Fashionable and trendy white manicure

Fashionable white manicure: best ideas and trends 2018

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Trendy manicure 2018

White manicure is a universal option, which will suit any image.

The ultra-trendy white manicure, whose photo looks remarkably beautiful, will remain at the peak of popularity in 2018. The urgency is caused by the versatility of color, which can be combined with different types of clothing, style and other varnish colors.

White lacquer is often used for decorative purposes, highlighting a certain nail, on which the master makes an accent. You can apply it at any time of the year, complementing the original pattern. In winter, you can recreate fragile snowflakes and cute snowmen, and in the spring gentle snowdrops.

The current year is characterized by simplicity and naturalness, so a monochrome manicure or a classic French jacket is very useful.

Black and white manicure: classic or style?

The combination of classic black and white will always remain in fashion, so the nail service masters offer a wide range of patterns for manicure.

White and black manicure on nails

Original looks like color in the form of puzzles. Classic pattern – a chess board will suit smart experienced women. It is geometric patterns that allow you to visually change the shape of the nail and decorate it. For example, triangles that have grown from the base extend the plate, and the squares on the contrary.

Stylishly on the nails looks alternating white and black stripes. A kind of zebra suitable for daring courageous girls. A pea will give the image of youth and carefree.

Instructions for creating Negative space:

  1. On the nails it is necessary to apply a base coat, wait until it dries completely.
  2. To paste on the nail plate special stickers or thin adhesive tape to create the desired pattern.
  3. Cover the entire nail on top of the stencil with a white lacquer.
  4. Remove strips after drying and treat with a fixer.

Black and white manicure perfectly complements the office style of a business woman. He is not catchy, but not boring. Variations in color make it possible to conduct bold experiments.

Advice! Choosing a black and white manicure, do not forget about stylish accessories. For example, a lacquer bag or a shiny hair hoop will complete the image of a stylish lady.

White and red manicure

The combination of red and white will awaken the imagination

Red color is considered a symbol of sexuality, audacity and a reflection of the strength of character. White is chosen by girls, confident in themselves, respectable and unblemished. The combination of these two tones speaks about the multifaceted personality, originality and courage.

A blossoming poppy flower looks beautiful on a white background. To avoid glossiness, it can be used as an element of the decor of only the ring finger.

Romantic themes remain popular. Since red is a symbol of love, passion and freedom, a manicure can be decorated with hearts. The alternation of elements of different size and background looks beautiful. For example, single-color nail plates stylists alternate with the decorated ones. It adds originality and uniqueness.

White and red manicure

Red and white abstraction looks good on long nails. Varied patterns do not go out of fashion. The more ramifications the pattern has, the better.

At the height of popularity is the technique of gradient or ombre. The proposed colors are well combined and the transition line is not dazzling. Such a manicure is simply performed using a conventional sponge at home. You only need to practice a few times to achieve the desired effect.

Advice! An interesting solution for the red and white manicure is the color of each nail in different ways, but in the same color scheme. On short nails the combination of colors looks positive, and on long it is exciting and sexy.

Features of manicure with white lacquer

Uniform white manicure is rare, however, very vain. It looks on the nails, it is sustained, stylish and neat. For originality, you can experiment with varnishes of different structures. Matte texture fits well with gloss. The main thing to remember is that under different lighting you can see the defects of the nail plate, so it should be designed perfectly.

A professional master will help get rid of all defects.

The instruction of creation of an ideal one-color manicure in white color:

  • Sand the nail, remove the excess cuticle, make a beautiful shape and cover the plate with a colorless base.
  • To manicure does not look sloppy, you should choose a quality expensive varnish. Mods prefer shellac, since it lasts for two weeks, is not washed off or chipped. Cheap cover unevenly lies on the nail and looks like a proofreader for writing. To avoid this, apply the varnish in several layers.
  • Transparent glitter helps to mask the defects obtained during the finished manicure, even protect the nail from cracks.

Advice! To additionally level the surface of the nail plate, before applying the varnish it must be ground and covered with a base without color.

French white manicure will always remain in fashion

For a decade now, the white French manicure has taken the first place in choosing not only business women who like accuracy, but also gentle brides. Popularity is due to ease of execution, affordability and elegance.

French white manicure

However, today there are many variations on the theme:

  • Inverted (the nail plate is painted white, and the tips are transparent);
  • the moon (white varnish is highlighted by a semicircle of the base of the nails, which look like an inverted month);
  • a vertical jacket (a white strip passes through the entire nail on top of the doniz);
  • multi-colored (except for standard white you can use any palette);
  • gradient or ombre (the line of transition of white to transparent is blurred) and others.

Depending on the imagination of the performer, the jacket becomes new and lives a different life. However, it is the classical version that remains at the basis. The junction line can be decorated with a pattern or a discreet detail. Adding sparkles, foil or modeling, you get an excellent wedding manicure.

