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Copper hair shades: ideas of copper color hair dye (77 photos)

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Copper hair color and dye: new trends of 2018

Copper shade of hair – this sounds pretty mysterious, but it’s not clear why the hair color is named as metal. After all, copper is metal, and it’s hard to imagine a hair of metallic color. Nevertheless, this is a pretty beautiful color, with it you can make a lot of decent hairstyles, any skin color and many make-ups will suit it. In this article, we will consider the copper color of hair, a photo of its varieties and video coloring lessons in this shade.

Here we note that this color of hair sometimes resembles a dark red, but the first is really more like the color of metal, especially when it gleams in the sun, you can also see a slight red tint.


Varieties of copper hair color

Copper hair color can be completely different – dark or light, bright or pale, open-red or light-wheat. From all this wide range it is not difficult to choose the appropriate shade for each specific case. The only exception are girls with very light eyes and pale thin skin of the face. In this case, you should carefully select the shade, so as not to disturb the harmony of the image. An unambiguous answer in this case can not be given, so it is best to seek the assistance of an experienced master.

Beautiful shades of copper will allow each of you to quickly select the right option.
The most popular shades of red and copper:

  • Bordeaux;
  • Mahogany;
  • Fiery red;
  • A warm shade of copper;
  • Strawberry-red;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Golden-chestnut;
  • Honey, etc.

Light copper tone

The light copper color of hair is somewhat like a wheaten with a beautiful reddish tint. It is considered universal – perfectly suited to green, brown, blue and gray eyes. The main thing – the shade of the skin – not light, but not dark. Excellent falls on the base blond.

Brown-copper tone

A classic and easily attainable hair color, which can be made even by toning. He well falls on the hair and light, and medium or dark tones. However, brown-haired women can do only with toning, and blondes and blondes will have to undergo the procedure of persistent staining.

Brown copper hair color has a chocolate pod. It is an ideal choice for brownies and brunettes with green and brown eyes and pale or swarthy skin.

To achieve such a luxurious shade with the help of toning means you can, if you get a shampoo “Tonic”. According to reviews, this is the best tool for the ratio of “price / quality” to create copper-brown curls. The shade of “Red Amber” will give a copper shade to dark hair, “Cinnamon” – medium-brown, and the former owner of light hair – “Honey caramel” pre-painted in dark hair.

Of the celebrities who chose toning in copper-brown, one can name the highest paid actress of the present – Julia Roberts, the singer and idol of youth Ashley Simpson, the British actress Misha Barton.

Light brown tone

Unfortunately, in nature this color is rare, because of the combination of cold and warm colors in the optimal balance. He is distinguished by muffledness and looks exquisitely at girls of any type of appearance. However, the most advantageous it will look at the owners of light skin with a pronounced pink or peach podton, with light brown, blue or green eyes.

Advice! To achieve such a luxurious color, you can use colors marked with the first digit 5 ​​or 6, the second (main tone) – 4 or 5, the third (additional tone) – 6.

However, the shade itself may be different, with a predominance of warm or cold tones, a reddish or red podton. The most popular means for coloring in copper-brown color are:

  • L’oreal Excellence Creme 7.43 Light-brown. It is a noble light shade with luxurious overflows of honey, copper and ash pigments;
  • Estel Silver № 7/4 Light brown and № 7/47 Light brown copper-brown. In the first shade prevails a copper sub-tile, in itself it is quite light. The second shade is more subdued, but the sun will shine with all shades of copper and gold;
  • Cosval SanoTint №16 Copper-light brown. It is a semi-natural hair dye with a minimum content of synthetic components and dyes, which makes it possible to achieve a bright copper shade based on light brown.

A coppery blond shade of strands is combined with green, dark gray, brown and blue eyes, as well as very light skin and strands of any texture. It is considered natural and more democratic than other colors. The image will not be very catchy, but beautiful and harmonious. It is an ideal way to bring a note of novelty to the image of a quiet modest lady.


