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French manicure colors and designs: 90 trendy ideas for your nails

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French manicure can be called a standard of femininity and elegance. A traditional french manicure is a nail plate of neutral color (beige or soft pink) and a white edge, usually called a smile. However, the fashion is changeable, it constantly prepares for us more and more surprises, so even the French manicure is mutated, pleasing its admirers with fresh ideas.

One of these ideas is a colored french manicure that looks no less exquisite than its classical version, but it also provides more room for the most daring experiments with the color palette.

However, not everyone knows the fact that the inventor of this nail design is an American from California – Jeff Pink. In the mid-70s he founded a company that was engaged in the production and sale of products for nails. Working closely with Hollywood, Jeff has repeatedly heard complaints from stylists, and the movie stars themselves about the need for frequent manicure changes within one day in accordance with the outfits for filming.

The main advantages of the french manicure are:

  • natural kind of nails;
  • elegance;
  • compatibility with any manner and style of clothing;
  • possibility of applying both long and short nails;
  • simple execution technology.

There are several varieties of colored French. First, you can cover the nail plate with a neutral-tint varnish, as for the classical version, and make a smile colored. There is another option – a colored nail with a white smile.

Even more bold and interesting is the combination of a colored nail with a color smile, this combination can be quite aggressive, based on contrasts, for example, scarlet with black, and maybe soft, pastel shades.

French colored manicure: Trends 2018-2019

Neutral tones of a classic French french manicure are appropriate at any event from a business meeting to any celebration. Masters of the nail service in 2018 together with designers and image-makers decided to update this kind of nail art and make a fashionable highlight in it. The main trends of this design include uneven lines, a variety of textures and their combination, artistic painting and other various additional decor elements.

Every year new elements are introduced into the design of the French manicure – the length, color, shape of the nails changes. 2018 was no exception. Stylists this year are advised to pay attention to the following details.

The color of the varnish

The fashion is natural. Therefore, the nail plate is covered with beige or bodily varnish, the transparency of which can be different. But on the edge not only white, but also colored varnishes are applied – green, brown, burgundy. Very fashionable metal lacquer, so the edge can be covered with gold, silver, copper. Remains in fashion and a lunar french manicure, especially if the stripes-crescent make shiny.

The shape of the nails

2018 favors lovers of the oval or almond-shaped contour. It is such a form at the height of popularity. Those who do not want to part with a square strip, designers suggest to leave the liked shape, but advise to smooth the corners with a saw. Then you too will keep pace with the times.

Shades in french manicure

Stylists have taken into account that 2018 passes under the sign of the Fiery Monkey. It is not surprising that in the decoration of marigolds and not only all shades of red, orange and yellow are used. French, too, did not ignore fashion trends. The color of the “Marsala”, which appeared last year, is in no hurry to give up its positions.

This color is still chosen by stylish young ladies, and not only decorating their nails, but also in clothes. Also it is necessary to decorate the french manicure with burgundy, blue or rich green color.

A habitual french manicure, which provides natural shades, has somewhat surrendered its positions, the pretentiousness has quickly become fashionable.

Monochrome manicure also has the right to exist, this option is easily combined with clothing and the way in general.

As for the fashionable shades of varnish for the french manicure, then there is plenty to choose from. Relevant are any saturated colors, for example, dark blue, bright green, burgundy. Marsala is still relevant, it gives the image a stylish restraint. Always appropriate black and red and black and white manicure, if the first is associated with passion and sexuality, the second – with restraint and immediacy. A business lady should pay attention to gray, and of different texture: matte, glossy, with metallic microparticles.

This year all bright colors will be in demand: orange, yellow, red of all shades.

Lovers of pastels should take a closer look at the gentle mint, bleached blue, lavender, pink.

As an accent silver and gold – they will give a color French shades of luxury.


This version of a colored french manicure is supplemented with a variety of decorations – gel applications, flowers from crystals, stamping, foil, acrylic pieces, dried flowers. Hieroglyphs, patterns and drawings can also become an excellent element of the decorative fan-french manicure. However, it is important not to overload the manicure with extra details, so that it does not look tasteless. For this decoration, only one nail of each hand is applied.

French manicure in colored ombre style

The novelty of 2018 is a colored french manicure, created in the form of a color transition of one shade into another. The lines of this transition, although they look blurred, undoubtedly repeat the contour of the smile of the classic French manicure. In this case, the color wave can be created on each nail plate separately, and change the shade from the thumb to the little finger.

Fan french

This kind of French manicure will help to realize their most vivid imaginations. Such fan-french implies painting the nail plate in several different colors, fundamentally different from each other, for example, a purple tip and an orange-black base, a yellow smile and a brownish-green nail plate. Image-makers recommend in the future season to use an extra-fan-french only in the warm season, as a harmonious display of the riot of spring and summer colors.

With pictures

A separate kind of colored French manicure would like to highlight a peculiar design of nails, in which the strip is made in the form of a picture or is selected by any other elements. You can play with the shape of the tip of the nail. For example, make it slanted, shaded and even blurry. The main condition is to distinguish a smile. Floral prints, ethnic patterns, hieroglyphics are excellent ornaments for the tip of the nail. There are even special decals. You can use glitter.

However, so that the manicure does not look lurid, it makes sense to decorate with such beauty one or two nails, not more. So, modern fashion, although it offers a lot of jewelry, still does not tolerate congestion, which can create an excessive abundance of parts.

