How to get ash blonde hair color (choosing the ash blonde hair dye)
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How to get ash blonde hair color (choosing the ash blonde hair dye)

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As observations show, some shades in nature are rarely found: this applies, for example, to varieties of light brown, beautiful fiery-red, natural brown hair. It is clear that everything that is rarely found seems to be more valuable, more expensive, affordable for a few, maybe even selected people, and that is why the most desirable.

To the category of the most desirable and at the same time not everything available is ashy light brown. Quite a whimsical shade and technology of staining, and compatibility with the features of the appearance of the girl.

Ash blonde color shade does not tolerate amateur performances, so the stylists warn against rash steps, as they say, “look seven times, paint once”.

Otherwise, from an aristocrat, a model for the envy of her friends, you can turn into an example of a failed copy. Yes, no words, there are plenty of examples of “star”: one name of the charming Jennifer Lopez attracts attention, we add the names of Denise Richards and Hilary Duff.

But such Lopez or Richards is alone in the world, and it is not you, so think carefully about everything, “attach a picture to yourself,” look in the mirror. In the able hands of a hairdresser, your face will shine in the frame of ash-blond hair, but if the color is called “not yours”, you will look anemic and tortured.

How to get ash blonde hair color (choosing the ash blonde hair dye)

The pamperedness of this tone lies in the fact that it requires thorough care after dyeing: it cannot be allowed to “fade”, saturate harmful substances from the air, go into a reddish shade. Weigh all the arguments, but if you agree to serious work on yourself, then choose a master pro.

Follow our advice, look at the photos presented on the site, choose your individual version and be stylish, extravagant, even aristocratic, because the ash-gray shade is the right way to the catwalk of the most beautiful women.

Specific shades of ash blonde hair

This shade of recent years has not gone from the first lines of the “paint” rating, gives women a sense of style and elegance. There are prerequisites, conditions, given to us by nature.

A few terms: hair pigmentation causes a shade of light brown, which we can have or intentionally get. Melanin (namely its “cold” variety – eumelanin) determines the tone. If this type of melanin is slightly contained in your hair, then you are entitled to a light shade, but if there is no eumelanin at all, then an ash tinge is obtained.

But the trick is that sometimes the content of different types of melanin or their percentage in different parts of the head is different, therefore, when painting, these parts acquire a non-uniform shade.

To choose, without thinking for a long time, this shade can be any girl whose color type refers to the summer type. The combination of eyes of gray, blue, greenish shades and light-colored hair against the background of marble skin gives a stunning effect.

Who should avoid ash blonde hair color?

One of the main conditions is clean, perfectly smooth, healthy skin, without a variety of adolescents, as well as without prominent large tumors. Unfortunately, this hair color only highlights these flaws, making them more visible, as if under a magnifying glass:

  • “acne” (acne vulgaris);
  • postoperative or post-traumatic scars;
  • redness of the skin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • age wrinkles;
  • skin pigmentation.

At least one of the above will spoil the appearance of the skin, visually it will age, a healthy glow will disappear and be replaced by an unhealthy “earthy” shade.

Peculiarities of hair pigmentation, the principle of a combination of pigments speak about the incompatibility of the desired ash-blond shade and chestnut, red and golden hues: no matter how experienced an expert you find, he will not be able to help you: yellowness will try to drown the ashy. In addition, even the hair can be ruined.

As you can see, this shade for coloring is suitable not for everyone, there are too many restrictions and conditions, most of which depend only on nature. It’s a shame that the silver strands of movie stars you like in the photo are not for you. The girls, whose natural color of hair allows to apply the coloring in ashy-blond, can be in the trend without fear of harming their image.

Ash blonde hair tone: number of varieties

Already mentioned about the uniqueness of this shade, that in nature few girls inherited it at birth, but the popularity of this only increases. As they say, demand determines supply, so all firms must have paint of this tone in their product line. The palette is composed of several intermediate shades:

  • light tone;
  • light lightweight (“light”);
  • medium (“medium”);
  • dark (“dark”).

So, in order.

The light shade occupies the highest line among his brothers. Ideally, it is designed for girls with light-skinned and blue-eyed (gray-eyed). Deadly for men option, no one is able to remain indifferent to this combination of refinement. The charming effect can be easily achieved by first discoloration, then toning.

The result will be 100% positive only under the condition of a professional master, a high quality of the coloring material used, a basic shade and hair pigmentation.

Light skin and blue eyes, of course, are associated with blondes. Usually it is expected that there will be a yellowish tint in the hair. However, the modern art of coloring is ready to offer beauties another equally popular tone: “ashy blond.”

Moreover, its uniqueness is not only in beauty and originality, but also in the fact that it was created specifically for natural blondies, whose hair is very delicate and fragile, which, when dyed in a darker color, suffer greatly, and when brightened, they almost die.

Optimum for an ashy shade in the light version is the blond with an ash tint. I would like to note that girls with darkish brown hair, if desired, without much difficulty (read: without the use of chemical dyes) can become light brown. To do this, you need to use herbal remedies, for example, natural brighteners: lemon juice, chamomile decoction, saffron.

