Bulky hairstyle - photo and tips how to make one

Bulky hairstyle

A woman should always be beautiful. Unfortunately, the female half of humanity is often dissatisfied with their appearance.
High volume hairstyle for the fine and medium hair.

Under attack absolutely everything, but most often the hair is under main attack. Owners of curly hair dream of straight hair and the owners of the straight hair - dream about the curls. If hair is thin and weak, girls want them to be thick and strong. Probably, no one girl is completely satisfied with their hair. But there is one thing that everybody wants for the hair, all without exception – the volume.

Some rules how to give your hair extra volume

Some are possess a desirable volume, but what is about the rest? Many people mistakenly believe that can't to beat the nature. It is not true! You can give extra volume to hair of any length, any thickness and any degree of curliness. It is important to know how.

First, you must take care about your hair. You can see with the naked eye, if the hair gets proper care. In addition to the health, continuing care provides greater flexibility when laying the hairstyle.

Secondly, you must learn how to properly use styling products. They must be chosen in accordance with your hair type. These features include hair sprays strong and easy fixing, foams and mousses for hair volume, hair spray waxes, comb with frequent teeth, big round combs (brushing). Volume is not possible without additional means for hair care.

Voluminous hairstyles with bouffant

The most popular way to add volume is bouffant. Hairstyles with bouffant became popular in the mid-twentieth century and up to our days has not lost its popularity. How it can be done? The main and most important rule of the bouffant: start at the nape and move to the top of the head, then you can proceed to the temporal lobe.

Small bouffant even only at the roots will give your hair the natural volume. For hairstyles in the style of 60-ies and 80-ies it is necessary to increase the area of the bouffant. These hairstyles are back in fashion and it's very simple to make it.

Long and medium length hair

First, you have to prepare the hair. On a slightly damp, clean hair, apply mousse or styling foam that evenly distribute uniformly throughout the all length of the hair. Hair should not look wet or dirty, so don't overdo it.

Next, separate out a small lock of hair at the nape, you will work with it. The rest of the hair now is better to set aside. With the large round comb (brushing) spin the hair into strands inside. Then, with the comb with frequent teeth do the bouffant: move up from the middle of the hair to the roots.

Bouffant should be very large, as closer to the crown in the top of the head, it will become bigger. Gradually, strand by strand, work through the same way. With each strand do the bouffant a little bigger to eventually get a smooth rise.

When you're done, gently comb the top layer of the hair, to hairstyle turned out neat and not untidy. The final touch - fasten the hair with hairspray. For greater reliability and fixation you can treat each strand. But then you need to work very quickly, so not to break the already processed strands.

Short hair

Described bouffant suitable also for women with short hair, and will look even better than with the long hair. Short haircuts have bigger volume, simply because hair less fall down under its own weight. Often, this volume is enough. And again come to the aid of a round brush, comb with frequent teeth, waxes, hairsprays, foams and stuff.

The rule for short hair is the same as for the rest: start from the nape and moving towards to the top. Short haircuts often combined with bangs and it cannot be ignored. No need to make a big bouffant on the bangs. But the only so, when obtained volume look natural. Also, the bangs can be curled!
You can use curlers and curling irons, preferably both, large size. A little lift at the roots and use hairspray. Be sure - this hairstyle will attract a lot of attention!


Curly hair

Curly hair often has high volume by the nature. You can additionally raise them at the roots, but not more.Those who do not have curly hair can choose several options:

•    Make a perm. But you risk to irreparably ruin your hair.
•    Use the electric hair curlers for hairs. They come in different diameters and give the different types of curls.
•    And, finally, the old reliable method – hair curlers. There are a huge variety of it.

Small diameter curler will make little bouncy locks, which makes your hairdo to become voluminous and lush immediately. Large curlers make beautiful, soft, flowing locks, but without much volume. Curly hair can be styled the same way as straight, with the exception is - that the volume is given only to the roots. And, of course, your new hairdo should be fixed with hairspray in the end.

Beams and a ponytail

In addition you can make other voluminous hairstyles. Very popular now are tails. This simple and elegant hairstyle is perfect for all occasions. And most importantly, it can be done very quickly and it fits absolutely for everybody.
If your hair is not big and strong enough, it is possible a little to cheat. You can visit any accesories store and choose hairpieces of various diameters and sizes: from very small to huge.

How to use it: make a pony tail. Try to make it on the top, as high as possible. Cover the tail with chignon. For extra volume you can make the bouffant, but not too big. Spread your hair on the "bagel" and stake the ends with the pins, and then hide them under the chignon. In the end fix it with hairspray.


Not so long time ago braids became popular again. Before, there was a popular hairstyle, where the braids are woven together, but now a simple disheveled style is more popular. In order to give your braid a blittle bit of sloppy appearance, like it was made in a hurry, whip your hair before styling it.

Don't tight too strong the hair, let your locks to lay a bit loose, so the braid will look bulky.

Find the right option that you like the most and which will suit you. Don't be afraid to change your look from time to time and don't forget to smile, looking in the mirror. Make the experiments and discover new possibilities!

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