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Balayage on long hair: new trends on 27 photo

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Balayage on long hair

In this season, the Balayage technique on long strands is actual, like bronzing and other tinting options, they give the appearance of natural burning out from the sun’s rays. Balayage looks brilliantly on natural dark curls, this is the optimal solution in the event that there is no desire to radically change the image, but I want to update my hair and refresh. And it is not necessary to visit the salon every month, it is enough to update the tone every three months.

Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair

Balayage – one of the most fashionable, popular and relevant options. She became a leader in toning, ombre and coloring. The models on the catwalks are increasingly encountering this amazing technique, and even the stars of showbiz and cinema have become fans of this technique of coloring. What is Balayage? To whom does he face and how to accomplish it? This is all you learn by reading this article.

What does this technique mean?

Balayage from the French “Balayage”, this technique first appeared in France in the last century in the 70s, and has the second name “Sunny Kiss”, because it is such an effect.

Its classical version implies chaotic lightening of the strands, mostly on the tips and in the middle, without affecting the roots. But there are different options in which inherent lightening from the roots, or only at the tips. This technique of toning is a real art, where the master, like an artist, creates natural shades with the necessary shades, which he chooses in advance.  Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair

Positive aspects of the technique are balayage:

  • Shevelura acquires a very natural appearance, neat and well-groomed;
  • This option does not require monthly root tinting;
  • It gives the head of hair a chic texture and volume, it seems to be getting lively and brighter;
  • This variant of staining is universal, has no limitations in length, structure and color.

Technique Balayage on long curls

On dark strands, the balayage can be very contrasting, when the roots slightly darken or remain as they are, and below the curls they smoothly turn into wheaten shades. Due to the contrast, the strands look brighter and more effective. You can also pick up softer tones, lightening the curls in just a few tones, due to what they seem to be poured into the sun. This option makes the hairstyle as natural and lively as possible. This technique suits the fans of naturalness and naturalness


  • A game of contrast. Brunettes prefer to leave the vertex in natural color, or even slightly darken it, and the tips are lightened by a gradient transition creating a contrast. A new image in such a color will be more vivid and noticeable.
  • Natural glare creates the effect of burning strands in the sun. The technique is designed for girls who do not want to radically change their image but follow fashion trends. For the procedure, use darker shades, somewhat lighter than natural.
  • Caramel light gives the image lightness and femininity. Gradient transition of tone from dark to caramel is similar to natural.
  • Slightly red tips make the image memorable and spectacular

Lovers of experimenting and always stand out give their preference to cherry, pink and red tone. A similar coloration is created for spectacular young people.

Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair

The use of bright colors in the technique does not look bold. They perfectly match with the dark base and are able to emphasize the uniqueness and elegance of the girl.

When choosing a shade of tips, you should pay attention to the natural color of the strands.

For the brown-haired woman, shades of coffee with milk or a light walnut are ideal. For a better overflow, it does not hurt to add caramel.

To obtain a fiery effect, brunettes are recommended to use the transitions of golden, red, dark-red and copper.

Hint! The correct gradient to make at home is quite difficult, so you need to contact the salon.

Balayage on light long hair

Most of our women of fashion in our country have a light brown hair. However, it is considered dull and boring, so fashionistas are repainted. To transform and refresh the color without spoiling the strands, you can apply different tones of technique Balayage:

  • Honey on blond curls visually increases the volume a couple of times. As a base, copper tones are used.
  • Amber strands look great on blondes.
  • Dark purple hues on curls create an amazing color game.
  • Slightly darkening the roots with a gradual transition to golden-wheat is a classic option to brush blond hair.
  • Balayage with red-rusty tones is ideal for the summer version.
  • Cold shine has become a real trend of the season. Strengthen this effect on the blond strands with an ashy shade.
  • Blonde girls like to brighten strands strangely, from the middle of the length.
  • Very unusual version of coloring – stretching the color from the front to the front, due to which the curls are closer to the face lighter, to the occiput is darker. This option refreshes and rejuvenates the face.
  • By staining blond curls you can create contrast. Of course, not red or black ends, but a harmonious snow blond.
  • The effect of sunshine is obtained if you mix several colors in one gamut. Blond and copper give a warm tone.
  • A new technique Balayage technique – coloring with wide strands.

In experiments with the ash palette you need to be careful. In a pair with light strands, he is able to visually grow old face, if it is a light skin.

To keep the staining as long as possible and not wash off, the locks need intensive care. Thermal protection means will prevent burnout. Thanks to the nourishing masks, the strands will become soft and obedient. Curl with forceps will have to be postponed for a short while, as this contributes to the cross-section of the braces and brittleness.


Hint! Before staining strands, stylists advise choosing a styling, since Balayage will emphasize its beauty.

Balayage makes light-colored volos more voluminous and textured. Since the owner of liquid or thin hair is often not enough volume, then this is the most ideal option for them.

Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair

On the light strands you can make a “hidden” Balayage, which implies a soft and natural overflow. It looks very stylish.

Dream of a snow blonde, but are afraid to radically brighten all the curls? Balayage will perfectly cope with this task. You can lighten a few strands in the face, and the rest to draw closer to the natural.

Past of the season were pastel palettes. This variation of toning looks very unusual and attractive. He makes the image special, endowing it with charm and charm.

