20 Must Have Accessories for Women

Trends come and go. We have seen everything from horrid neon colors taking over all our fashion stores from an era of all black or sequins. You can’t hold on to a trend just like you can’t hold on to water in your cupped hands, both will anyway seep out sooner or later. But some pieces of fashion are eternal, you can’t kick them out of your must have listed and you simply cannot do without them in your daily world without grabbing the attention of the dreaded fashion police. We list out for you 20 fashion accessories which will never do you any wrong and help you become the cool and classy fashion diva you always want to be.

Nerdy glasses

Get a pair of rimmed glasses to look your serious sexy. Pair it with a cute summer dress or even with a pair of trousers and blazer to finish that powerful look with flair. Pick out some traditional rim colors so you stick to the part and don’t goof yourself up. Blacks and browns always do the trick, making you look like a perfect beauty with brains.

A lip balm: You may forget your lipstick and gloss, but a fashionista ought never to step out without that nude little lip balm. It is a splendid way to go out casually with your no make-up look and yet look fabulous. Dazzle the world with going rustic, without the poufs and poufs and look gorgeous still with lips not only moisturized but also deliciously inviting. 


Though boots may only come in handy in winter of the three seasons, you can never go wrong with owning a pair of black or brown leather boots. They go well with most outfits, be it a tapering narrow, wide pant or a pretty dress. Boots may be costly, but they are an investment you won’t regret! 

Handy hair serum

Rain, heat or the awfully dry weather, climate is no less than the arch nemesis of your lovely locks. The beauty of freshly washed hair, unfortunately, cannot survive for long in the 24x7 rush hour life, and in case you need to make a quick getaway it would be nothing short of a dis-as-ter! Keep a hair serum handy at all times so even at a short notice you can look your best you.

Cute neutral belt

A little dress best is an absolute fashion essential. If you do not wish to own a horde of them and sit down for the whole matching session, just buy a cute neutral belt in perhaps nude or black, or maybe both! These two colors go with almost everything you wear and your can secretly make a loose dress show off your curves or just hold an ill-fitting skirt in its place or simply look adorable anyway.


Keep a light, printed scarf on you, it is great to protect your hair and face from heat and pollution and allow you a classier and mature look if you wear it around your neck. Scarves make you look professional and chic. Own a color which will go with most of your outfits, like light pink or baby blue instead of the darker shades, choose minimal designs but don’t go for an absolutely plain scarf, and just tie it this way and that to completely transform your outfit.


A pair of flat, comfortable shoes is a must-have, not just for fashionistas but even the girls who wouldn’t mind living only in one pair of denim and t-shirt all their lives. These are your go-to shoes. Just slip them on and you will have trouble finding one outfit these do not compliment.


Want to make those pretty locks last all through the day? That could be a big challenge with the crowded train journey, bike ride and walking on the soot-stained roads. One poke outside the house and your hair will turn into a tangled, oily lump before you can reach your destination. Luckily there is a simple trick that prevents this catastrophe from occurring. Carry with you at all times those tiny black Scrunchies. Just tie up your hair while you travel, sleep and work and other tiresome duties so that when you want to shine, your luscious locks will be ready to flaunt. 

Denim Jackets

This is one fashion trend that you cannot keep away for long. Denim Jackets always find their way back in fashion and it is best if you have one handy. You could simply buy a denim shirt and double it up as a jacket to go with your dresses and cute tank tops. Denim jackets never fail to make you look sexy and awesome along with giving you a look of being tough. 

Lace shrug

The delicate, intricately done shrugs are another piece of accessories that gives a brilliant return of interests. Rather than solid shrugs that may make you look stocky and unconfident, a sheer lacy shrug makes you look just that much bold and chic. 


These pair of shoes will never let you down; look sporty and casual wherever you go with a good pair of sneakers. They are good for everything, a hike, a stroll or simply sitting in a coffee shop looking cool. They are a sure antidote to vanity and yet they make you look great.
Chunky bracelets: Wearing your little black dress? Or something traditional? Or perhaps wish to go for a hippie look? A chunky bracelet is your thing. It offers a great bit of style to any of your regular, drab outfits, making you look like a little diva and makes your traditional outfits look bolder. It is an absolute fashion must-have.

Black high heels

Without these pair of shoes your wardrobe has something wanting. Chose a pair that can seamlessly transform from something suitable for a meeting with something that will make your sexy, party dress look even more so. High heels give you the illusion of long legs and you will be surprised how often you can wear them.

Thin plain necklace

Own a thin, plain chain of any white metal on which you can hook up whichever lovely piece of a locket that may take your fancy and make the style you want.

Sporty cap

This is so neglected, but a smart NY Yankee’s cap on top of your shorts, dungarees or any casual piece of clothing, will make you look sporty and cool within seconds. Go for a look like Kristin Stewart or the hundreds of celebrities who turn to caps to make themselves look casual and laid back within seconds.

Gold hoops

Gold hoops may have gone repeatedly out of trend but they make a bold style statement whenever you want one. They make you look more ladylike along with emitting from you a strong sense of power and maturity. If you can pull off a gold hoop earring, you are not a woman to be crossed. 

A gray hoodie

You may wonder, why specifically a gray hoodie, and not a black, brown, green or orange for that matter. A gray hoodie is light on the eyes, goes with most shades of tee-shirts and gives you that hobo looks easily if that is what you are aiming for. Other shades might not easily go with everything else the way a gray hoodie will. Pull one over your old, stained tee and immediately you have an effortless college girl look.

A black watch

You can always trade your metallic watches for bracelets but the power of a black strap watch is irreplaceable. Though the days of needed watches to look at time as way past us, but a black strapped watch makes you not only look smart but also very professional, serious and powerful. A black strap it is if you wish to rule the world!

Thin gold bracelet

As mentioned before, trade up your metallic watches for a bracelet instead. They look sweet, simple and elegant. Thin gold bracelets also work to make your wrists look delicate and your actions more subtle if that is what you are aiming for to make you look like a perfect girlie girl from movies.

A varsity t-shirt

Having a lay day and want the world to know it? A cool, simple varsity T-shirt is what you are looking for! Varsity T-Shirts will never go out of fashion, just like denim jeans and cowboy shirts. Wear them at home or outside to give yourself that care-free look. They look smart, cool and you can wear it any time of any day. 

Get all you can on this list and you will sure have all that you need to pass off on any occasion whatsoever and look your very best. With these 20 accessories, you never need to buy another one as they are so flexible and eternal. Just grab all these pieces to have a complete wardrobe and never make a style statement every time you step out of the door. So hurry up in your collection because unfortunately, each sold separately!

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