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3d hair coloring: trendy ideas on 75 photos

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3d coloring of hair – one of the fashion novelties, which has already managed to gain great popularity with stylists and colorists.

What does 3D coloring represent?

Let’s look at what the 3D hair is and what is it? Under the staining of strands in 3D technology, it is necessary to understand an absolutely new method, in which several tones are applied to the hair. One of them is the main one, it is called the base. The remaining 2-3 tones must be in the same color segment, but be a little lighter. The correct selection of shades is the most important feature of 3D.


Original paint application system.

The use of several adjacent shades during the procedure. The effect that is obtained after painting, resembles highlighting.

Thanks to these features, the color looks no worse than natural. The natural color of the hair looks larger and more beautiful, since it has several shades. 3d coloring of hair allows to achieve an ideal combination of shades. The color scheme smoothly passes from one tone to another, creates a depth of color and a chic volume of hair.

The procedure, although similar to melioration and colorizing strands, has one fundamental difference: the tones that are chosen for manipulation are related to the same color. This difference gives a natural, smooth transition from one shade to another, which does not allow you to make highlights.

Who is this type of dye suitable for?

The procedure “3d coloring of hair” is suitable for everyone. The exception is girls who have very dark curls: burning brown-haired women. The transition of shades on their hair will not be noticeable.

Brunettes can enjoy the result of staining: their strands will play with new, chocolate-nutty notes.

3d hair color

3d hair coloring – the solution for blondes and women with light brown hair. The light color of the head of hear is complicated, so that it harmoniously looks, puts maximum effort. Otherwise, the hair will look unnatural.

This procedure is suitable for those who want to change the dark color of the strands to lighter colors, without harming locks. The process of transition to a new color will take more time, but it will help to preserve the health of the hair.
Advantages and disadvantages

The numerous advantages of the painting system with the effect of 3d attract the ranks of adherents an increasing number of women. The positive aspects of the procedure include:

Staining creates the illusion that strands are made on strands, the color scale remains natural and natural.
Hairstyle gets a well-groomed, attractive look.
Bright glare, which will decorate the head of hear, will make the image of the woman possessed, will attract attention to her.
The color that is received, dynamic, it shimmers a few shades in the light.
The technique of application of a paint allows to paint strands on zones, allocating thus cutting sites.
Once a month, it is permissible to carry out a corrective procedure, which paints overgrown roots, which is problematic, if the staining technique was chosen.

3d hair color

Among the negative sides:

3d staining technology is a complex process. If melioration can be carried out independently, this procedure is carried out by a hairdresser in the salon conditions.
After carrying out manipulations, the hair needs special care. Without due care, the curls will be in a deplorable state, the transfusion and glitter will disappear, the strands will become dull.
Painting the roots is a complex process that only an experienced hairdresser does.
Of great importance is the selection of flowers. If it is incorrect – staining will not bring results.
The procedure is new, not all hairdressing salons and salons provide this service.
The cost of 3d coloring is higher than the fee for melioration or simple painting of curls.

How to choose the tone

To carry out the procedure, select several shades, with one tone being basic, the main one and 2-3 tones – additional ones that will create the effect of radiance and volume. All 3-4 tones are taken from one color segment. Additional colors are taken lighter than the main colors. The selection of additional tones is given special attention, if you choose incorrectly, the color effect will resemble melioration or calorie curls.



The cost of the procedure depends on the length and thickness of the curls. The average price for a service in USA is 90-120$.

Dyeing 3D – advantages and disadvantages

This technique has many weighty advantages:

  • Increases volume, gives color depth;
  • Does not harm the health of hair – 3d dyes contain 85% of natural ingredients;
  • Makes the hairstyle more attractive and well-groomed, natural and shiny;
  • Refreshes the complexion;
  • Technology 3D suits absolutely everything – and blondes, and brown-haired, red-haired, and brunettes. But on dark hair it looks more effective;
  • Strands create glare that gives dynamics to the hair and allows them to play under the sun’s rays;
  • Allows you to designate individual parts of the hairstyle or to highlight the strands in the frame of the face;
  • Creates a visual effect of lamination;
  • Can be safely performed on weakened hair;
  • For painting, a holographic dye with a restoring effect is used, which allows the hair to be mobile and live;
  • When the roots grow, the color will be just as bright, so you can do the adjustment only once a month.

As for the shortcomings, there will not be too many of them:

  • This technique can only be done by experienced masters, because it’s not easy to paint strands in 3D;
  • Painted hair – additional care. If the locks are run, the result will be deplorable;
  • Improper selection of shades will adversely affect the final result;
  • Refreshing the roots and color will also be very difficult – this explains the fairly high price of the procedure;
  • 3d painting is extremely difficult to perform at home.

What is needed for the procedure and how to perform it?

If you still decide to conduct a procedure at home, be sure to prepare such materials:

  • Holographic paint 3-4 shades (basic and optional). Money take one brand! Some masters use ordinary paint – the effect is also not bad;
  • Protective apron;
  • Gloves;
  • Special foil, cut into strips;
  • Nonmetallic mixing bowls;
  • A few brushes (for each paint color) 2-3 cm wide;
  • Plastic clips – will be needed to separate hair into zones;
  • Measuring cup for measuring the required amount of paint.

The staining procedure in 3D technology can be performed in two ways. Let’s consider each of them.

Method 1

  1. To begin with, you need to divide your hair into zones. For convenience, use the clamps.
  2. On the occipital region, separate the triangle from the apex directed to the neck. Paint it in the basic or basic shade.
  3. From each side of this triangle, separate one string (width – 1.5-2 cm). Paint them in an extra tone (the tone is lighter than the main tone).
  4. A little lower, separate one more from the same order. Apply on them a paint that will be lighter than the previous shade by a half tone or tone.
  5. For the next pair of strands, take a shade from the third step (the tone is lighter than the main one).
  6. Now comes the basic color.
  7. Repeat step 3-5.
  8. Again, apply the base color, moving to the bottom of the nape. Lower the occipital part (5-7 cm from the neck), paint the same pattern, alternating the main color with the additional ones.
  9. Separate the temporal zones. Take one knot from above and grease it with the main color. Apply additional shades and return to the main one again. Strands near the face paint the base shade!
  10. For the same scheme, treat the parietal zone. Do not forget to separate individual strands of hair with stripes of foil, so as not to mix the tone.
  11. After enduring 20-40 minutes (the time depends on the original hair color), wash the head with water without using shampoo.

Attention! If you want to make a haircut or trim the ends, do this before the procedure. The master needs to take into account the layering and length of the hair. The dye should be applied only on dry strands, laid in a hairdress.

Method 2

3d staining of strands can also be performed according to the principle of multi-strand melioration, in which each shade is applied with a paint of a different shade. Then the hair color is stained with the main dye. Of course, in this case there is no need to speak of a full-fledged 3D effect. This method will enhance the shine and allow you to beat the basic color of the head of hear.


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