Women's intimate hygiene

Women's intimate hygiene

Adherence to intimate hygiene is one of the most important factors of woman health. That’s why women at all times paid attention to this significant question.

Women's hygiene

At ancient times, women had to come up with their own cleansers for intimate hygiene, as, naturally, they weren’t produced at an industrial scale. Successful recipes passed from generation to generation.

Thus, Cleopatra took herbal baths in order to protect herself from various infections. The same for ancient Russ: there was no bath without the birch brooms and different herbal infusions which revitalized and purified the body.

Today’s choice of intimate hygiene means is considerably wide. The development of cosmetic products for delicate areas of the body began only in the second half of the previous century. Nowadays a large number of firms is engaged into the manufacturing of intimate hygiene products as technologies have been improved greatly since then.

What is the reason of vaginal thrush?

Women have to carefully maintain the vaginal acid-base balance. Abnormal genital microflora can cause reddening and discomfort feeling of itching and burning.

Imbalance of vaginal microflora is the direct reason of thrush, or yeast infection, usually caused by a yeast-like fungus called Candida albicans. When the natural balance in a vagina is upset, Candida multiplies at lightning speed. Each woman can recognize thrush by reddening and swell of the outer genitalia, as well as by itching, and a creamy white cottage cheese-like discharge. In case thrush is not treated accordingly, it can be accompanied by colpitis, an inflammation of the external female genitalia. Colpitis can also be caused by poor intimate hygiene.

Vaginal hygiene

Thoughtful selection of cosmetic products accompanied with their proper use would prevent these unpleasant infections.

Tips to choose products of intimate hygiene

The best place to buy soaps and gels for intimate hygiene is a pharmacy and specialized shops. Read the product description carefully; it should contain lactic acid that controls the natural balance in microflora. Chamomile extract is useful for disinfecting.

Every day womens hygiene

It is important to make sure that soap contains lactic acid and natural herbs extracts before buying it as often soaps for intimate hygiene include only perfumery odorants and dyes.

If you have sensitive skin, you’d better use special gels. They moisturize the skin for a longer period of time and give you the feeling of comfort. Pay attention that soap or gel for intimate hygiene should have an acidity level corresponding to that of female intimate areas (and it’s not PH5!). This way you will prevent the imbalance of vaginal microflora.

The foam for intimate hygiene is another delicate product. It also has a moisturizing effect; consequently, it doesn’t dry the gentle skin. The number of chemical substances in foam is much smaller than in soap.

Without a doubt, the best solution to keep your delicate areas clean and healthy while traveling is the use of special wipes that are impregnated with lactic acid and herbal extracts. Their components gently clean the skin. You can use such wipes everywhere – in transport, in a plane or in office, and that is quite advantageous.

There is another product for intimate hygiene: a deodorant which prevents the natural smell of genital organs. It is important to understand, though, that taking bath can’t be replaced by this cosmetic product. Moreover, some doctors claim that intimate deodorants are harmful to woman health as they disturb the natural balance of the vagina, which causes the multiplication of inimical bacteria.

You can use such deodorants after the bath twice a day in order to prevent infections. Of course, the infections can’t be treated by using the cosmetic products.

If you are pregnant, pay even more attention to intimate hygiene. Take a bath both in the morning and evening and benefit from delicate cleansing products. Thus, Lactacyd is one of the recommended feminine hygiene brands that can be used.

When you use appropriate mousses, gels, and soaps for intimate hygiene, you get a double benefit; together with providing the feeling of comfort, you also protect yourself from various vaginal infections.

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