Copper-golden tone

Gentle, reminiscent of the bright rays of the sun or the most famous precious metal, this shade is often found not only in Ireland, but among the eastern Slavs. Most often it is the owner of a light, partially pigmented, skin and light eyes – gray and blue. To achieve such a shade, if nature has not awarded golden curls, you can, using professional hair dyes. Light brown and brown-haired women will have to lighten for 2 to 4 tones first, and if the hair was previously dyed, then the wash is done beforehand.

Copper golden color – very warm and deep, allows to preserve natural overflows. To him you need to look at girls with brown and brown-green eyes. The hue of the skin is not important – it can be swarthy or light, and also slightly pinkish. As a basic base, you can safely perform a natural red color.

Staining is difficult, so it’s better to entrust it to the salon masters, but there are also affordable means for home treatment:

  • Garnier Color Naturals 7.4 Gold Copper. This is a shade based on light-brown with a pronounced color of copper. It is very bright and has beautiful overflows.
  • Estel Professional ESSEX 8/34 Light Brown Golden-Copper / Brandy. Stylish shade with overflows of copper and gold.

Celebrities with such a touch of hair – the star of the series “Gossip Girl” and the movie “Century Adalin” Blake Lively and the Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, whose golden-copper curls became her personal “business card.”

Copper-chestnut tone

Muted, more modest than bright red and copper shades, this color looks elegant and noble. It is often found as natural from the owners of the color-type “autumn”, but many girls, whom nature has not awarded with curls with a rich hint of copper, prefer staining.

A copper chestnut shade is an excellent choice for women with swarthy or tanned skin and dark hair. It may well suit the owners of fair skin, but it should not have a single flaw. A suitable shade of eyes – brown, quark green, blue, gray-green. This color of the copper palette will soften the strict image, refresh the whole appearance and make it more romantic.

You can make a classical color (with a chemical effect on the structure of the hair), and you can choose an elution – a weakly acid coloring or toning of the hair, during which the negatively charged particles-paint ions penetrate deep into the hair and change the composition of pigments.

Paint, which is suitable for safe transition to copper-chestnut – Goldwell Elumen BK @ 6. It does not contain peroxide and ammonia, and the process of staining will take very little time, because the effect on each hair is not chemical, but physical.

Many celebrities made a choice in favor of a copper-chestnut shade – this is Julianne Moore, whose natural shade of light brown hair with a reddish podtonom, and Emma Stone, and Kristen Stewart, who appeared in public with luxurious locks of bright chestnut shade.

Copper-red tone

Copper red shade has no analogues in nature, but with the help of a pack of paint you will easily achieve it. This fire color to the face of young girls with a pale skin tone (or slightly tanned), green and blue eyes, as well as textured haircuts. It looks just magically on curly long strands.

Of course, we note that in nature it does not exist, such a shade is achieved through artificial staining, but, nevertheless, it looks rather charming, especially on long hair. This color is best suited to pale or slightly tanned skin, the right eye color is not limited at all, but most suitable light brown.

Copper-red tone

The shade of bare copper wire without any inclusions of blond or chestnut tones produces the effect of a bursting bomb: the surrounding people always turn around to the owners of such a bright shade, and men show signs of attention. However, dyeing in copper-red should be done to please yourself, because the cardinal image change is such a pleasant process!

Copper red is very similar to the previous version, but does not look so bright. Suitable for skin of light, golden and peach hue and dark from nature strands.

This color can be achieved without prior clarification only to owners of light hair (not darker than tone 7.0 or 7.1), the rest will require the use of 3 or 6% oxidant, and for dark brownies and brunettes – clarifying powder.

Advice! For pre-clarification, professional tools Kapous Proffesional Bleaching Powder Mentol and Matrix Light Master are suitable. These remedies do not damage the hair structure and provide a good base for subsequent toning.

Learn how this shade looks on other women, you can if you look at photos of American young actress Bella Torn, stars of the series “Mad Men” Christina Hendrix or singer and actress Milen Farmer, whose luxurious copper curls in exchange for natural ash-blonde allowed her to make a stunning career.