For the French manicure the shape and length of the nails does not matter. It looks harmoniously on a short and long, oval and rectangular plate. A truly universal manicure, which pleases in everyday life and at festive events.

Advice! Before creating a white manicure, the nail plate must be whitened. It will help in this conventional toothbrush and toothpaste with whitening effect. Leave the cleaner for a few minutes, then rub it into the nails and rinse.


Advantages of white gel-lacquer

White manicure

Gel-lacquer or shellac thoroughly took their place in the world of nail aesthetics. He is preferred because he is firm and durable. The cost of coverage differs from usual, but before obsolete simple lacquers the gel wins in all respects.

Features of white gel lacquer:

  • color is universal, it is perfectly suitable for any life situation;
  • you need to choose a quality expensive varnish, because it is better applied to the nail plate, does not spread and evenly covers it;
  • you need to choose a quality expensive varnish, because it is better applied to the nail plate, does not spread and evenly covers it;
  • from a white varnish it is better to refrain, if on a fingernail there are defects, they are shown more strongly;
  • women are not recommended to apply a matte coating, while for young girls it is not worse than glossy;
  • choosing the shape of the nail, it is better to give preference to an oval, overgrown to the middle of the length;
  • stylists recommend using white lacquer as a backing so that the manicure is bright and intense.

Advice! Gel-lacquer (shellac) keeps on the nails for up to two weeks, which greatly exceeds the resistance of the usual varnish. The coating is characterized by strength, so it resists damage, eliminates cracks.

White manicure for short nails

Often girls refuse stylish manicure because of the short length of the nails. In this case, white manicure is very handy. The color lengthens the nail plate visually. If you add it with patterns in the form of a triangle or make a jacket, you can forget about the problem.

White manicure for short nails

To visually become a longer nail:

  • Cover the surface with a transparent base after degreasing, allow it to dry.
  • Depending on the chosen pattern, fix the stickers or thin tape around the perimeter of the nail, so that they fit snugly. Lacquer can not get under the stencil and the surface after removal will remain transparent. It is better to choose triangular shapes to create length. Vertical bands will also fit. From the horizontal it is better to refuse. Peas will also look ridiculous on short nails.
  • Uncovered areas are abundantly covered with white lacquer, so that there are no divorces and effects of a cheap proofreader for writing.
  • Wait until completely dry.
  • Gently remove the stickers with a sharp movement.
  • If desired, cover the nail with sequins or decorate the transparent areas with a brush and colored varnish.
  • Cover with a fixer.

Advice! If a defect appears on the nail, and there is no time to eliminate it, you can cover the plate with sequins and it will become invisible.

White manicure: Fashion trends 2018

Stylists distinguish several types of women, depending on the color of hair, skin and eyes: winter, summer, spring, autumn. It is recommended to apply this knowledge when choosing a white lacquer. For example, a “shade” of eggshell is suitable for “spring”.

Holder of “cold” appearance is preferable to snow-white color. The shade of natural wool is better for girls of the “summer” type. Cream shades fit women-autumn.

White manicure

Trendy manicure, which can be performed in white – the effect of broken glass. The foil destroys the borders and is suitable for both long nails and short ones. Mirror technology became popular only last year and finds new fans every day. You can use colored foil on a white background. This design perfectly complements the image for a retro party.

The variability of the white manicure is off scale, because on a quiet background you can perform any drawing, starting from abstract divorce, ending with works of art. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of shades.

Advice! White manicure is relevant for daily routine and festive events. If you decorate it with sequins, you will get an excellent fashion accent.

Is it possible to combine pink with white?

For romantic walks perfect gentle, calm manicure. Pink color gives a feeling of lightness, youth, femininity. With white color, it combines perfectly, recalling the quiet French cozy evenings.

White manicure

Pea nail art

Extravagant ladies will taste bright pink. On a calm white background, it looks catchy and interesting. For everyday business style, this design is unlikely to fit, but for noisy parties fun will be very handy.

White and black manicure

On a pink background, white patterns will not look, however, if you change the shades in places, you can get a chic manicure.

Stylists offer gentle shades of pink to represent the beautiful buds of peonies or light butterflies. The advantage of this design is simplicity, lightness, tenderness.
Advice! If a pink color is chosen in a manicure, clothes should also be calm, gentle tones.

White manicure with blue: how to choose a shade

In a manicure, girls often avoid the combination of blue and white, because they are afraid of the effect of a written notebook. Indeed, there is a certain similarity. It can be deliberately used and written on the nail plate calligraphic handwriting meaningful phrases or initials.

Advice! That the blue-and-white manicure does not look cheap and does not create the effect of ink, the varnish should be saturated and applied in several layers.

If such a result is not desirable, you need to choose a dark saturated blue. Abstractions or stripes will look good on the long nail. On a short nail it is better to use one small element. For example, a bow on the tip or the moon at the bottom. Everything depends on the imagination of the owner of a stylish manicure.


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