Yellow dress - coctail, evening, long and short

Yellow dress

Yellow color is always a cause of genuine interest as everybody’s attention is attracted by its brightness. However, the attention can be of different kinds as yellow is quite an ambiguous color. There are flashy acidic shades that can seem even aggressive, as compared to warm shades that arouse the memories of the summer. Women's site is here for you to present a variety of ideas regarding yellow dress.

Tight yellow dress

Yellow can be perfectly combined well with other colors. Besides, psychologists claim that wearing clothes in yellow enhances self-confidence and helps unlock your inner potential.

This season fashion paid a great deal of attention to this bright color. The reason is obvious: yellow is encouraging color, which makes women look glaring and attractive. Fashion trends promote both models of monochrome shades and variegated ones.

Short dresses

In order to choose a suitable shade for you, look at the tone of your skin. Thus, dark shades as gold fit all skin tones, whereas the olive shade is more beneficial for the girls with tanned or dark skin.

Yellow dresses are trendy again!

Both experienced fashionistas and ordinary women are attracted by the yellow. Summer season demonstrates a variety of yellow dresses; they can be romantic, feminine, eye-catching, and even provocative. The choice is depends on your purposes and preferences.

The diversity of yellow shades gives the opportunity to achieve any effect you want. By choosing the color properly, you may look mysterious and cute at the same time. Also, you can wear a yellow dress for any occasion, from the festive celebrations to simple going to the movies.

Glowing fabrics

The age is not limitation when you look for an appropriate color; you can use any shades from hot yellow to calm sandy. You surely won’t look older even in the color of autumn foliage; it will only ennoble your image. Yellow can be monochrome or of different patterns such as prints with geometric shapes and various ornaments.

The diversity of yellow dress models this season meets any taste; you will definitely find yours among the dresses with a slit, punching or drapes. Column dresses never go out of style and their simplicity provides you freedom in decorating them. Baby doll dresses, delicate bodice dresses with open shoulders, and elegant dresses in wing-like style are fashionable this season, as well.

Yellow dresses for every day

Regarding the shades, canary yellow, lollypop yellow and pale colors are especially popular at present. You can also use gold, lemon and bronze shades. By wearing the dress with the right shade you will highlight your advantages and individuality, and, besides, you will ensure yourself a good mood. Have you heard about color therapy? The sunny color of yellow has an amazing effect of giving you positive energy.

Yellow dresses for evening

You can use the same dress both for office and evening just changing the accompanying clothes. Thus, by putting the classic jacket or cardigan the column dress will become a business one. Black tights, court shoes or discreet ankle boots, handbag, belt, jewelry and other accessories will complete the official style. Business style can be also supplemented by a dark green jacket, strict shoes and simple bag. The combination of gray with yellow gives the impression of modesty. You will look extraordinary and original in such a style in spite of its plain constituents.

Combining yellow with white

Both white and yellow are bright and sunny colors, so it’ll be a perfect choice for warm sunny days. However, you should remember that these two colors are absolutely not contrasting. Therefore, it’s better to choose dark colors for the accessories.

Yellow dress with white jacket

This combination will look great both on the tanned girl, and the light-skinned blonde. Regarding the make-up, dark-skinned brunettes are recommended to use bright colors, while blondes can stick to retro style with bright red lipstick.

Combining black with yellow

Black and yellow are two classic colors that create contrast, so your image will definitely stand out if you choose such combination. The accessories can be selected according to the same principle of contrast. For instance, you can wear black shoes, fasten a black barrette in your hair, or take a black clutch. And, a dress with black buttons as a representative of retro style will guarantee a stunning effect.

Yellow with black

Blue and yellow dress

Blue and light blue can be perfectly combined with yellow. This pattern may look even more charming than black-yellow one. Blue allows mixing a variety of accessories and colors such as red, green, or orange.

Yet, sometimes it’s not easy to find a dress of these two colors, so many ladies wear one-color dress and supplement it by the accessories. Thus, a blue bag, blue suede shoes, a wide blue belt or a blue ribbon in your hair may ideally fit your fashionable look.

Casual yellow dresses

“Gladiator” sandals, a bag with fringe and yellow dress is quite an unexpected combination of country style and suitable for everyday image. You can replace the sandals by the boots in Cossack style.

Casual yellow dress

In order to make your look in yellow sundress compelling and stylish, put ballet flats in leopard pattern and take a clutch. If you want to create a calm image, then choose a delicate shade of yellow for your dress and pastel colors for the accessories. Conversely, if your purpose to stand out, feel free to try a "tangerine" color of the dress.

