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How to wear burgundy dress (40 photos for inspiration)

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Many psychologists agree that the color of clothing is not chosen randomly. Character traits greatly influence the choice, so a woman choosing a burgundy color has vigor, strong and strong-willed character. In a cherry dress, a woman looks very dignified and elegant.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing a burgundy outfit. It is appropriate in everyday life, as well as at a festive event. It all depends on the fabric, style and dress accessories supplement.

Trendy and fashionable burgundy dresses 2018

At a solemn event or holiday, choose a wine tint and admiring glances will be addressed to you throughout the evening. A burgundy version of dense fabric, for example, brocade, looks very expensive, and the silk flows and shines with a pleasant wine shade. At a merry party, a burgundy dress will be the most rewarding.

Burgundy color is universal and can surprise with the richness of shades and pods in it the presence of purple, scarlet, pink, red is possible, so it will go to very many representatives of the fair sex.

Short burgundy dress

Choosing a short style, you must remember some subtleties. Firstly, you need to consider the fact that such a catchy color will not leave you without close attention, the length of the mini only increases the interest, so if your figure causes a feeling of restraint and uncertainty, then the mini should be discarded in favor of a more acceptable length in your case.

If you are absolutely confident in yourself and are not “afraid” of the dress, but there are small flaws, then it is possible to hide them with a wine tint and the correct fabric structure. For example, a lush bottom will hide excess volume or vice versa will add the missing one. Draping in the chest area will make her visually more, and if you lift the waist line, the legs miraculously seem longer. But not everything is so simple, if you are not in perfect shape, then this style of “shade” with fringe and shine is absolutely contraindicated to you.

Burgundy dress in the floor

A long burgundy dress is a choice of strong and confident women. With the right choice it looks amazing and very adorns the woman. AT

she looks like an elegant figurine. It is necessary to combine it with the heel, if it is a question of celebration.

The burgundy dress of maxi length can be as simple cut, without unnecessary details, so it looks harmonious and expensive, and interesting intricate shape and cut, with asymmetry, embroidery, complemented by cuts or lace. If your outfit has open shoulders or back, it is ideal to have a closed front section and a minimum of ornaments. To look very feminine and sexy is to choose a dress with a V-neck, chic looks a long cherry dress with straps, a figure and an elongated train. If you want to give the volume of the chest, you can lightly drape on the décolleté zone. Or choose a version of the classic cut on the figure, with an open back and a “deaf” face with long sleeves – this image looks royal.

Average length of burgundy dress

The universal average length or midi is suitable for both young girls and older ladies. She perfectly hides shortcomings, emphasizes the beauty of her legs and when choosing the right dress, she gently emphasizes the figure, making the woman visually higher. And as the average length to the knee, perhaps slightly higher or lower than it – is convenient and practical in life. You do not have to think about a long hem or about its ability to open too much, if it is short.

A burgundy dress of midi length from knitted fabric and rich color will be an almost indispensable option, suitable for a walk with coarse shoes or sneakers – convenient and practical, wearing ankle boots on an heel, the image becomes stylish and sexy. The dress can be made of stretch synthetic fabric, but dense and high-quality, then this is an excellent everyday option. If it is made of silk on straps, then safely put it on the holiday, complemented with a leather jacket-kosuhoy, you add an image of style and audacity.

Burgundy Dress Case

Excellent will choose a burgundy dress-case. It may also be worn for women with lush forms, as well as slender girls – in this regard, it has many solutions. Wishing to emphasize the waist, you can use a thin strap, women with less pronounced this part

To increase the volume of the hips, if desired, you can bash, drapery or lush skirt. By the way, if you have wide hips, but the shape of the legs and calves are beautiful, then a medium-sized case is the most suitable variant for you.

Dresses of midi burgundy shade look great and in simple execution – straight cut with sleeves three-quarters looks laconic and at the same time elegant. Wearing large earrings, bracelets and shoes on the heel, the image becomes elegant.

Evening claret dress

Burgundy is the color of refinement and luxury. A woman, choosing a dress of this color, will definitely stand out, and attract attention. The choice depends on where you are going. If this noisy youth party, then the wine dress will be the right choice. Material, for example, such as silk, will make the dress flawless, and you irresistible. Also worth paying attention to brocade or flying chiffon.

For a wedding celebration or some serious event, it’s worth choosing a long Burgundy dress. burgundye lace on the body looks incredibly beautiful, silk, satin – all these fabrics emphasize the shade and give him soft overflows. Also, the length of the midi is quite acceptable, here there are many options for decorating and decorating the dress – drapery, the bottom edge can be asymmetric.

Burgundy dress for the wedding

In the most responsible and long-awaited day of her life, every girl dreams to look incredibly solemn and original, but elegant and attract attention not pretentiously, but in an ideally chosen manner. A burgundy wedding dress, which can be more refined and appropriate on such a day. Although this choice may seem too bold, but in fact the color of burgundy is often not the color solution of timid girls. In favor of your choice may be the fact that a more elegant saturated shade is simply impossible to find.


The choice of a wedding dress should be approached responsibly, because you want to keep in memory only positive emotions from this event.

Girls are slender and with a good figure can afford a dress of any cut, not forgetting that even though the dress and wedding, but the burgundy color obliges to restrain the impulse of embellishment, because in itself is very bright and catchy. You will be approached and magnificent options, like a fairy princess, and a model-mermaid, a straight long dress with a train, will also cause admiration of your guests and the groom. You can narrow your broad shoulders

A-silhouette or dress in Greek style, to give volume to the hips – a lush skirt, basque or drapery on the thigh. The length of the dress in the modern world depends more on the personal preferences of the bride, but the traditional length of the maxi in combination with the Burgundy looks very festive. The shade of burgundy can be any. His nobility is suitable for any color.

