Babette hair

Babette hair

Babette is a women's hairstyle that has found the popularity in the middle of the last century, and precisely in the 60 years, thanks to the appearance of Brigitte Bardot in the film "Babette goes to war".

How to make the babette hairstyle by your own

What the feature of the babette hairstyle? Hairstyle babette is a voluminous hairstyle. It is so distinctive that it has become a real symbol of the 60-ies. With bright eye makeup and false eyelashes she will be a real chic at the reception, or party. Be sure to try to make a hairstyle for the solemn day because it is classic.

Bridget Bardot

The basis of the babette hairdo is whipped up hair with a small bouffant. However, such negligence did not spoil the appearance of its owner. Moreover, babette became the epitome of elegance and femininity. The main rule of babette hairstyle is a thick hair of its owner. But even if you don't have a luxurious hair for babette hairstyle: simply wash your hair with shampoo for volume, dry with a special nozzle, and apply a volume mousse to the hair.

Some ladies prefer to use the hairpiece, and for good reason: artificial hair will add the splendor to the hair, and will bring the style of 60-ies. The most memorable lady who wore that hairstyle was Brigitte Bardot - we think about her every time when we hear the word "Babette".

Bulky babette

Ladies of the last century, which so captivated the image of Brigitte Bardot, were ready to wear this hair style on itself for weeks. For this hairstyle abundantly recorded varnish, and for the night was closed with a special hat. Naturally, for hair, such a long abstinence from shampooing, affected not the best way. Hence, the babette became known as "the house of the louse".

Women's website offers not to fall into such extremes and not to make mistakes fashionistas of the past, but simply to consider the ways that will help modern women to make luxurious hair in retro style on her head.

To make the babette, no need to spend hours and money on a visit to the hairdresser. The whole procedure can be done by you, at home. This will require:

  • hairspray;
  • hairbrush;
  • bun ring;
  • barrettes;
  • rubber bands.

Of course, hair should be clean and dry, otherwise, it will be impossible to make your hairstyle.

The babette by your own hands: step by step instructions

In recent decades, this hairdo never lost its popularity, the girls are inventing new variations and interpretations all the time, so now there are many types, for example - babette for a wedding, or with a plate around the roller. And, of course, hairdressers have come up with many different ways to create this incredible hair. Let's do it together.

Step by step photos how to make the babette hair

Hairstyle with shaggy can decorate thin braids, wrapping them around the resulting cushion.

Take the top section of hair (about half of the total number), and fix it with rubber bands. Under the tail put a band roller.

Put the "tail" on the cushion. From the bottom attach with hair pins.

How to make the babette hairstyle with pigtail

Untapped hairs divide into two equal parts and braid in the usual pigtails. These braids should be wrapped around the tail, which "sits" on the hair roller.

Fix your creation with hairspray, and your babette is ready!

Another way to create the babette

There is another way to make the babette. In the second embodiment, all the hair collected in a ponytail on the upper crown of the head. After they are divided into two parts (upper and lower). On the bottom part, you need to make the bouffant.

Moreover, the volume of the babette will depend on the level of the bouffant. Then, the bottom parts lay down on the roller for the hair and fix it. The remaining part of the hair (top) wrap around a roller for the babette hairstyle. Special chic for this hairstyle will add a wide ribbon to match the dress.

Accessories are used in a hairdo

Now, this hairstyle can be done not only to spice up an office outfit, and also it even supposed to do at the festive evening, which means that you should think about the decorations. Generally, the babette would look marvelous with any accessories. Ribbons and bows and the hairpieces in the form of bows are fine. And for the wedding babette hairstyle, the tiara is perfect. In the warmer months, your hairstyle perfectly complement hair clips in the shape of artificial flowers.

Bangs can also be used in the creation of the babette. It should either make a bouffant and make the part hairstyle, or, on the contrary, curl, and allocate it from the common strands. Bangs medium length can be laid to one side, emphasizing the face.

Makeup for babette

The choice of your makeup must conform to the style and the fashion of the time when this hairstyle was at the peak of popularity. This means that the makeup of the 60's-this is the best option. This style involves bright colors in the eye makeup and lashes, matte eyeshadow and lipstick.
The babette hairstyle for wedding.

Famous actresses with babette

Try to put on the upper eyelid brown, turquoise, or gray eye shadow. Move the upper eyelid with liquid eyeliner and make the arrow. For eye makeup is perfect the false eyelashes - enough to remember Twiggy! If you prefer the natural look, then coat the lashes in several coats of voluminous mascara.

Then apply a pink matte blush on the cheekbone and pink natural lipstick shades on the lips. Lipstick should be matte, if possible, avoid the glitter. However, you can add a bit of glitter on the eyelid area. Your makeup in the style of the 60s is ready!

The main advantage of a such hairdo is that it is great both for everyday life and for festive events. That explains why it became so popular once and forever!

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