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Backless dress: how to wear open back dresses (ideas on 120 photos)

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Every year, designers offer all the more interesting and improved outfits. But a little black dress, a long wedding dress and a model with an open back remain at the peak of popularity for many years. Dress with a cut on the back is far ahead of the outfit with a deep neckline.

How to choose a dress with an open back, how and with what to wear it you will learn in this article.


For the first time, dresses with a bare back ascended to fashionable Olympus in the 20s of the last century. At that time, the “garcon” style was relevant. Girls with lush breasts covered their beautiful forms with the help of ruff and slimming underwear, while not being shy about showing their backs. Of particular relevance, this style acquired in the 30s.

In those days, the actresses did not wear dresses on a naked body, but combined them with special bodices, the straps of which comfortably fell down.

A gentle summer dress with an open back can be seen on such famous women as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Norma Shearer, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly. Now you can plunge into the world of beautiful and elegant dresses, opening the veil of female attractiveness!

How to wear dresses with open back

Stylish outfits with an open back are always beautiful, sexy and feminine. An attractive neckline, intriguingly tender skin, gracefulness – all this in itself combines original models of dresses, at the same time strict, inaccessible and frank.

If you pay attention to evening dresses with an open back, in this case you need to consider several important factors. Priority is the skin condition. Since the back is almost completely bare, your skin should look perfect. There should be no redness or rash on it. Otherwise, you will get spoiled for the whole evening mood.



The second important factor is the figure. If your choice fell on a lace dress with an open back, pay attention to your silhouette. A girl should be slim, only in a dress you will look sexy and tender. Grease rollers that appear when turning, will darken the appearance. If you have a full figure, choose a dress with a minimum neckline. Also do not forget about the royal posture, which should be your constant companion!

The third important nuance is the choice of underwear. The chic effect of the outfit can be reduced to “no”, if you do not choose the right clothes. Beautiful dresses with an open back need a competent choice of a bra. Fit the bra without shlek, silicone bra and invisible bra. They will make the neckline more attractive and help create the desired image. It is permissible to wear dresses with an open back along with ordinary bras, as the heroine of the TV series “Sex and the City” likes to do. This option is acceptable if the underwear is beautiful, made of high-quality satin and lace.


How to choose a dress?

We all know that in order to look beautiful and feminine, you must correctly emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of your figure. Girls in evening dresses with an open back look elegant and stylish, but most of the styles are suitable only for tall and slim women. If you do not like to wear heels, then we recommend to abandon this outfit. Evening long dresses to face women with model appearance.

Outfits that open the back slightly below the waist or slightly below the shoulder blades are very relevant. They also fit slender women.

Ladies of small stature to face sheath dress with an open back. This is a daily choice. Fashion designers manifest themselves in fantasy, and offer beautiful girls various options for cutouts. Short dresses can be cut to the waist or to the shoulder blades, triangular and square, minimalist, in the shape of a heart. Popular products with drapery, decorated with rhinestones, bows, with covered shoulders, decorated with lacing.


If you want to look restrained, causing not a passion in men, but a desire to solve the riddle, then choose small and neat cuts. Women with ideal parameters can afford a mini dress with an open back.

Girls with curvaceous to face short cuts, as well as deep, but narrow. With a properly chosen cutout shape, your image will be very feminine, and will fall into the “ten”!

Variety of styles

In the photo it is noticeable that fashion designers offer dresses with a huge variety of necklines, which in turn are decorated. Often cuts are emphasized with bows, folds and stones. Looks elegant model where the neckline on the shoulder blades is complemented by a neckline in the waist. Cuts in the shape of figures give the silhouette an even more slim, such nuances are often used to decorate wedding dresses.


In advertising, sometimes they show girls who have a neckline on a dress reaching the buttocks. This outfit looks very vulgar, so in life it is difficult to apply.

Designers offer a variety of styles, characterized by originality. Each such dress emphasizes the individuality and brightness of the woman. Dresses for the prom are often made of elegant fabrics, additionally decorated with decor. Cocktail outfits are suitable for a party or disco. It can be a velvet, silk or guipure dress.

Casual clothes are ideal for the summer. Many options of air and light fabrics will effectively complement the wardrobe. Simple and natural fabrics on summer dresses will allow you to feel comfortable and not notice the summer heat. You will have a stunning view!

The last few seasons at the peak of fashion chiffon outfits knee-length and floor. Jerseys are also popular, they are presented in both the short version, and also have a free and long cut.

Cut by a slant, in the form of a triangle or a deep neckline – it’s up to you! Be sure to consider the features of your figure. Some girls better open the upper back, the other – lower.

If you hesitate to wear such dresses, pay attention to the options with laces on the open part. This design trick allows shy girls to look fashionable and flirty!


Wedding dresses with open back

They just drive you crazy – stunningly delicate and at the same time attracting the attention of wedding dresses with a bare back. These models appear again and again on the catwalks, fascinating with their attractiveness.

An elegant collection from Israeli designer Bertha Bridal annually pleases brides with stunning outfits. In the collections of the master there are no baroque magnificent models and excessive pompousness, vulgar elements and roses. Delicate guipure dress emphasizes the elegance of the bride. Such outfits best suit very slim girls, in them the bride looks like a porcelain figurine!


In addition, designers such as Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana offer bridal robes with an open back. Some designers emphasize the criss-cross decor. Monochrome long dresses with elegant inserts, bare back and delicate decor – the most current trend in recent times!

Hairstyles and accessories

Girls are experimenting, and designers with stylists support them in this. Therefore, under such a dress, you can easily choose any hairstyle. Beautifully looks bun and collected hair in a bun. An elegant option would be the French braid or spikelet.

But the best is styling with hair pinned up. To clearly see the neckline, we recommend wearing the hair on its side. But loose hair, covering the back, will reduce to “no” all the attractiveness of the cut. If you have short strands, do the styling with twisted hair.


Pick the hairstyle that most suits you. Exquisite accessories in the form of a bright hairpin or hairpin will complement the image. When choosing supplements, pay attention to the strings of pearls hanging down to the middle of the back. Take into account when choosing accessories your style direction.

The magic of the dress will be revealed!

We will try today to open all the mysteries and secrets of the female image, so that you can look just stunning!

Choose a model of simple cut. The abundance of decor, detail and massive elements will not give greater elegance. While the simple and elegant colors will create the necessary accents. The back in such a dress itself is an ornament, and it attracts attention.

Consider the occasion

The cutout on the back, like on the chest, can have a different length. The dress for a secular party can be with a deep neckline. For everyday life, it is better to choose a model with a small neckline and knee-length.


Minimum decorations

Remember that the less decorations you have, the more elegant and expressive the dress looks. That it is the main focus of the image, so give preference to the original earrings and thin bracelet. Such a choice will not distract attention from the silhouette and demonstrate good taste.

Soft color

Since these models themselves are very bright, you do not need to experiment with shades. It is preferable to wear plain and classic dresses.

Consider the color type of appearance

Match your dress color to your hair, skin and eyes. This will make the appearance brighter.

The importance of length

The length of the dress depends on where you are going to wear it. If we are talking about an evening event, then it is appropriate to wear a long outfit. Short styles are better to wear during the day and use as a cocktail dress.

Style and fabric

In terms of the design of the dress no one limits you! But still for a wedding or anniversary it is better to choose a straight and long dress, and a short knitted or crocheted dress for a disco or an evening out.

And if it is cold? Are you afraid to freeze at an important event? In this case, take with you a cardigan, a coat or a coat. Scarves, stoles and jackets will not work!

Whichever dress you choose, you’ll always look bright, sexy and intimate at the same time.

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