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Fashionable hats 2017-2018: best trends on 50 photos

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Fashionable hats 2018 year – an overview of stylish models for girls or women with descriptions and photos

Fashion today is quite democratic. Due to the huge number of styles in clothes, a person can create many images. Showing creativity in the selection of clothes and accessories, everyone will feel comfortable.

In the cold season, the headdress performs the function of keeping the heat and harmoniously completing the created image. The new winter season offers a huge selection of models of fashionable hats 2018 for women – youth and people of mature age.

Hat models 2018

The autumn-winter season 2018 offers a huge selection of hats for people of all ages, different tastes. The trend of 2018 is a combination of democratic style and comfort. To fashionably look and protect yourself from the cold, look at the ideas of designers:

Women will be pleased with the change in the image with the help of headgear – from business to glamorous, from romantic to creative. Fashionable hats of 2018, made of yarn, felt, velvet, fur, etc., corresponding to all tastes of women of fashion. They are easy to choose under the outer clothing.

This season it is fashionable to decorate the headgear with accessories. This is a great field for the creative imagination of women of fashion. Ordinary cap is changed beyond recognition, if for her skillfully selected elements of decor.

Fashionable women’s hats of 2018 are offered in different colors – from pastel tones, strict black and white, to original and even explosive bright colors.

What options are considered fashionable for men this winter:

  • Strict, one-piece knitted tight hats are still popular.
  • Models of leather, fur, felt will help men look stylish in any weather.
  • Male experimenters choose bright, patterned, with pompoms, with ethnic motifs of the model guided by their own style.

Hats 2018 for women

Winter knitted hats this winter remain in the trend. Knitted, knitted or crocheted by hand, they are able to bring any outfit to perfection, especially when paired with a spectacular scarf. Modern style is tolerant to both refined soft, and to large or coarse knitting.

Volumetric binding for hats, scarves is used if they are combined with clothing for country walks, but it is also appropriate in the urban style.

Knitted bandanas are a good choice, if you can not cope with shawls and scarves, do not like to trouble yourself, tying up knots several times on large canvases before leaving the room. These models, like woolen strips, not only cover the ears. They look good under sports jackets, classic coats, make the image feminine.

Cap knitted large viscous crochet looks very impressive. Her rounded narrow visor from temple to temple suits any type of face. And this is not all the styles of knitted hats 2018 – you will be surprised, but this season are popular:

  • turbans;
  • hats with pompons;
  • berets;
  • snobs;
  • beanies;
  • models with “ears”;
  • hoods;
  • styles with “pigtails”.

Fashion autumn-winter 2018 special attention draws on berets. Classical, refined, glamorous, evocative things are designed to change the image of a woman. Fur models will help keep warm. At least one such is desirable to have any woman. It is not necessary that the fur is natural. The materials used for sewing and knitting are various. Relevant:

  • wool;
  • leather;
  • cashmere;
  • velvet;
  • fur;
  • combining and combining materials.

Berets and other hats of artificial fur look no worse than products made of natural fur. Given the fashion trends of careful attitude to nature and acceptable prices for artificial fur, women feel quite comfortable choosing this model. If hats-hats made of felt are a hit of this season, then felt boots are an absolute hit.

Combining elegance, simplicity, charm, respectability, berets will be indispensable in creating a practical urban style and sophisticated French chic.

Hats 2018 for men

Popular hats for men are those in which they feel comfortable, stylish, confident. The autumn-winter season 2018 offers models that meet all these requirements. Knitted hats, repeating the shape of the head, are convenient when driving a car, they look equally alike with coats, sports jackets.

Their bright color scheme is able to help a man with a simple style look fashionable, and if necessary – extravagant. What else to try on a man:

Knitted with knitting needles or simple knitted beanies is an elongated shape of hats, belonging to the style of unisex. They can be turned away in different ways, forming a new image.

  • In the trend remain fashionable knitted hats, decorated with pompoms.
  • Hats with fields large and small, caps, berets will help representatives of the stronger sex look slightly brutal.
  • Fur hats are still relevant. As an option – with leather upper.
  • New hats malachai (made of natural fur with a long pile and tail behind) emphasize masculinity, thoroughness.

With what to wear fashionable hats 2017-2018

Women’s turban cap is a stylish accessory for both casual wear and expensive clothes because:

  • looks great with a classic coat;
  • extravagant – with a leather jacket, a leather jacket;
  • in combination with a fur coat will be an excellent addition to the ensemble;
  • its color can be in the tone of the outer clothing, differ from it by several tones and contrast in color, appearing as the main accent of the image of the woman;
  • knitted turban will fit into non-removable jackets, straight or in shape;
  • she has no age restrictions, but older ladies should not decorate the turban with bright accessories.

The beanie-hat is good in a feminine, stylish manner. She looks attractive in men’s performance. Fashionable knitted hats of 2018 can not be imagined without a model of an elongated shape that fits snugly to the head. Bini wore podium models, it fits perfectly into the image of the urban style.


  • Bound by a large knit, this model is well combined with a jacket-down jacket or a three-dimensional sheepskin coat.
  • A thin knitted bina brings to the ensemble from classical clothes the notes of call and coquetry.
  • People over 40 are more appropriate to wear it with jackets and jeans.
  • Beret is a universal model. You can choose the right color, style and design for everyone:
  • A felt, woolen beret fits a classic draped coat, a knitted one – a jacket.
  • A properly selected scarf will emphasize the French style.
  • Gloves, a bag, beret in collusion are able to make a low-key and classic female image unique.