Copper blonde

Owners of natural shade of light copper are not so often, but immediately attract attention. This is a luxurious shade, in which the notes of wheat (warm light-brown) and red are combined – it is this nuance that gives the final copper shade, and not honey or caramel. A hint of light copper goes to many girls, and not only with the canonical appearance for this.

Who is the copper blond? He seemed to be specially created for girls with very light or slightly tanned skin. The color of the eyes can be any, but in favor of a light tone.

Owners of brown eyes, dark eyelashes and eyebrows, tanned skin with a warm underwater, are harmonious appearance if their hair is painted in such a shade. Girls of the Nordic type have a light copper hair color also very to the face.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jonathan Hordle / Rex Features (2782549ai)
Rachel McAdams
‘About Time’ Film Premiere, London, Britain – 08 Aug 2013

Advice! To maintain the brightness of the shade, you can rinse your hair from time to time with a decoction of chamomile (1 tablespoon of dry mixture per 1 liter of water) or a solution of apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).

To achieve such a shade, if it is not from nature, you can, using paints:

  • Palette Salon Colors 9-7. This is an authentic shade of light copper, which will be especially advantageous for looking at thick, straight hair.
  • Palette Persistent cream paint Intensive color K8. This is a light copper shade with the finest color nuances of honey and caramel. Especially it will look good on girls with a warm skin and brown eyes.

Dark Copper

A warm dark shade of hair with pronounced tones of red and red is very rare in nature, and it can be achieved only by staining means. Optimal choice will be natural and organic paints based on Indian henna.

The universality of this shade is a parable in the language: it will look equally good for girls with fair skin and green eyes, and for girls of the “Corsican” type with swarthy skin and blue eyes, and burning brunettes, and gentle blondes. Everything will depend on the depth and brightness of the hue, as well as the degree of severity of the copper nuance.

Advice! If the hair is painted in a dark copper color henna, then you should add half a glass of thick curdled milk to the main mixture: the acidic medium of the mixture will allow the natural dyes to be better “taken”, and the hair will get an incredibly bright copper shade.

On whom of the celebrities can you see such a shade? One time with dark-copper curls was Lindsay Lohan, an actress and a socialite. Lana Del Rei, who is famous for soulful ballads, loves this shade of hair. In a dark copper shade, Scarlett Johansson also painted herself for the filming of the Marvel franchise films.

Methods of coloring hair in copper shades

Salon painting

The easiest way to find a copper hair color is to turn to a beauty salon, where skilled stylists will give your hair the desired shade, as well as help determine the appropriate tone. In this case, you have the opportunity to produce not only classical staining, but also to make lightening, coloring or resort to other techniques that make the color deeper, and the hair – visually more lush. Currently, experienced hairdressers can use several tones at once, so that the curls play in the sun and create a multifaceted unique effect of staining.

How to dye your hair copper at home

However, not all women can resort to the services of professionals. There may be many reasons for this, but the main and very significant is the high cost of the procedures. Therefore, many ladies prefer to dye their hair at home. It should be noted that the available means for this mass.

Most women are accustomed to using classical hair dyes, manufactured on a chemical basis. They are easy to use and in the majority give a stable color. Among all the variety presented in the cosmetic market of the country and the world, you can find a lot of different options, different in color and price. But what should be paid attention in the first place, is the composition. It must be attended by caring components, preferably of natural origin. This is important, because regular staining with low-quality paints will lead to brittle and thinning of the hair, stratification of their structure and cross-section of tips.

If you are not sure of the correct shade selection and want to experiment without harm to the hair, then you should pay attention to the tint balms and shampoos. They stain curls superficially, without damaging the structures, and are washed off in different cases through 5 to 10 water procedures.

How to get a shade of copper at home?

To color the strands in copper, use any of these available home remedies:

  • coffee;
  • onion husks;
  • henna;
  • tea.