Decoration for a burgundy wedding dress pick up simple. Better to let the outfit adorn the patterns, embroidery or shining stones. If you plan to have a veil as an accessory to your dress, then do not add any more decorative elements to it, or limit them to a small amount, busting will weight the image. The color of the bridal bouquet should be in harmony with the dress, but do not choose the red shades, they will merge with the whole image. Very beautiful there will be a contrast – light flowers perfectly complement.

Burgundy dress at the prom

Such an important and joyful event for young girls, like graduation parties, is an occasion to reflect on the attire long before a happy day. Every girl dreams to stand out and be the brightest on the holiday. Take on the performance of these functions with ease can selected burgundy dress. In it you will be like a fresh rose. A deep and rich color will emphasize your freshness and youth.

With what to wear a burgundy dress

It is worth following a few simple rules for choosing a dress, and you will surprise others.

1. Do not decorate the burgundy dress with lots of extra items. Make a choice in favor of the game of fabric – drapery, asymmetry, patterns or embroidery, as well as a magnificent bottom.

2. Carefully choose a fabric for the outfit, if you decide to order it sewing. Burgundy dress does not tolerate fine synthetic fabrics – it will give it a very cheap look.

3. Accessories in tandem with a burgundy image should harmoniously complement each other, rather than weight or draw attention. If there are sequins, rhinestones or stones on the dress decor, the best option is to decorate your hair with a pearl or gold thread. Pearls with a burgundy dress perfectly match, but do not wear jewelry on the body, this will add age, and the young girl does not need it. Shoes with a heel – flat outsole and evening dress are not compatible.

4. Be more careful in wanting to add transparent inserts to the outfit, cuts or open cuts. At the graduation party it will be

it is inappropriate and on young girls the burgundy dress with all these additions looks vulgar.

Any length is possible, except for very short – graduation is not the place for similar outfits.

Burgundy dress for large women

For a long time already completeness is not an excuse for restraint or complexes. Fashion magazines are full of images of gorgeous women, and designers every now and then invite for their shows models of the size of “plus”.

If you are faced with the issue of choosing an evening outfit, and you think that a burgundy dress will add to your volume, then do not give it up so quickly. Choose the right cut and style and shine with the brightest star in the evening.

Wine shades and the truth can visually increase the figure, so choose carefully. Do not think that wearing a burgundy, dimensionless hoodie, you hide the shortcomings and will look great – just the opposite. Any clothes should be chosen strictly in size to look good, confident and comfortable feeling.

A burgundy dress of large size can be restrained and simple, the color will perfectly complement the absence of decor elements. The golden, pearl jewelry will help to give the image a highlight. The best length is midi and maxi, if you have beautiful legs, then perhaps a retreat to the palm above the knee, but no more. The style should emphasize the virtues, for example, the V-neck, draw attention to the beautiful neckline and visually draw the figure; The length of the midi shows the beauty of the calves, but hides the fullness of the hips. Avoid tight silhouettes and thin fabrics, it is better if the fabric is tight or the dress is loose enough that the flowing material does not fit the bulging tummy or sides. For example, a dress in the Greek style.

Types of figure for a burgundy dress

An Apple

If you are the owner of relatively narrow hips and shoulders, but the stomach and the trunk itself are stronger and more rounded, then you can say that you are the owner of the “apple” type.

Adjust the figure will help you with a wide belt at the dress, straight cut, dress cases or with a corset. It is worth every effort to visually narrow the waist line (dress with a smell, for example) and give the missing volume to the hips and chest. Do not wear a claret dress


Your shoulders are already thighs, then you can safely refer yourself to the “pear” type.

In your case, you need to balance the upper and their bodies. You can do this with a dress that fits the top, and the bottom expands. Winnings will be direct dresses not “in the guise”. To give volume to the top will help drape or loose cut on top and a straight skirt from below.

Triangle or figure of an athlete

In your case, the situation differs from the above. The shoulders are usually wider than the hips. Therefore, you should choose a burgundy dress with a tight top and a lush bottom. It can be an organza of a beautiful wine shade or a pleated skirt. It is possible to put emphasis in the field of the hips, with the help of small folds-ruffs fixed with a simple brooch. No bows and cumbersome ornaments on a burgundy color dress are not recommended, this color is still too saturated, so these elements should be resorted only to exclusively solemn occasions.

If you have a slight difference between the bottom and the top, then you will be fine with a straight cut dress.


The pronounced waistline, chest and thighs are the same size – you are an “hourglass”. All proportions of your figure are balanced.

Adjust your figure does not require and any version of the dress suits you. One should not forget that if your forms are full, then claret fabric is preferable to denser, and if you have a thin mill, then choose according to your tastes and preferences.

Accessories for burgundy dress

The color of the wine is very whimsical in the “neighborhood”, so accessories should be chosen no less carefully than the dress itself. An excellent option will be items of cold palette – white, black, beige. Dress the length of the midi in harmony with a beige raincoat or cardigan. With him, you can put on boots or boots in black, snorkeling and the image is radically changed. A large black bag, a small handbag, an elegant black clutch – any of these options is possible with a Burgundy dress, it all depends on the place and time. To a burgundy casual dress of average length also sneakers and a backpack will approach. If you put on a leather jacket and a black hat, then your image will become ultra-modern. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Makeup for burgundy along

It may not be too bright, but perfectly executed makeup. Maybe, on the contrary bright and saturated. Organic and stylish looks bright wine lipstick or even a very dark eggplant shade.

Eyes select with arrows, and on the lips apply matte berry shades, so you create a modern and fashionable image. To a festive dress it is necessary to make a calm neutral make-up of eyes, and on lips to put a red lipstick of a deep wine shade.

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