Summer yellow dresses

If you decide to take a walk in the fresh air, put a light dress and maroon sandals or shoes, accompanied by cardigan or jacket of the same color. The additional alternative is a black leather jacket together with black ballet flats which will also contribute to the great look.

Dress with one shoulder

As it was already mentioned above, light yellow is perfectly combined with light-blue shades, so a dress with a denim jacket or vest will look just wonderful. Use the contrast of blue and yellow in order to create something original and harmonious. This unique combination seems very stylish and unusual. Such garb provides self-confidence and audacity. Be open to the experiments!

Yellow evening dress

Fergi in yellow dress

If you often visit high society parties, you can get a ball gown. There is no need for intricate accessories in this case, as a ball gown is your main decoration. Noble jewelry is an appropriate alternative, though. The elegant evening open heels, clutch and bolero, preferably in black, will properly complement the evening style.

Long dress for event

Yellow wedding dresses

At present wedding traditions are undergoing significant changes. Bridal fashion is adjusting to these changes, as well. More and more brides decide to wear the dress of a different color besides classic white. Such approach, though, is more suitable for warm seasons.

Yellow evening dress

The bride in yellow dress is the embodiment of optimism. If you enjoy being in the spotlight and always ready for new beginnings, such a bold choice is perfect for you. This optimistic and charming image will reflect your originality and creative way of thinking.

Yellow dress for wedding

Well, yellow is quite a tricky color: all eyes will be turned to you. It is cheerful but at the same time warm and gentle, suitable for both brunettes and blondes if the right shade is chosen. However, pale pastel colors fit well all types.

Long evening dress

If you are an owner of tanned and dark complexion, you can easily choose the wedding dress of bright yellow color with an open neckline. Blondes should choose the dress according to their hair color, as many shades won’t fit them at all. The accessories of blue, green and brown color will add the contrast to your unforgettable image.

The length of the yellow dress - long or short?

This season fashion allows all the lengths: charming mini, strict midi, and airy maxi. Thus, short sundress in yellow tones is relevant for the hot summer as sunny shades effectively accentuate the tan and creates the image of youthful enthusiasm. Ethnic or floral print will make the image even brighter.

Long and short dresses

Yellow color is easily combined with floor-length which is now extremely popular. There is a great range of the models that can be designed with flounces, ruffles, slits, drapes, perforation, or with a wide A-line skirt. The compatibility of flat shoes such as ballet flats or sandals with maxi length is a great advantage.

Yellow dress of different length

Tight-fitting models go well with fashionable shoes or sandals with heels. If you like comfortable clothes, choose a dress with slits. Dresses in the “country” style or casual slip-on dresses are perfectly compatible with a large beach bag.

Big size yellow dress

Full girls may wear the model with long sleeves, close-fitting silhouette and a deep V-neckline. Column dress made of light fabrics would accentuate these women’s advantages and help hide the flaws.

Dresses for big women

Regarding the prints, the floral one would fit this type of figure, whereas “animal” is not recommended at all. You should also avoid the dresses with cross patterns as they visually increase the figure.

However, fashion geometric patterns, long zippers, and shift dresses with vertical accents would look perfectly.

Yellow dress for pregnant women

Women in the family way also want to look bright and attractive so yellow can be one of the possibilities for them. Of course, the dress material should be elastic which makes it convenient to wear while your belly is growing. The simple models made of flowing fabric are preferable in this case. It would be a nice bonus if you can wear this dress after childbirth, as well.

Accessories for yellow dress

Both bright and pastel accessories in a classic style are well-matched to yellow dress. Choose white accessories decorated with gold details for silk and satin dresses; they will give lightness to your image. Headband with flowers and coral sandals will make your look feminine and delicate, since it is the perfect blend of colors.

Accessories for dress of yellow color

Jewelry made of gold and precious metals looks gorgeous on a yellow background, while silver is not compatible with it. Pearls are another great alternative as its matt softness accentuates the dress, and your whole image becomes elegant, though still bright. Glamorous earrings of green, purple and blue colors together with a massive necklace will emphasize your extravagance.

Small bags for yellow dress

Yellow is always associated with the sun, the summer holiday, so it at all times looks bright, fresh and chic. Be ready to be in the spotlight if you decide to wear a yellow dress. Hence, if your purpose is exactly the opposite and you don’t like a lot of attention, don’t put it. By doing the appropriate hairstyle, makeup, and accessories you will shine even brighter.

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