Recipe # 1 – for a bright carrot color


  • Henna – 4 sachets;
  • Yolk – 1-2 pieces;
  • Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Sour milk – 2 tbsp. l.

How to paint strands correctly:

  • Sprinkle the henna in the glassware.
  • Add butter, yolk and sour milk.
  • Evenly grease the strands, remove them under the hood.
  • Wash off after 30 minutes.

For more information on how to make staining using henna, see this article.

Recipe number 2 – for dark copper


  • Coffee – 4 tbsp. l .;
  • Boiling water or strong tea is a glass;
  • Henna – 1 sachet.

How to paint strands correctly:

  • Pour the coffee with boiling water or black strong tea.
  • Drain in water vapor for about 10 minutes.
  • Pour out a packet of henna.
  • Evenly grease the strands, remove them under the hood.
  • Wash off after an hour.

Recipe number 3 – for red-copper


  • Onion peel – 50 grams;
  • Boiling water – 200 ml.

How to paint strands correctly:

  • Pour the onion husks with boiling water.
  • Cook for 20 minutes.
  • Evenly grease the strands, remove them under the hood.
  • Wash off after an hour.
  • Repeat daily until you achieve the desired result. If you want a darker color, take more husk.

There are also all-natural hair colors – henna and basma. They are not only safe for health, they also strengthen the structure, making the hair more lush, shiny and healthy.

You can use henna in its pure form to give the hair a rich red color. If you want to achieve a copper color with a chocolate or chestnut base, then you can add ground coffee or cocoa powder. To give the hair a dark copper hue, henna should be mixed with basma. The proportions in this case depend on how bright the color you want to get.

Choosing Copper Hair Dye

Not all girls are lucky to be born with a natural red hair color, but technical progress has come to the aid of women of fashion and now it is possible to achieve luxurious copper shades quickly, cheaply and cheaply for curls. Which coloring lines are best for you?

  • Mass market: L’oreal Recital Preference (produced a separate line of red and copper shades – 7.43, 74 and 78), Estel Persistent gel (for example, shade 149 “Copper-red”), Garnier Olia (shade 6. 46 Burning copper ).
  • Professional: Matrix Socolor Beauty, Revlon Color Silk, Schwarzkopf Cream-paint Igora Royal (8/77 Light blond copper extra).
  • Natural and organic: briquettes with henna from Lush, paint Lady Henna, paint based on henna Color Mate.
  • Henna: you can choose natural Iranian or Indian, they are sold in separate briquettes.
  • Eluminization: Goldwell Elumen only. Thinning: Tonic shade tonic (recommended shades are “Cinnamon” and “Red Amber”), the line of youth color products Anthocyanine and Crazy Color.

A few more tips

Having decided to repaint the strands, listen to our advice:

  • Tip 1. Girls with red, brown and light brown hair can easily get a copper shade of hair at home by buying paint in the store. But the fair-haired ladies should contact the salon. Home experiments they absolutely do not need.
  • Tip 2. Paint of similar colors is washed off very quickly. To color lasted longer, give preference to professional tools from proven manufacturers. They usually contain a lot of useful components that prevent the pigment from washing out of the hair structure.
  • Tip 3. Every second or third time you need to use shampoos that support and enhance the color (especially for redheads).
  • Tip 4. The rest of the time, use shampoos and balms with a moisturizing effect, because the colored head of hair very quickly loses moisture.
  • Tip 5. The lamination procedure will not be superfluous.
  • Tip 6. To color the gray, select the package for a couple of tones darker.
  • Tip 7. Color unevenly lie on the damaged, dry, cropped hair, as well as the washed-out base. To prevent this from happening, take regular therapy and update your haircut.
  • Tip 8. A copper shade of head of hair must be combined with a neutral wardrobe, in which there are not too bright and saturated things.
  • Tip 9. But the make-up should be expressive enough and truly flawless. You will have to give up the heavy black liner and the technique of the smokey eyes. Stay on natural and natural colors in lipstick, shadows and blush. For evening activities let’s say retro make-up and arrows of the 50’s.

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