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Asymmetric haircuts and hairstyles 2019 (fresh ideas on photos)

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Asymmetry in the hair is still considered a very effective and fashionable hairdo. The peak of its popularity did not lose its position in 2019 as well. Asymmetric haircut – the choice of those who are bored with monotonous boring images, who are not afraid of bold decisions. We will analyze in the article which hairstyles with asymmetry are relevant for different hair lengths and a photo of all sorts of stylings.

The main advantages of asymmetrical haircuts

Hairstyle with asymmetry is endowed with a number of advantages, namely:

  • solves the problem concerning the patient tips that are cut off;
  • gives the locks a healthy and well-groomed appearance;
  • visually able to increase in volume thin and weakened strands;
  • by means of filining and cutting out the curls, the hair, having excessive density, becomes obedient in combing and styling;
  • Great for fat women, hides small flaws in the face;
  • it will look great on all types of face – it will suit both the round face and the bad face;
  • Softens angularity;
  • this haircut bears the effect of rejuvenation and emphasizes the bright details of the appearance of the bearer of asymmetrical haircuts;
  • in harmony with bangs, ideal for long hair, medium and short.

Asymmetric hairstyle is recognized as universal. But before deciding to do it, you need to remember some of the main features. Oval face and medium hair – details of the external image, which allow you to apply absolutely any version of the haircut you like. Owners of a round and slightly angular, that is, a square face is advised to give preference to such a hairstyle, which would ensure the creation of volume in the basal zone. At the given features of appearance the oblique bangs and a parting made on one side still will approach. The haircut with asymmetry ideally looks with a parting and such bangs, and as on direct, and on curly hair.

It is worth noting that the triangular face with pronounced chiseled cheekbones does not have to create a volume coming from the very roots.
Asymmetric haircut on short hair

Asymmetric short haircuts are interesting in that they have an impeccable and spectacular view in front and behind.

They are very popular among modern ladies who do not have time to thoroughly care for their hair, but who want to look beautiful and stylish for all the shortage of time resources.

Haircutting asymmetry on short hair is most often performed and there are several types, each of which is interesting and attractive.


Pixie – an asymmetrical haircut on short hair, characterized by eccentricity and some insolence. If you view the photo from this hairdo, then you can highlight the main features that create an amazing effect for Pixie carriers. Namely: bangs of great length, minimum length of strands on the temporal part, slightly raised neck, which creates an additional volume. With such a short and stylish hairdo you can safely go on the most unexpected experiments: to carry out a bright coloration, not to limit yourself in a variety of types of styling.

Very asymmetrical haircuts for women for 45 years are very suitable and very popular among them.


Typing in the search engine “haircut asymmetry for short hair photos”, you can get acquainted with another type of this haircut – Tomboy, or, as it is customarily called, “tomboy”. The foundation of its creation is a shortened bean. Strands of various length are inaccurately shorn and scattered over the head. Tomboy harmoniously will be combined with a face of different shapes, suitable for hair, differing in density and pomp. This hairstyle does not need an overly complicated styling: with sufficient action it will smear hair with a small amount of wax, create a mess on your head, ruffle your hair with strands, and then dry it with a hairdryer. Details of short haircuts Tomboy, it is worth noting, have the effect of rejuvenation.


Shaved temples

A haircut with a shaven temple is created for those women who are not afraid to make decisive changes concerning their appearance and image. It is suitable not only for short hair. It will look great on medium and long. With great professionalism, the strands can be trimmed in such a way that shaved areas, whiskeys and the back of the head, can be seen during installation and are easily concealed with one sweep of the brush.


The page is a hairstyle that is distinguished by a serious level of complexity. In order to give a clear contour, literally every curl must be very evenly cut. Nevertheless, with this asymmetry, this haircut takes place.


Bob – haircut, which fell in love with women back in the 50’s. In the modern world, women wear this hairstyle more often or with an open forehead, or with an elongated bang. Asymmetric haircut bob is just the top of perfection!

Cutting the asymmetry to medium hair, the photo will not let you lie, is notable for the variety of solutions, since the curls of medium length are considered universal and most suitable for different types of hairstyles. The most popular types of haircuts for medium hair are:

  • She-wolf

This asymmetrical haircut on medium hair is not an ulterior motive. She received such an interesting name, because it externally resembles a disheveled wool of a wolf, which protrudes in all directions along its entire length. The specificity of creating such a hairstyle is the following: hair is cut off by steps on the back of the head, and those located closer to the face are cut as short as possible. The most neat and spectacular is this hairstyle with an elongated bang, because it can be combined with any type of face, its features;

  • an elongated square

Is considered ideal, the most suitable option for girls with a short neck. The peculiarity of the shape of this type of quill gives the exterior elegance and spectacularity, ideal for thick and fluffy hair. Asymmetry is here, as it is impossible, by the way. The texture is very important. Many professionals unanimously agreed that the elongated square is suitable only for straight hair. However, if the desire to make such a fashionable hairstyle persistently and irresistibly, but you have curly or curly hair, then you should only stock yourself with a special iron;

  • cascade

made on the principle of asymmetry, is performed as follows: the hair is trimmed with a so-called ladder (beginning from the crown and ending with tips). This hairstyle is suitable for both round and square type faces, as well as for thin and rare hair, which need to create an additional lush volume. With cascade, any type of bang perfectly harmonizes – long, oblique or short. Girls who have such a styling, can not worry about how quickly to grow a hairdress asymmetry, because it looks wonderful even after several months without making a correction in the beauty salon.

Asymmetric haircuts for long hair

Asymmetric hairstyles on long hair look at the same time daring and feminine. In addition, the length itself opens wide scope for the implementation of the most daring and interesting ideas. In this case, there are no borders. Female haircuts with asymmetry for long hair are distinguished by many types and solutions: voluminous and smooth, with or without a bang, with the creation of shaved temples, with asymmetrical strands. There are a lot of stylish elements and bright details that allow you to choose the most suitable hairstyle that will help to emphasize the individuality of the style and the irreproachability of the taste.

Asymmetric creative hairstyles for long hair look here.

Asymmetry on long hair can be performed in the following haircuts.


“Rhapsody” – is created for those who do not want to come into contact with complex and long-term styling and at the same time wishes to give the hair extra volume, grooming and health to the hair. The basic principle of creating such a hairstyle is the method of layering ringlets. This haircut is great for girls who have curly locks, because in themselves curls that grow in different lengths look playful and cute. Owners of straight hair this hairstyle will also suit. Haircut is universal;


“Cascade” – in favor for those girls who want to bring in their style freshness, novelty, but absolutely against cutting off curls. The principles of haircut of this hairstyle are different: strands can be asymmetrically cut in layers (from the crown to the ends of the hair). Layers can only serve as a means of framing the face without touching the rest of the head. Such a haircut is especially suitable for girls with a round face, heavy chin or wide cheekbones;

A haircut with a shaven temple on one side is a real trend this year.

This hairstyle has long been beyond the limited scope of representatives of subcultures, girls with piercings, a lot of tattoos on the body. Now even a gentle glamorous beauty, dressed in an elegant evening dress, can afford to make such a hairstyle. And she will not at all make such a beautiful image so rude. On the contrary will give even more grace and effect.

Do not be afraid to change, take risks, take bold and courageous steps on the way to creating an original and non-standard image with the help of asymmetrical haircuts. Renew your image and style, develop a sense of bright and unique taste! Let the hairstyle become your weapon and pride!

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