This nail design is performed in black or dark gray. It looks stylish, unusual and even slightly gothic, which gives the image of the owner some mystery. This design involves painting the entire nail in black, then on the french manicure draws a line of a smile. According to fashion, the strip can be gray or metallic. Welcome matte texture of the base and glossy smiles.

In addition, you can paint the background of the nail in a steel color, and make the edge of the plate black. If in a colored french manicure with the help of various shades a smile is decorated, then the extractor also uses the nail plate. This manicure is very bold and will certainly have to taste extravagant personalities, especially if you use a juicy palette.


The design involves a contrast between the free edge of the nail and the stem.

Combinations can be any: yellow with green, blue with raspberry, gold with black.

For advanced, but still more conservative lady, you can pick up calm pastel shades. In addition, it is not forbidden to decorate the hole in addition. It looks very harmonious if it is the same color with a smile.

Gold french manicure

Fashion offers today and nontraditional drawings of fingernails. It is not necessary to repeat the line of the nail itself. The strip on the tip can be curly, or it can be a drawing like a triangle. This way of painting the tips of the nails will visually extend them. Of course, it is not easy to carry out drawings more complicated than simple strips. But many girls after some practice master and such art. And, of course, there is an opportunity to take the help of a friend or relative.

Colorful french manicure on short nails

Short nails are a fashion trend. It corresponds to the principles of naturalness, which are so in demand in everything from hairstyles to manicure. In addition, short nails are unusually convenient and practical. However, choosing the design of a manicure for short marigolds, it is worth considering some nuances.

Firstly, despite the fact that there are no prohibitions on the choice of color, still light pastel shades are more preferable, especially if the nail plate itself is wide and not very long. If the marigolds have an elegant form, then you can experiment with bright juicy nuances.

But still the most advantageous option for short nails is a plate of a neutral shade with a color smile. This may be one tone for each nail, but if you want something more fun and fervent, then on each finger the varnish can be of different colors.

A good technique for short nails – ombre – is a method of applying varnishes, in which there is no abrupt transition between colors.

Secondly, doing a colored French manicure on short nails, do not make a broad smile – it’s best if its width is 1-2 mm.

Colorful french manicure for long nails

A colored french manicure on long nails is made in the same colors as on short nails, but differs in a large range of possible variations in the performance of the smile.

Usually the width of the smile is equal to the width of the free edge, that is, the longer the nail, the more the area of ​​the smile, and therefore the ways to decorate it, too, there is a lot.

First of all, the smile can have a different shape, especially popular is the Chevron smile, or V-shaped. In addition, it looks interesting double smile, and its parts can have different proportions and be performed in both similar and contrasting colors, such a multi-colored version is often called an extra-french manicure.

Significant, compared with the short nails, the area of ​​the smile makes it possible to create more intricate options, for example, the tip of the nail can be covered with a skillful colored pattern. It can be painted by hand or by using special sliders.

In addition, the edge of the long nail can be safely covered with colored sparkles, and if this does not seem enough, then you have a decorative french manicure that is decorated not only with sequins, but also with gel or acrylic applications, holographic foil, rhinestones, stamping and other available inventions of nail art.

However, in this case, you must always observe the sense of proportion, so that the manicure looked really stylish.

Colored coat with gel-varnish

A colored coat with gel-varnish is good because it keeps on the nails for at least two weeks (quite often it can last three weeks, or even four weeks!), Without losing its ideal appearance.

Carrying a french manicure gel-varnish you can safely choose any design you like, described above. If nail extensions are performed, then it is worthwhile to try the stained-glass french manicure, in which the free edge of the nail is made with multi-colored gels so that an illusion of stained glass is created.

The only restriction for a color french manicure with the help of gel-varnish is due to its positive quality – strength. You will have to consider how the design chosen by you will correspond to all situations and images for several weeks.

For example, if you do a thematic bright manicure before the carnival, do not forget that in a day or two you may have to return to the office with a strict dress code, and in combination with a business suit such a manicure can look absolutely ridiculous, despite its beauty.

French manicure in color at home

There are three ways to create a French manicure, but before you perform any of them you need to prepare your nails. Armed with a nail file, we give the desired shape to the nails. In this season, in the trend, short round nails. Next, if you have the time, make a bathtub with herbs or sea salt. After that, we remove the cuticle.

Despite the fact that it has become soft after the bath, it is still desirable to use a special cosmetic. To keep the lacquer long, create a slight roughness on the nail surface with a fine-grained nail file. Do this very carefully, so as not to severely damage the nail plate. Directly the very French manicure is done with the help of white, translucent pastel varnish and finish varnish.

The order of application of the first two coatings can vary. You can first paint the tips of the nails with a white tint, and then apply a pearlescent coating or do the opposite.

How to make a line?

There are three ways:

  • Draw a line by hand using a special brush;
  • Cover the tips of the nails with a white gel-varnish, without waiting for it to dry, using a flat brush moistened with a lotion to remove varnish, straighten the line, make it round in shape;
  • Use pre-purchased stencils on an adhesive basis (and remove them immediately after applying the line, so that the varnish does not dry out, then the line will be more even and beautiful).

At the end of the French manicure, cover the nails with a finishing transparent varnish, and apply a nutritious oil to the cuticle. By the way, cosmetic sets for the creation of the French manicure can be purchased already completed, they can find everything you need.

Beautiful french manicure with colored glitter


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