Glasses for your face shape

Glasses for face shape

To make a choice is always difficult, especially when we’re talking about glasses. Today’s market offers a great variety of different glasses, so choosing the right ones becomes really challenging. What can you do in order to find the perfect glasses? There are some tips.

First of all, you need to understand that finding the glasses that would fit your face shape is a critical point. No matter how tiny the glasses are, they still cover a part of the face. Moreover, “wrong” glasses would distort the facial proportions, and that is highly undesirable, of course. Proper glasses frames, conversely, would beautify the face by emphasizing its advantages.

Oval Face

Oval shape of face

Women with the oval face are actually lucky; they can wear almost all types of frames. What the only rule women with such face should stick to is paying attention to the eyebrow shape. Ideally, the frame of the glasses should be the same as the shape of the eyebrows. By following this rule, your face will look perfect. There is no need to cover the eyebrows by the large glasses: it would only change your face for the worse.

So do not choose a too thick frame, which covers the eyebrows, otherwise, your face will gain the wrong features and proportions.

Eyeglasses for round face

Glasses for round face

The best choice for women with charming round face is square glasses frames with smooth curves. In addition, the temples should be placed high in order to make the face, even more, attractive.

Round face is often associated with childhood, so there is an alternative finding some surprising shape of glasses (for example, hearts); it would emphasize your individuality. And, please, don’t wear round-framed glasses and those covering your cheekbones.

Demi Moore

Sandra Bullock and actress Demi Moore have round shape faces.

Be aware, that girl with a round face is always attractive, because of cute look and "baby face" proportions, which makes her look young even after 30.

Square face

Square face type

Ladies with a square face should look for the glasses that would make an accent on their femininity.

Thus, the shapes of round and “teardrop” are optimal for them. Next, the frames should cover the eyebrows. Square and rectangular frames with sharp angles are prohibited for such face type; they would make the face massive and man-like.

Triangular Face

Triangle shape of face

If you have a triangular face, choose round and oval glasses shape. The frames could be slightly elongated. Glaring fanciful glasses are not for you, as well as those with rough and sharp lines.

Jennifer Lopez

Oblong Face

Long face

Well, an oblong face can be round, triangular and square, so just stick to the above tips.

Sara Jessica Parker

Look at the picture above. These celebrities have long oval faces.

Rectangular Face

Choosing the right glasses for the women with a rectangular face is quite important as such type of the face is often met on different world continents. In this case large and massive frames are more than acceptable. Square and rectangular shape of the frames, as well as sharp angles, are prohibited for this face type. If the face shape reminds a rhomboid, an elongated shape of the glasses would be the best choice.

What do the stylists advice?

There are some important tips about the color that you should know. It’s necessary to understand that the lenses and frames of light shades make facial features softer. Conversely, the dark shades of glasses are used to sharpen the face. You are free to choose the shades according to your facial features and mood.

The size is crucial when choosing glasses, no matter what today’s fashion shows. Without a doubt, all the beauty of the glasses is gone when they are too small for you, or when they are going to fall because of their giant size. Before buying new glasses, you can always look at your previous ones; however, it’s better to know the exact size. How can you know that? You can find this information on the inner side of a temple. Standard size is 50-18-140 mm, which means the size of the lens, bridge, and temple, respectively. Of course, these numbers differ according to the type of glasses, but in case the standard size fits you, go for it.

And, the last but not the least: trust yourself when choosing the perfect glasses. Only you know what can fit you better.

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