Kim Kardashian's 7 beauty products: for makeup, skin and hair

Fashion icon Kim Kardashian

Not every girl can be so brave to wear dramatic eyelashes, bronzer, contouring, smoky eyes and many more... But Kim Kardashian can. To learn from best ones - what is left for us. takes beauty lessons from the biggest beauty icon of our time.

Dramatic eyelashes

Did anybody see Kim without her amazingly long and rich eyelashes? No, because she never misses beauty sessions at her visage. What can we do? We can learn to make false eyelashes ourselves and learn to sleep on the back, so not a single eyelash would fall. Or we should find the perfect mascara to create an effect of false eyelashes.

Using mascara, make 'zigzag' movements with a brush, and don't forget about outer lashes for a real "Kim Kardashian's effect".

Always Smoky Eyes

Rob Sheppy, Kim's visage master, knows, that no matter where his star customer is going, she always orders 'smoky eyes'. It's hard to believe, but Kim wears them since she was 14 years old, and for that reason we should trust her on that.

Kim Kardashian

To get the same eyes, like Kardashian has, you need to prepare your eyelids with powder and concealer. After that, you are going to need eye shadows of five colors - gray, light and dark brown, bronze and black one. Use the darkest color on your outer part of the eye. And don't forget to use a brush to form your shadows into a 'cat's eye'.

Eye shadows

Eye & Brow Maestro, Giorgio Armani

Linda Castello, an international Giorgio Armani visage master, knows, that every woman must have multifunctional makeup tool. Creme-based eye shadows Eye & Brow Maestro magically fit your eyes and are just perfect for blurred effect on eyelids. Also, these shadows can be used for eyebrows, and to shape up your cheekbones.

Best of the best contouring

Kim Kardashian knows for sure how to convert average face features to model standards. And thanks to her, we keep drawing straight nose lines, high cheekbones, and feminine face contour. Kim uses different tones on nose, cheeks and eyes.

Contouring kit

New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit / Estée Lauder

Duet for face sculpting will give you an ideal face. Creamy texture provides the easiest application. Both these tones match perfectly every girl's face! The sponge is applied for the best and comfy usage.

Plump lips

One of the most beautiful features of Kanye West's wife is - her well-shaped lips. Now every woman can get such lips, using newest cosmetic products and proven makeup techniques. First of all Kim Kardashian uses contour pencil for lips, and afterward applies bright colored lipstick. But it doesn't happen every time - usually, we see her just with a natural lip gloss.

Lip gloss

Faerie Whispers Cremesheen Glass / MAC

New MAC's winter collection allows all girls to become fairies at once! These glosses have four different colors and tones: three pink colors and one red. The texture is still not sticky, color - is bright, and as usual - the brush is applied.

Suntan like for real

We all have seen blond Kim, but we probably will never see Kardashian Snow White. And it doesn't really matter if it's January or August. Kim will rather make #nomakeup than the #notan selfie.

Suntan Michael Kors

Liquitan Self Tanner / Michael Kors

If you already appreciate lady bags and sunglasses Michael Kors, you will probably like the Liquitan Self Tanner. Glowing golden tone appears right away after applying it to the skin and getting stronger with every hour. Also, this skin tanner has a really summer odor - it's jasmine, orange blossom, and blackberry.

Glance hair shine

Long dark hair

Kim doesn't change her hair color as often, as her sisters - Kylie and Chloe. But only during the last year, she was a chocolate brunette, platinum blonde, honey blond... and then came back to her natural hair tone. Color changes but glance are still the same. What does she exactly to keep her hair strong and beautiful?

The secret is simple - Kim uses a moisturizing hair mask, at least, one time a week. But we can suggest other ways to your hair health.

Hair Serum Mythic Oil / L’Oreal Pro

Тhe strengthening serum for hair from L'Oreal Paris can really make the difference! The main ingredient - evening primrose oil, prevents hair breaking, saturates weakened hair with vitamins and natural fats, and brings healthily shining to your locks.

Instagram tips

Kim Kardashian is not only reality show star: her perfect matte skin collects hundreds of thousands likes on Instagram. Would you like the same skin? That's easy - get yourself the right face powder.

Face powder

Diorskin Forever & Ever Control / Dior

Unwanted skin gloss can spoil the perfect makeup. Transparent powder Diorskin Forever will save you from the failing. Ingredients of this powder create resistant covering and help your makeup to stay longer on your skin. Peter Phillips, Dior's creative director invented this makeup product for us, always busy girls.

There were best tips from Kim Kardashian. Do you have more ideas and suggestions? Don't hesitate to share it with us!


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