Sagging breast after childbirth

Sagging breath after childbirth

After the child's birth and the end of the feeding period one of the main problems faced by the woman – the restoration of breasts shape. Every woman wants to regain breasts shape "like before birth", but not everyone knows that the breasts may look even better than before pregnancy.

How to tighten sagging breasts
Modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine offer a variety of funds to maintain the breasts in a good shape. Of course, breasts care with makeup, wearing comfortable underwear, preventive examinations by a mammologist should be part of General hygiene in any period of a woman's life. But after childbirth and lactation mammary glands need particularly close attention, care and rehabilitation procedures.

When women's Breasts fulfill its main function? No, not when captivates the eyes of men, inspires artists and poets to chant of female beauty, designers and fashion designers to create unique clothing that accentuates the natural beauty of the female body. Breasts fully serve its purpose while feeding the baby. That is exactly the time when the woman is least concerned about form of her breasts.

What happens to the Breasts during pregnancy?
While waiting for baby changing hormonal background of an organism, from the first trimester, the Breasts start to grow heavy and like a "swell": there are changes inside the breasts, so the breasts are prepared for feeding your baby. All 9 months the body prepares breasts to meet its natural mission. Lactation – the apotheosis of all this preparing.

Due to the hormonal changes and increase in glandular tissue, the breasts becomes lush, rounded and elastic. Not by chance during pregnancy many women report an increase bust: from uncertain "second" size could easily turn into a "third-plus".

Already during lactation, the breasts start to shrink in size. Notice this is not all, because the mammary glands are constantly filled with milk and swell again. However, after expressing milk, you may notice that your Breasts are much diminished, and became softer.

Sagging of breasts.

At the end of lactation a woman's bust must again become the pride of its owner and the object of admiration of men. And here are problems begin. The woman notices that the breast is rapidly losing its shape. Elasticity disappears. The mammary gland becomes soft and pliable. If initially the bust was the second or third size - these changes are not so terrible. However, bust until the birth was the first size, after feeding, the Breasts may appear even smaller. Some girls complain that their bust became saggy.

About 70% of women say that breast has ceased to be elastic.
Another 34% of respondents claim that the bust was too soft.
12% of respondents felt that the chest had become heavy and droop.
5% notice the appearance of stretch marks around the nipples.

I must say that for some women the problem of reconstruction of the breast forms after pregnancy and feeding bypasses: the Breasts do not sag, does not stretch. It happens, if the process of feeding milk did not last long due to any reason, or if the woman has strong pectoral muscles that support the bust is in good shape.

There are times, when after lactation bust decreases so much, that it is a size smaller than before pregnancy.

However, most often, mammary gland retains its size, but loses its elasticity and "sinks" below the desired level, which even caused quite insulting for women comparison saggy breasts with "Spaniel ears". Scientifically this is called ptosis of the breast.
Breast ptosis.
Different stages of ptosis of the breast. Click on the image to enlarge.
Causes of saggy breasts.
After the end of the feeding period, the process returns internal breast to its original shape, their recession. The space, that they previously occupied, "overgrown" by connective and adipose tissue.

Also, changes affect and nipples: after lactation period, skin of nipple may change color and become dry. Sometimes, the skin of the nipple and areola becomes rough, may appear a stretch marks.

What are the main causes breast changes?

1. Heredity.
The main causes are hereditary factors. If women by nature have large bust, it increases the chances of changing its shape after giving birth. Larger breasts are heavier and influences of force of gravity on it are stronger. In addition, anatomically female breast is designed so that it has no muscles.

2. Wrong position of the child during feeding.
In this case, child needs to capture her lips the whole areola, the lower lip should be slightly turned out. At such position, a vacuum is created that will allow the baby to drink milk, while not injuring the mother's breast.

If the child cannot seize with the mouth chest, or takes only the nipple - then, he can't drink the milk. Sometimes the child is biting nipples or compresses the breasts and makes chewing movements. It is hurts the mother and causes trauma to the chest, creates the danger of infection and microtrauma of the nipples and areola, and not the best way affects its shape.
This leads to the appearances of stretch marks in the area of the areola and skin aging.

3. Wrong expressing milk from the breasts.
Sometimes women injure themselves, expressing excess milk from the breast too intensively. In the first weeks after childbirth, the mother is still installed lactation and milk can be produced in excessive quantities. To regulate milk production, the excessive milk needs to be expressed. However, we should not forget that this should be done carefully without damaging the skin of the breast and internal mammary glands.