In this season, non-standard details for decorating berets are relevant: veils, embroideries, brooches, leather elements. Choosing such a beret, you need to understand that in itself it is already a bright accessory, so the remaining elements of clothing should be restrained.

Pastel light yarns can refresh your complexion.

A red beret with a trapezoidal coat will create a romantic image for the girl.

Trendy designer hats 2018

Collections of designer hats 2018 surprise with diversity. Fashionable knitted hats, knitwear products, felt, fur models are skillfully stylized with accessories. Photos of fashion magazines are pleased with the original styles. The simpler the design, the more expensive the material from which the product is made is the law of all fashion houses:

Anna Sui offers refined beanies, impressive with accuracy and simplicity, but with an unconventional color scheme. They are well combined with both jackets and classic coats.

Ralph Lauren offers handmade winter knitted hats. You can wear them with anything, there are no restrictions.

Calvin Klein decorates knitted models with pompoms, “braids”, “tassels”. They are perfect for quilted down jackets. The style “retro” in the products of this fashion house from mohair, angora attracts femininity, warmth. A coat to the knees and one of these models will give the girl elegance.

Marc Jacobs uses for collections of knitted cap patterns in the form of hats with short, cute curved margins that look good with fur coats.

Large knitted hats 2018

The actual trends of the 2018 season are volumetric patterns, large knitting. They are designed to emphasize female fragility, visually extend the neck. Hints:

  • Gently looking caps with a gradient (a smooth transition of color) pastel tones.
  • The cap of a large mating with a soft visor is able to radically change the image of a girl, combined with jackets, coats.
  • The overlook style calls attention to a warm thing. Models of large mating look great with a classic coat and a traditional down jacket.
  • A set of cap, scarf and mittens made of thick (bulk) yarn looks amazing, especially on young and skinny girls.

Fur hats 2018

Headdresses made of fur, in addition to aesthetic qualities, fulfill their main purpose – shelter from wind and cold. Any person living in geographical areas with a noticeably frosty winter, it is desirable to have at least one warm fur model. Fashionable hats of 2018 are represented by fur hats-earflaps, kubanks, scarves-hoods, malakhai, berets, turban, etc.

These items are worn with winter coats and jackets of straight or fitted silhouette. With fur coats and down jackets they look cumbersome.

Happy young woman plays with a snow

Caps with pompon

Winter knitted hats with a pompon remain in demand this season. The accessory adds each model of playfulness and tenderness. A few years ago, pompoms could only be seen on children’s hats, and today models with them are worn by both teenagers and people of the older generation. Associative perception of pompoms as an element of childhood makes them so popular. How to wear:

Volumetric pom-poms look good on models in the form of a helmet, a sock. This element is of different sizes, sometimes three pompons are used at once in the cap-helmet model.

Knitted berets, sports hats, even hats with a veil can have pompons.

Like last season, at the peak of popularity fur pom-poms. Fashion with pompons are worn with any winter clothes.

The only limitation is age. Men and older women need to be very careful about selecting models with pompoms, so as not to look comical.

Bright colors of hats 2018

Bright colors allow themselves to be worn by people who are self-confident, who show individuality or those who are inclined to shocking. Knitted cap models for women and men, proposed this season, are designed for every taste. Bright caps look impressive when contrasted with the color of clothing. At the same time the style of clothing can be anything: from sports to retro. In 2018 the main color trends are:

  • yellow primrose (bright yellow);
  • May greens;
  • lapis blue (deep blue);
  • flame (red-orange);
  • pink tropical (hot pink);
  • gold.

Headgear for women after 50 years old

The older the woman becomes, the more carefully you need to approach the choice of clothes and hats to emphasize the individuality and to mask certain features of appearance – cheeks, heavy eyelids, pointed cheekbones. The autumn-winter collection of 2018 offers women after 50 years a large selection of felt products. Due to the soft texture and smooth contours of the cap-hat emphasize femininity, add elegance to the image of a woman. Look great with a coat:

  • “pills”;
  • berets;
  • hats with short fields.

In the trend felt hats with wide margins. They effectively look with a fur coat from a short fur. Fashionable crocheted hats of 2018 have suitable styles for women after 50 years. Advice:

  • A big role in the choice of knitted styles for those over 50 yarns. It is necessary to choose light colors, which will advantageously shade the complexion.
  • Products of large mating should not be chosen for women with a round face.
  • To a sports style of clothes the binie approaches.
  • Mature women should not choose models with cheap accessories made of glass and plastic.

A universal headdress is a turban. She faces girls and women. This accessory is capable of giving the image femininity and elegance. Models look great with both a coat and a fur coat. Fur fashion hats in 2017-2018 are gaining popularity. Please note that:

  • Women in 50 preferably choose a model with a short fur.
  • You do not need to buy fur caps of complex construction, especially full women of low growth.
  • Fur headdresses should not be worn with fur coats. They will look stylish with coats and down jackets below the knees.

How to choose a fashionable hat 2018

The choice of headgear should be guided by the shape of the face:

  • Oval type of face suitable for any model.
  • Triangular – the shapes that cover the forehead, hats-bandanas, small berets. Clinging caps are better to miss past their attention.
  • Chubby women are more suited caps with visors and lapels.
  • The square type of person is sporting styles and hats with earflaps.

It is necessary to know that the height and weight of a woman also play a role in choosing a fashionable headdress. Wide, bulky and flat models will face tall and slender girls. A low, full of women, these styles should not be chosen. Hair length is not less important when choosing.

At short haircuts to representatives of a fair sex hats-earflaps, hats, “bowlers”, sports hats will approach. Long-haired – berets, beanies, kepi.

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