Greek dress: 66 photos and ideas

Greek dress

Romantic greek style dress will make you a queen of the party. You will look like the ancient greek goddess in this wonderful apparel. Dress up in greek style, because prepared best ideas for you!

At all times, men compared the women with goddesses who attracted them by the beauty, grace, and charm. Ancient Greece is known for the creation of unique forms in many areas, from architecture to clothing. This explains why fashionable Greek dresses are always popular.

Kinds of dresses in the Greek style

Simplicity and symmetry are the basic features of this wonderful garment. It is relevant for so many centuries proving the fact that all ingenious is simple. The lightness, straightness of lines and beauty make Greek dresses just perfect.

Why is Greek dress so special?

This type of a wear is worn on one shoulder, opening the second one that emphasizes the femininity. This attire was so fashionable that eventually spread to other countries. To this day, the Greek apparel personifies feminine beauty and grace without depending on fashion trends.

Clothing in the Greek style is made of weightless light fabric of mostly bright colors. The classic combination of white and gold looks particularly lovely. Various drapes and folds add to the romantic and gentle look of the dress. A nice bracelet or brooch completes the charming view.

Greek wear has the high waist and flowing long skirt which highlights the beauty of female breast and suitable for any body type. You just need to find the model which particularly fits you; then, you will surely benefit from the advantages.

Beautiful drapes are very helpful both to hide the body fullness and to add volume where needed. The sandals made of leather on a solid sole and designed with various straps and laces will complete the image.

Choose the elegant high-heeled sandals for special occasions and parties. Importantly, shoes have to add to the light and airy image without making the effect of weightiness.

Ancient Greece was one of the leading powers in those times. Its outstanding architecture and a variety of products on the market were the sources of pride and admiration. Greece was very abundant since it maintained relations with other countries. Consequently, Greek people lived in prosperity and wealth.

An honorable place was given to female fashion in those times. Greek women preferred a thin white cloth as the basis for their attire.

The modern designers have worked hard to diversify the style by combining a variety of glamorous elements. An original Greek dress is of white color, so the designers also added different tones. The material has also been modified; at the present, such fabrics as satin, silk, and chintz are mostly used as they are light and can be easily assembled in folds.

The design of modern Greek fashion clothes differs from its original source. Thus, designers add new elements; for instance, the sleeves are lengthened, and the neckline is created in various shapes - from a circular to a heart shape. Different sequins are widely used now in order to decorate the finished attire. The bodice of evening dress is usually ornamented with the crystals and a variety of beads.

There is also a popular type of wear which is called "Princess"; it combines two styles, Greek, and A-line. Such wear is high-waisted, with a thin belt tied under the breast and flared skirt. This model is appropriate to wear at various events, and it looks quite impressive.

The types of figure suitable for Greek dress

Greek style fits any type of figure. Plump women can greatly benefit from wearing such attire as it disguises figure flaws and accentuates the advantages. Similarly, lean ladies can enlarge size where needed. Ideal figure owners will look even more gorgeous in Greek attire since all the advantages are clearly emphasized.

This type of wear is perfect for different events such as graduation party or wedding.

Wedding dresses in the Greek style

We can observe a variety of wedding apparel models created by the designers. The classic summer style in spite of its simplicity looks gorgeous on the bride.

Purely Greek style may be combined with classical aspects; for example, simple draperies can be supplemented by elegant lace, and straight models can be draped at the waist. The belts and various accessories are, definitely, can be added to these clothes. Naturally, all models of Greek wedding dresses are floor-length and have loose cut.

Wedding attires put the emphasis on femininity and purity of the bride, so they look especially charming. And, adding the diadem would make any bride feel like a princess.

Greek evening dresses

If you want to pick such wear for special occasions, there is a great choice of various models, color scheme, and ornaments. Thus, models vary from short skirts (which can be short only in front) to floor-length. There is a great range of colors and fabrics, as well. You can choose an apparel according to your taste preferences; there are light dresses made of chiffon or satin dresses of incredibly bright color, and much more.

Dress opened on the front

One of the modern options is a long dress with a cutout on the thigh area. Such a model is perfect for special occasions and different celebrations regardless of its lack of classic style. You will certainly become a queen of the ball in such a dress.

Floor-length dresses always look astonishing. If you put a long dress, create the image in retro style: set a stunning updo or voluminous curls, and complement the hairstyle by bright makeup with a clear line of eyebrows, lips, and eyelashes.

Long red dress

Evening clothes for the summer period are characterized by simplicity, which, however, guarantees a chic view to their owners.

Greek dresses for the graduation party

Prom apparels in the Greek style are a great option for a celebration evening. A young girl would look amazingly tender as elegant lines, light style, and gentle drapes would accentuate her youth.

The style “over one shoulder” calls attention to the beauty of the shoulders. Hence, one of them remains open, and another is covered by the elegant drapes. A satin bow or ribbon under the breast can nicely decorate the dress, especially if your apparel is made in pastel shades.

The dresses for graduation party may be the classic white. You will look like a graceful Greek statue in this color. Take care about the appropriate hairstyle: the updo with curls decorated with artificial flowers or a tiara would be an excellent choice. Balance your image by the bracelets made of natural stones. Finally, the perfect shoes for the party are high sandals.

Dresses for pregnant women

Pregnant Angelina Joly

Greek styled clothing is perfectly suitable for future mothers; they are going to be relaxed in such outfit, as they are quite comfortable to wear. They are loose, so, it’ won’t be hot in them in the last weeks before the due date. In addition, such a model is not tight at the waist, and it hides the belly, thanks to the folds.

Outfit for pregnant women

Greek dresses for larger women

The Greek style allows the full ladies to demonstrate their advantageous décolletage, the pride of many women, and it also makes the waist visibly less.

Figure flaws wouldn’t be too noticeable in the draped clothes; it successfully covers the disadvantages making you look elegant. Fat folds and excess size of the thighs and abdomen are gently concealed by the drapes, which contributes to the feminine image.

What can be combined with the Greek dress?

Golden accessories

First, light thin-soled sandals perfectly fit the Greek clothing style. These shoes were used originally in ancient Greece in the combination with the dress, so it is the best option if you want to add the gracefulness to your image. However, if you can’t live without high heels, you should carefully select the shoes. Wedge shoes and very high heels are not suitable for this style. Hence, try to choose the shoes with thin heels.

You should also pay a close attention to the jewelry. Wrist bracelets go well with the Greek dress. Elegant jewelry should be given preference; don’t wear massive chains and earrings. Gold without stones - is another suitable alternative. Go ahead and create a suitable hairstyle to become unrecognizable! Take a small bag to complement your look.

What about the weather?

In case it is cool, it’s possible to put a wide scarf or a stole over the shoulder and attach it by a beautiful brooch. It’s not recommended to put rough outerwear such as jackets. The style of the clothing is related to summer, so there is no point of wearing something additional. However, if you are in an urgent need to use this style in cold weather, it’s better to combine it with a long classic coat.

Fitting hairstyle for fashionable Greek outfits - is smooth hair, tied in a knot, as well as loose hair parted and tied by a beautiful decorative ribbon on the forehead. The most suitable accessories are massive metal bracelets and a clutch with draperies, similar to the dress.

Become a Greek goddess by simply wearing the right dress! Create the perfect image: think about hair, makeup, shoes, outfit, and go ahead! 

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