The average blonde is suitable for a wider range of women. Masters usually first discolour the initial material, then tint. If your natural color is the color of light wheat or a different light shade, then you can limit yourself to just one toning. Light brown “medium” is characterized by a rich cold silver tint.

Dark blonde with the addition of ash tint is possible on almost all natural hair colors. With this option, the stylist-hairdresser chooses the paint intended for the basic (main) treatment. Most often, the choice stops at the color segment of silver and gray.

Technology of dyeing your hair ash-blonde color

It was already noted above that the hair dyeing in ashy tones requires the hands of an experienced master hairdresser, who can orient in some situation and introduce his ideas into the existing instructions. In addition, such an experienced pro will always make adjustments to the type and structure of hair, skin color type, facial features.

If the hair has previously been subjected to the procedure of dyeing, then you certainly need to apply washing off the course. So, red hair requires two or three similar procedures, very dark hair means applying a course of 4-6 procedures. But the matter is not even in the number of washing procedures, it is also in the nature of the pigment: the most difficult is the warm pigment of hair.

Here, the quality of paint is of great importance: ordinary dyes with the name of the tone “ash-blond” may not lead to the desired result, because usually they consist of depriving those pigments that can only dye natural light. They will not be able to cope with such warm pigments.

To the aid of the masters in the professional compositions is added “mikston”, it is he who helps to get a truly ash-blond shade. For example, applying green, you can “pay off” red, purple will help get rid of yellow.

What is necessary to carry out is that when applying a dye purchased in a store, a greenish or yellowish sheen may appear on dark natural hair. This happens if the hair has not previously been discolored.

Brown tone with added ash

This hair color is very common in nature, solid in structure, without any special surprises, of the same type. In order to diversify the uniformity of brown color and allow the lady to become the object of attention, experts have invented an ash tint for them.

According to the already well-known scheme, the hair is preliminarily slightly brightened, after which an almost new and unusual shade is obtained. Photos will help you get an idea about the described shade.

To enhance the effect, it is not necessary to neglect the high-quality and properly selected make-up.

Chestnut Ash Brown Hair Color

Immediately make a reservation that chestnut hair is not the same as brown-haired. So, brown hair is, of course, much more common than light brown or natural blond. In this case, master stylists introduced new shades to the monotony of chestnut color.

This was manifested in the invention of such a phenomenon as ashy chestnut. Of course, ashy chestnut is close to the original brother, but not so far from the blond. In any case, the ashy chestnut brown is much closer than the brunette. You can perfectly verify this by using the photo on the site.

How to dye your hair ash blonde

Before you give any advice on painting, it is worth recalling once again that painting in whimsical and capricious color (ashy light brown) at home is very difficult to do, almost impossible. It is wiser to use the services of a master professional. If you are strong on experiments and trust yourself, then follow the advice for you.

To prevent the negative effect of the dye on the hair and scalp, about a month before the procedure and for the same period after dyeing it is necessary to feed the hair with nourishing masks and compresses. Moreover, it is important that healthy hair better and smoother take the paint and the color is even and saturated.

Beforehand it is necessary locks (any on a shade, it does not matter, dark or light) it is necessary to lighten.


Do not try to deal with the choice of paint on their own, use when buying with the help of a sales assistant.

Be sure to do a test painting on a separate order: if the result obtained (shade) suits you, there is no allergic reaction, then follow the basic dyeing procedure.

With light curls to get a natural ashen, it is better to add two times more hydrogen oxide to three per cent to the paint. This will provide additional clarification, due to which the hair better absorbs the coloring matter.

With a sufficiently dark hair color, only discoloring the hair will not be enough. In this case, the wizard is advised to perform a “wash”, after which effective bleaching is possible. And only after all this, apply ashy tint.

When a greenish tint appears on the hair (this means a lack of violet pigment), it is necessary to purchase a tinted shampoo with a violet tint in special stores and use this product about twice a week. Such a measure will provide a more expressive shade.

Among the paints, henna and Basma stand apart, paints on a natural basis. So if your hair was dyed with henna, then ashen light brown is clearly not recommended for you. In this embodiment, the hair and appearance are hopelessly spoiled, the head will turn out in color spots.

The indicated shade is the easiest and most natural way to come from fair-haired by nature. The red pigment must be removed, so by adding a little purple pigment to the coloring matter, we achieve this very well. The best option to perform this procedure at the hairdresser. If you want to master the profession of painting on yourself, remember the necessary proportion for the purple pigment – it is 1: 3.

Especially what I want to draw your attention to is to unconditionally follow the instructions: a deviation from the indicated order will not only deprive you of the desired shade, but also irretrievably ruin your hair. The test for an allergic reaction should never be neglected, it is necessary to withstand painting time strictly according to the instructions, here the phrase “better is more than less” does not work!

In order to preserve the desired shade obtained with such difficulty, it is necessary to apply tinted shampoos in the system: twice a week is better. However, no matter how hard you try to learn and put into practice all the tips, the master pro will always do it better than you.