Start pumping with the gentle massage of the breast from the armpit to the nipple. Do not apply pressure to the skin, just gently stroking. We suggest apply on Breasts moisturizer, and only then begin to massage, as this will help the skin to maintain its structure and not to stretch.

When you feel, that the milk came in anterior parts of the breast, use a breast pump: this device will allow you to get rid of excess milk without damage to the mammary glands.
Breasts care during and after feeding.
To paraphrase the proverb, "a good name is sooner lost than won", we say that this expression applies to the breasts too. Even during pregnancy and breastfeeding, need to care for the bust with special hypoallergenic cosmetic products and without perfume flavors. For sale a lot of them, we will not stop on this detail. We note only that every mother can find the cream, lotion or emulsion that is right for her. To take care of the breasts should regularly, it will help to protect the skin from stretch marks, irritation and dryness.

Breasts skin care.
Every morning, apply on the breast milk cleanser and remove its remains alcohol-free tonic. Wear a soft support bra while nursing, and comfortable bra with cups at the end of lactation.

Overnight wear soft night bra that will support your breasts during the night, protect it from stretching, for example, when you sleep on the side.

How to tighten breasts at home?
There are really a lot of tips on how to regain breast shape. However, these recommendations can help only those ladies who are used to care for the skin and to monitor her condition. Let's list some of them. So, for home care are:
Contrast shower to strengthen the connective tissue.
Light massage.
Rubbing with an ice cubes. The contrast of temperatures is good impact on the skin.
A complex of gymnastic exercises is to strengthen muscles of the chest.
Creams and masks made from natural fruits and vegetables, moisturizing and nourishing masks from yogurt or honey.

Exercises should be performed such that involve the chest muscles. Although, in the female mammary glands no muscles, but strong muscles holding the breasts, help to keep the shape and keep the bust from the obvious age related changes.

Exercise for lift breasts.

The most famous exercise: bend your elbows, keep them at shoulder level, joining their palms. Press your palms for a few seconds and then let go. Your back must be straight. Also, in your hands, you can compress a bouncy ball, it will give more tension on the upper back muscles and biceps.

Mixing and delusion of hands with dumbbells, also very productive weight training. These exercises can be done standing, lying down and leaning back on the ball.

Exercises with dumbbells.

A witty solution offered by a company that produces patches (stickers) for breast lifting, also called "invisible bra". Here, of course, no recovery - stickers perform a purely aesthetic function - they just lift the breasts for a few hours. These flesh-colored stickers will save the situation only when you want to look good in a swimsuit on the beach, or you want to wear a really hot dress with a great neckline, not allowing you to wear a normal bra.

The cups for the Breasts

Creams and masks are necessary to nourish the skin and restore its tone. They do not affect the chest from the inside, however, contribute to hydration of the deeper layers of the epidermis. Strong and elastic skin helps to maintain the shape of the breast.

Breasts lift.

If you don't have time to go to the beautician or fitness - some procedures may be done at home. But if you are looking at yourself in the mirror, and think, that you fail to regain the shape of breasts, it is better not to engage in self-complacency and to spend money for buying costly creams, and immediately go for a consultation with experts in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Here, as with saggy postpartum belly: if sport not helps, then rubbing in creams will not give you magical results, whatever astronomical amount you bought them for. Unfortunately, the human body is such, that in some cases help bring back the beauty effectively, can only surgery.

Lifting or mastopexy - is a surgical intervention, but after that, you will not be misled: even after removing the swimsuit or dress, you will be fine. During surgery, tissue is lifted and tightened, the excess skin is removed in this surgery, you can adjust the size and magnitude of the areola.

Options for breast lifting a lot, the choice of a certain strategy of the operation depends on three factors: the state of the chest, the wishes of the patient and what the surgeon can do, based on the real situation. After the operation, in addition to standard postoperative instructions, women are advised to watch their weight because the increased body mass may affect the breasts shape.

Breasts lift.

Cosmetology is also working on the problem: you can often find advertisements of clinics with a description of the services in which women are encouraged to return the skin tone the chest, for example, using mesotherapy. Success is possible only in that case, when the breasts are small and her drooping slightly. Be aware, that mesotherapy works only superficially on the skin. In patients with severe ptosis of the breasts, such sessions will not lift the chest. In addition, any cosmetic procedure to do in this area is recommended only after consultation of the oncologist-mammologist.

In any case, even if the external condition of the breast suits you, and you intend to be limited to home care, it is necessary to remember about health: once a year in order to prevent the need to visit mammalogy, do a breast ultrasound.

Condition of the breast is an important indicator not only of female beauty, but for a women's health. Let us remember this and take care of themselves.

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