hair with glowing stones

For example, twist the upper half of the hair, and the lower to curl into ringlets. Among these hairstyles the hairdo calls “Malvina”. This hairstyle is suitable for the long and for the short hair.

Classical evening hairstyles

Girls who prefer classic style and Hollywood images, is better to choose a festive hairstyles, emphasizing the romance in appearance.

This hairdo should be with the long big curls. The curls should be naturally styled, and sometimes even create easy carelessness. We must admit, that making such hair can take a time and skills.

You can stick hair from the side with the comb with rhinestones or to fit to your image the real flowers, they will add the tenderness and femininity.

Also, you can decorate your hair with the variety of jewelry. In the new season is fashionable the romantic style, for which specially created all the kinds of decorative ribbons and strands of pearls.

Evening retro hairstyles

Retro hairstyles can repeat the images from the thirties to sixties. Also, recently popular the style of 20-ies.

Hollywood hairdo

These hairstyles are best combined with clothes of the same style. For example - hairdo from 60-ies must go together with 60-ies clothes. However, minimalism also goes well with retro. In this case, it does not draw attention from the beautiful and trendy hairdo.

Retro style

The heart of this trend - waves, beams and greased back hair that look great with bright contrasting makeup. This image was created for those who like the limelight, It will give the brightness and enchantment.

Style from 30-ies

Hairdo with the bouffant and flowers

If desired, this hairstyle can be supplemented with a small arrangement of flowers. This style is also actually with smoothed hair. It will look great unadorned.

Before the long-awaited holiday, is better to test your hair. Make it and see how it meets the expectations and fit with the image. For this, you can try to do all the work yourself, but also, you can seek professional help from your stylist.

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