Choose a salon that is suitable for the cost of services, which are determined by the class of salon and craftsmen.

The cost of the service will also be affected by the length of your curls and their original color.

To get a beautiful, deep shade on vibrant, flexible, shiny hair, follow these tips:

  • Pre-lightening needs to be done by anticipating toning. If this is not done, the purple pigment in the event of a violation of painting technology will paint curls in a greenish tint.
  • The technique of lamination, offered in the salons recently, will be the best companion option, as it will keep the hair color for a long time, will give them a lively shine. This is especially true with systematic coloring. Lamination gives a greater effect, if you do it after 2 weeks after painting.
  • It is necessary to spare hair, not to expose without special need the effects of chemical dyes, because a lot of toning shampoos, balms, and refreshing tonics appeared on the market.

Dye your hair ash blonde step by step

In order to avoid harm to the curls, do not experiment with the choice, do not save on the paint: buy funds only from trusted manufacturers.

Must have available:

  • lightening agent;
  • coloring agent necessary tone;
  • gloves;
  • tassel;
  • comb.

To lighten, you need to start the procedure with unwashed hair, this is how you can ensure gentle clarification. First, we apply two parts of paint from three along the entire length of the strands, avoiding contact with the roots. Having sustained an interval of half an hour, continue, putting the rest on hair roots.

We notice another twenty minutes. Then using the shampoo wash off the paint, thoroughly washing the head. Lightening succeeded and the result suits you – we start the main coloring.

In case of poor clarification, repeat the procedure after one day.

Using the instruction, dilute the product and apply on the strands. At the end of the desired time of dyeing, wash off the paint and thoroughly using a tinted shampoo to match the color of the head;

Do not “throw in” extra minutes: it will only be harmful.

Quality brand hair dye products (ask blonde shade)

Due to the extraordinary popularity of ashy light brown, almost all manufacturers seek to provide customers with products of their brand. How to choose the best in quality and price paint? We voice brand, proven time and quality of the goods:

  • Ash blonde from L `Oreal;
  • Ash Blonde by Revlon;
  • Ash light natural from Casting Creme Gloss L`Oreal.

Named names of dyes are in constant demand of buyers and the confidence of masters.

The correct look for ashy light brown

Hair color, even a well-chosen, professionally obtained one, will not by itself produce that effect, as with skillful combination with skillfully made make-up, designed to emphasize the winning shade.

  • A look suitable for ashy color is called the “snow queen”.
  • Makeup is done in cold tones.
  • Lipstick is chosen pale coral or pink.
  • Shadows also prefer cold shades: gray, blue, blue, purple. Warm tones (for example, pink or brown) can not be taken.
  • Blush or powder, on the contrary, is best pinkish, because it is this tone that is capable of convexly shading the pale tint of your face.
  • Eyes make out the classic black ink and silver eyeliner. At the same time we follow the measure in the intensity of the use of cosmetics.

When choosing clothes, hair color is also taken into account. In this embodiment, good pastel colors in clothes: blue, mint color, pink. It is better not to wear rich black to not create a contrast with the hair.

Hair care after dyeing

The lightening procedure requires indispensable moistening (toning agents), nutrition (nourishing masks).

When you start coloring the roots, strive for complete coincidence of tones, apply the same composition. When a greenish color appears, use tinting agents.

For long-term preservation of the original ash-blond one, do not forget to use special shampoos and balms in the system.

Use shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair bright and shiny.

With natural light brown hair color resort to ash highlights, it will make your look very refined. The vertical method has proved itself very well, because in this version the sun shines.

You want to use gentle technology, avoid the use of aggressive coloring agents, reduce the effect on the structure, highlight the hair with ammonia-free products (this is applicable when bleaching by 1-2 tones).

With light-brown hair, 3D coloring can be successfully applied, it will provide volume and dynamism, revitalize dull and painful hair; But keep in mind that their use can lighten hair in the range of 1-2 tones. Often, this procedure is advised to women with dull, lost due to various reasons, shine hair, most often with a single light brown shade.

Highlighting – the process is not that simple, rather time-consuming, therefore, it is better to resort to the services of a master professional.

Lamination as a procedure is very effective, it is also suitable for our case, since the hair scales are compacted, due to which the paint lasts better and does not wash off longer. Just remember that it is permissible to laminate hair only two weeks after dyeing.

Summarizing the above, we can talk about the extraordinary attractiveness and super popularity of the ash-light brown color. The combination of ashen with blond gives a double effect of beauty and style. According to experts, in the pursuit of effect, fashion, refinement, you should not forget about the health of your hair.

Indeed, repeated bleaching can weaken the curls, make them dull and deprived of life. In order to avoid harm, be sure to carry out special procedures, a better course, contributing to strengthening, nutrition (masks, tonics, firming means).

When deciding on a tint for coloring, remember that ash-blond is both winning and cunning. This shade can make you a queen, but if misused or misused, your image can become dull and inexpressive. In skillful hands, this is the color of the winner: fresh clear skin, expressive eyes, a charming, fashionable, stylish woman. This is such an attractive ash blonde!


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