Magnificently looks Balayage on light volos with a fashionable ashy ebb.

How to shade red hair

The ends with a copper tint look amazingly on the red hair. On blondes and brunettes this technique is much easier. There are several options for painting red-haired strands:

  • A saturated red (not dark), diluted with glare of the sun, can be obtained by using copper paint.
  • Light feathers in the face are able to emphasize the cheekbones, which is very fashionable, and create the effect of framing. Blond makes the image bright and perfect for courageous young ladies.
  • Glare on red hair along the entire length look very natural and stylish.
  • The transition from dark red to light red or from red to lilac can emphasize youth, audacity and courage to girls with fashionable hair.
  • The shade of mahogany and red are perfectly combined and visually add extra splendor. The hair is rich and deep.
  • The union with the blond looks very unusual and stylish.
  • If the girl does not want to dye her hair in bright red, then you need to choose dark colors. You can lighten the tips and make the toning.
  • Painted locks on the tips of the hair make the color interesting and multifaceted. The main thing is that the curls do not look contrasted.
  • In the summer time, warm caramel shades are relevant. Light glows visually make the head of hair lush.
  • An exquisite option for the red curls are the glare of copper shades. Such a romantic image attracts the attention of others.

In order not to damage healthy, light colors, it is necessary to apply only on the ends, but not on the entire length. Thus, it will not be noticeable how the curls grow, and frequent staining will not be required. If the curls are damaged and visited, it is recommended that they be sheared.

The classical version of balayage is achieved by staining the tips in the light, and the root zone in a dark tone. Gradient transition looks very natural.

Staining technique

One of the advantages of balayage is his ability to bring to the image a note of originality and uniqueness. Due to the smooth transitions of shades of head of hear visually increases in volume. Another big plus is that it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon often, because the roots on long hair grow invisibly.

It is very difficult to use such staining techniques independently, because you can not achieve such natural stretching of different tones, and spoil the natural play of contrast. therefore it is better to ask for help to professionals who apply dyes consistently:

  1. Properly comb the hair with a scallop.
  2. Long hair is divided into strands and fastened with the usual rubber bands.
  3. When the hair is divided into parts, the wizard carefully applies the clarifier along the length with short strokes. The main thing is to have a different intensity of staining, which will give a more natural result.
  4. Light paint is applied on strands with a brush or a sponge.
  5. To result on the long curls turned out to be as good as possible, the converted strands should be wrapped with foil.
  6. The paint is aged for no more than half an hour. But time directly depends on the intensity and the desired final color.
  7. The composition is washed off with warm water and the curls are thoroughly dried.
  8. In the last turn, the bangs are painted with vertical stripes, the thickness of which is no more than ten millimeters at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other. The sponge should be kept in the direction of hair growth.

To completely not change the natural tone of the head of hear, you do not need to connect many shades.

Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair

Nuances of staining

How not to admit mistakes by performing technique Balayage:

  • To the result you are not dumbfounded it is better to turn to the salon to professionals.
  • Before choosing a particular shade, be sure to consult with the master. it is very important to choose the tone closest to the natural.
  • Best Balayage looks on blonde ladies. For brunettes, Sunlight is more preferable, but an experienced specialist can transform a hairstyle into a work of art even with dark hair.

It is not recommended to use many different colors. It is important that they are in the same color palette, and the stretching will be more natural and natural.

Before you perform the technique balayage should pay attention to the haircut. This coloring will only emphasize it. Therefore, first you need to give the hair the right shape, and only then color.

There is no need to do this coloring too often. Hair can deteriorate in this way, as the clarifier contains some aggressive ingredients that do not work well on the hairs

According to the recommendations of experts, this technique should not be used more than 3 times a year. With the help of a special cream master paints the roots, and the rest of the hair does not affect.

It is important to remember that even a sparing painting technique hurts your locks. Therefore, it is better to use a nourishing mask, a wellness shampoo and rinse.

Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair Balayage on long hair

Hint! The choice of colors requires special attention. Shades are required to create an ideal harmony with the natural color of the head of hair, the skin of the girl’s eyes. Given this factor, the tone is chosen individually.

Reviews about balayage

Mary, 28 years old: Very pleased with the technique of balayage, because there is no need to paint every month. The length grows and it is invisible. A big plus is that the hair is healthy, since the crown is not dyed.

Lucia, 20 years old: I have rare curls, and a full face with small defects, but this magic painting technique helped to give the necessary volume and hide the skin imperfections. I’m flattered!

Maya, 32 years old: I am a highly professional hairdresser and this is one of my favorite staining techniques. My clients always admire the depth of color and the resulting visual volume.

Helen, 25 years old: It’s very important to get to a good master, after all, balayage has become famous relatively recently. I really wanted to get a natural dark hair color with natural sun reflections. But made a big mistake saving. It turned out ugly, I’m not talking about Balayage. The desired result was obtained from the second attempt. Girls do not need to save on their beauty, because the most important thing is to have healthy hair – after all, this is a stalwart pledge of success.

Vanessa, 30 years old: My age no longer allows me to experiment with appearance. But when he saw in the magazine an example of Balayage with pink tips and could not resist. The result I was pleasantly surprised, the combination of such a bright shade with my chestnut looks very gentle and romantic. I got a new remedy for aging!

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