Brazilian bikini: all about procedure

Brazilian bikini style

Brazilian bikini - is a trend, that never gets old. How to make right brazilian shave and look just amazing - we are going to tell you in our article.

Brazilian hair removal is characterized by a complete depilation in the bikini area including pubis, genital lips, buttocks and buttcrack line. This procedure leaves only a thin line or any pattern you like on the pubis.

The origins of Brazilian shave

This procedure dates back to 1987. Seven sisters Padila, which came to New York from Brazil, started an innovative business: they removed the hair with the help of hot wax. Such method was quite popular in Brazil because of the open swimwear. Gradually Brazilian bikini style has spread to other world regions; both men and women discovered its benefits. Nowadays it is one of the most accepted solutions to get rid of an unwanted hair.

Hygiene and convenience excel in the list of Brazilian trim advantages. Interestingly, you can choose the shape of intimate haircut in order to visually improve your appearance. Thus, plumpness of the forms can be reduced by using fine lines in the intimate shaving. If you are an owner of a narrow waist, you can freely choose larger patterns. Next, pay attention to the selecting a right color for the intimate haircut so it would be properly combined with the skin color. Currently orange, red, green, and blue are the trendiest colors. Women with increased hairiness in the intimate zones such as pubis sides, coccyx and the inside of the thighs can fully benefit from this type of trimming your pubis.

Pros and cons of Brazilian shave

The main pros:

  • The skin stays smooth for the period of one month;
  • The price of the procedure is affordable;
  • Regular procedures reduce hair growth considerably;
  • Suitability for the different skin types as compared to the razor blades and hair removal cream which often cause skin irritation.

The main cons:

  • There is a possibility of ingrown hairs, mainly if the hair is coarse;
  • It is quite painful method of shaving.

Order of brazilian shave procedure steps and technique

1. Importantly, before the procedure the hair length in the bikini area shouldn’t exceed 0.5 cm. Another required condition is complete purity of the skin, so don’t use any creams.

2. You should consult the epilation specialist before the procedure in order to discuss all the details. The specialist should have a clear idea of what you want to get at the end. Browse the catalog with different variants of intimate haircuts so you may pick up a specific pattern.

3. Then the cosmetologist should check a client in order to make sure that there are no minor wounds, inflammation, irritation, fungal infections, or enlarged lymph nodes on the patient’s body. In case something from this list was found, the trimming procedure must be canceled.

4. The next step is the wax application to the chosen bikini area after it is heated to the required temperature. Then, the cosmetologist imposes a fabric strip on the same spot with smoothing movements. After the wax cools down, the strip should be removed abruptly.

5. The next stage is the correction when the remaining hair are removed with the help of special pincers.

The skin after the procedure usually stays smooth for a month. Thus, after a month passes it is better to visit the salon in order to make the correction of intimate haircut. It is also possible to decorate it by sequins, rhinestones, or various feathers which are attached to the body by special glue. Of course, you shouldn’t rub your intimate area strongly while you’re taking shower; this way you will keep neat appearance for a longer period of time.

After Brazilian bikini procedure

It is essential to know how to treat the intimate area after brazilian trimming.

First, it is highly undesirable to wear very tight pants; try to select other types of underwear.

Second, the skin on the pubis after shaving is extremely sensible, so don’t touch the intimate area immediately after it in order not to bring the infection.

Third, refrain from taking a hot bath, as well as visiting public swimming pools and saunas for at least three days after the depilation. Leave your habits for a short time so the skin on the bikini area can recover properly.

Fourth, don’t use a wisp of bast; this way you will prevent the emergence of ingrown hairs.

Finally, use a moisturizer each time after taking a shower in order to keep the bikini area skin soft and hydrated.

If you want a satisfactory result after this procedure, don’t trust numerous ads in tabloids. You should look for an experienced professional in a specialized beauty salon with positive feedback. There is another option if you want to save money on the procedure: student cosmetologists can carry out the procedure for free while they are learning in cosmetic training center.

Brazilian hair shave at home

In case you don’t trust any cosmetologists you can easily learn how to do wax bikini trimming at home. Of course, you won’t be able to design and implement complex intimate haircuts without experience. However, it is quite real task to completely remove unnecessary hair on your own.

The only things you need in order to make depilation are a special wooden applicator and cosmetic wax. Thus, you can use one of the good quality brands, Surgi Wax. It is recommended to take an analgesic half an hour before the procedure, especially in case you remove hair for the first time. Follow this order of steps:

1. Put cosmetic wax into a porcelain dish and heat it to a necessary temperature.

2. After that accurately apply wax with a wooden applicator to the areas requiring depilation.

3. After wax solidifies, you should remove it by a jerk. Do it quickly, otherwise the pain will be much stronger and the result won’t be satisfactory.

Contraindications to the Brazilian bikini

You should always take into consideration the contraindications when you plan to go through this procedure. The first and most important one is pregnancy or planning to get pregnant. The reason of that is not the wax composition as it is absolutely non-toxic but the pain during the procedure which can indirectly affect the development of the baby.

Then, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and those suffering from heart and skin diseases shouldn’t make this type of depilation. In case you have benign or malignant tumors in the intimate area Brazilian hair removal is also prohibited.

Another contraindication to the wax hair removal is the period before and after menstruation; if you suffer from pains during menstruation, you mustn’t remove the hairs in this period, in particular.

Brazilian hair removal is one of the opportunities for women to add to the perfect appearance. Of course, it doesn’t mean that this procedure is compulsory: each of us has its own idea of beauty. However, it is worth trying in order to understand if it suits you and meets expectations.

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